Friday, September 24, 2010

Delilah's De-lay

Maximillian: "Missy D, we have got to develop a plan of action. Daddy has to have a CAT scan on Tuesday, and we have to cancel your knee surgery."

Delilah: "Oh Uncle Maxi! I have been worried about Daddy, but he says every one is going to be fine. But Mommy is wandering around like a moose in the headlights.

What are we going to do?"

Maximillian: "Time to make a couple of phone calls Missy D. Let's get crackin'!

Okay everybody, gather round. Missy D is going to call the CB for some help."

Delilah: "Oh... er, hi... I um, mean hello! Can I please order a thin crust cheese and chicken pizza with extra sardines?

How much will it cost to add about 56 pounds of anchovies?

Is that all?

(Psssst... what do you think gang? Shall we go with the extra fishy?)

All cats: "Yeow, meow!"

Okay Mr Pizza Man, you want Mommy's credit card?
It is PISA #bizillion"

Maximillian: (????!!!!!####&&&***!!!)

"Holy cheese wheels! What am I gonna do now?
Tweety! Quit biting your nails and do something!"

Dr Tweety: "Pardonee moi... I yam tryinz to haz a quiet moment of meddytashun here & send da dadee some heelin' thoughtsez & all you can talksez about iz spare change?

Missy D? Tellz 'em to load on da egg-straw cheez will you?"

Auntie Stinkie: "Delilah? I am so glad you are able to see the key pad on that phone contraption.

I'm pretty hungry tonight... will you get double pizzas for every cat?"

Dr Tweety: "Iris sez she wantsez pizza fur breakfust too. & my gurlfrend da Mini iz comin' by to haz din-din.

So getses abouts 95 pizzas Poppet."

Delilah: "Well Maxi, that was an excellent plan of yours.
I feel so much better now!"


Maximillian: "Poppet! You are supposed to be on a diet!
And the idea was to help Daddy and Mommy de-stressify, not go into debt over pizza!"

Delilah: "I think I'm going to hang out here on the porch for awhile while the other cats enjoy their pizzas.

My knee surgery has to be rescheduled, but that's OK with me.

I am actually getting around quite well now that I have lost 2 pounds and 2 ounces.

And as far as that credit card bill?
I have a great hiding place—under the poopy box!

Right now we're all just going to keep our paws crossed for a good outcome for Daddy, because his next surgery is October 8th."


The Island Cats said...

Oh we are purring for your dad!! We hope everything goes well with his CAT scan. And Delilah, we're glad you are getting around okay now that you've lost a few pounds. Don't eat too much of that pizza because we don't want you to gain it all back!

Cheysuli and gemini said...

We are purring for your dad, although with your group I do not quite understand why needs another cat to scan him...

Katnip Lounge said...

We will purr for your Dad. And we agree with guys could do a scan for free!
Delilah, concats on your weight loss. That Catkins diet is great!

meowmeowmans said...

Pizza ... nommy!

We are purring and purraying for your dad, and hope the CAT scan goes well. Sorry to hear your knee surgery has been pushed back, Delilah, but we re so proud of you for losing that weight and are glad you are getting around better now.

Eric and Flynn said...

We are sending purrs for your daddy that his cat scan goes well.
Now Delilah, not too many pizzas or that weight will soon creep back on.

Angus Mhor said...

My darlin' Gorgeous Face, I canNOT believe you didn't call me to come over and have pizza with you! I'm a little bit glad you won't be going under the knife but I'm not at ALL glad to hear of your Daddee's impending date with the surgeon. I hope that CAT shows the Surgeon all he needs to know to do a good job!

Oh-Sweetface, that photo of you on the deck....I'm swoonin' here!

Jan's Funny Farm said...

Oh, dear, we've been by twice and thought sure we'd left a comment.

We want to add our purrs and tail wags to the good wishes for your dad's CAT scan.

Delilah, you are a wonder. Losing weight is not easy.

Karen Jo said...

Congratulations on losing weight, Delilah. I'm glad that you are getting around better. Herman is sending his best healing purrs for your Dad. I am adding my prayers.

AFSS said...

We are sending healing purrs for your Dady.

Sorry your surgery had to be delayed Delilah but we are glad to hear you are getting around OK after loosing weight.

We will be right over with more pizza. Our boy beans work at a pizza joint and we are sure they will be happy to buy us some pizza.

Mickey,Georgia , Tillie said...

Thank you so much for the Gotcha day wishes!!!!!!
Can you believe Mom forgot????????? Sheesh!!!
Not to worry, I am being spoiled like crazy ,heh,heh
Purrs Mickey
PeeEss: We are sending BIG purrs to your Dad!!!! Some to delilah too :)

Everycat said...

We hope your Dad's CAT scan goes well and they discover that your Dad is not actually a cat, just a human with nothing wrong with him.

Ordering pizza is very sensible action when everything is up in the air. Pizza calms everyone down.

Delilah! you are looking very svelte all of a sudden, I do hope you are eating enough - a few large slices of feeeshy pizza should help you out. I do not want to hear the sound of clanking bones when you scamper about.

Rumbly purrs for your Dad not being a cat

Whicky Wuudler

Daisy said...

We are keeping your dad in our thoughts and purrs!

ps: I am FOR extra anchovies.

The Creek Cats said...

We are purring and purraying very hard for your daddy! We purray the CAT scan goes well and he gets good results.
Delilah, we are happy to hear you are getting around well and have lost a little weight.

Amy and The House of Cats said...

We are sending your dad lots of purrs and prayers - we hope everything goes ok!!

And Delilah that is great that your weight loss has you getting around better - that is very good news! Just don't go crazy with the pizza and you will not have a problem!

Junior and Orion said...

Goodness!! We are purring our bested purrs for all of you!!!

ABBY said...

We will be purrin for your Dad.
We were glad to hear that you are doing well Delilah.


The Meezers or Billy said...

we is purring for your daddy!!! and for you too delilah!!

oh, and thanks for the pawsome pizza!

Milo and Alfie Marshall said...

We are sending big rumbly get well purrs for yoor daddy. And smoochies to yoo all for making us larf so much abowt the pizzas!

Gracie =^o.o^= said...

Sending prurrayers your way for your daddy's cat scan to be with good results. Keep us posted.

HotMBC aka The Hotties said...

Mean ole blogger wouldn't let me comment yesterday.
We're all purring for your Dad. We're glad you're doing better with your leg now Delilah.
Thank you for the pizza. I love pizza!

*smoochiez to Dr Tweety*
da Mini

Cat with a Garden said...

We will be thinking of your daddy and sending him positive vibes.
Many purrs,
Siena & Chilli

Emmylou said...

Sending purrs to you all.

Cat said...

Hello kitties, I wanted to thank you for leaving a comment on my blog when Molly died. We're trying to drop by to visit everyone who offered us such comfort :-)

Celly-bratin life in Orry-gone