Monday, April 13, 2009

A note from Tweet's "mommee"

We did not want to post this yesterday, but Maximillian, Dr Tweety’s “brudder” became very ill over the last 36 hours. I just did not want to put more bad news out there, especially if he was going to be better. As he grew more and more lethargic yesterday evening, we made the decision to not wait until this morning, and we took him to the emergency vet clinic.

It was very apparent that he was in a lot of pain. After hours of waiting tensely in the exam room, x-rays, blood tests, catheterizing, and even the vet telling us that he might have a heart attack under anesthesia, we finally got the news. Our guy had such severe arthritis inflammation in his spine, that he simply gave up, and did not want to move, eat or drink. As a result, he became severely dehydrated and short of breath.

And to plague the guilt within me, the vet said he has been in pain for months. This explains his grumpiness, hissing at times, and maybe even some of his attitude towards Tweet.

We attributed his moodiness to his curled toenails on his extra toes, which sometimes can become ingrown. We were reluctant to try and cut them ourselves (he really is quite the fighter!), and were going to schedule him for an appointment.

Okay. So at midnight, after surviving the anesthesia, and braving all of the tests, we got to see our boy, and give him a kiss goodnight. They are keeping him hydrated and making sure he gets nutrition and pain meds. Tweet’s Daddy will pick Maxi up this morning and transfer him to our regular vet’s office, where they will either keep him for observation or let him come home. He will need pain meds and glucosamine for the rest of his life, which the emergency vet said should be of good quality if we manage his arthritis.

If we have not stopped by to personally wish you all a Happy Easter, something that Dr Tweety was working on when this happened, I apologize. Dr Tweety also deployed a blog for this coming Wednesday, in which our dear Maximillian stars.

I think we could have lost him very easily. And I owe this cat so much. I feel like a bad mommy for not knowing just how bad his problems with his spine were. Thank you all for being such good friends.


The Creek Cats said...

Mommee, please try not to be so hard on yourself. Kitties are notorious for disguising their pain, you are not to blame, you saved his life. We are so sorry to hear Maximillian has had to go through all the tests and is having severe pain in his spine. Bless his heart!
Our Maggie May takes Cosequin for her knees and it works wonders. It is comes in tuna flavored sprikle capules and we mix it with her wet food, she doesn't even taste it.
We are keeping Maximillian and your family in our thoughts. We are also sending Maximillian our very best comfort and healing vibes. Feel better soon!

Kaze, Latte, & Chase said...

Mommee you are NOT allowed to be hard on yourself! You helped him and you can't have known. Ditto on Cosequin- GOOD STUFF. Our horse takes joint supplements and that is one of the best. She doesn't get it acause she's ginormous and doesn't have any symptoms so she just gets maintenance stuff (glucosamine & chondrotin). Also, hylaraunic acid (HA) is on the forefront of joint stuffs. We get all of our supplements at (they have a kitty and woofie section).


Jan's Funny Farm said...

Don't beat yourself up or feel guilty. You do the best you can and guilt won't help Max. Your care and love as you take care of him and give him his meds will help him.

We hope Max gets to come home today and will do well now.

Daisy said...

I do not think you should feel any guilt about Maximillian. On a day-to-day basis it's very hard to see subtle changes that seem more obvious only in retrospect. I think we have all been there (at least I know I have).

I'm glad he made it through the anesthesia, and hope he continues to have a smooth recovery. Thinking of you!

Asta said...

I got weally scaiwed weading this, but now feel happy and hopeful that the vet finally knows what is wong wif Max and can fix it. Sometimes it's impossible to know these things and you should not blame youwself.

I hope DrTweety and Lilah and the west of the fab kitties had a lovely Eastew despite this emewgency
smoochie kisses

Sunny's Mommy said...

I am glad there is something you can do to help Maximillian be comfortable again. Our dog was on pain meds every day and anti inflammatories as needed (they are hard on the stomach). He had arthritis in his hips. It made a huge difference for him.

PB 'n J said...

Oh Tweets Mommee - we're so sorry that you guys had to go through all that, but so furry happy that Maxi will be ok! And you should never beat yourself up, we kitties tend to hide these things, till sometimes it's too late - and it wasn't for Maxi, so YAY!

Purrs and hugs to one and all!
Pearl, Bert and Jake

Angus Mhor said...

I add my encouragement to all the others before me-You are not to blame yourself! Us fellows are rather stoic at times and we're terrible at letting someone know we need medical attention-much like the males of YOUR species! True? Poor Max, tho'. I hope the pain relief and hydration make him feel well enough to continue to eat and drink and allow you to medicate him for his joints.

'Lilah, darlin', I know you're much absorbed by this news regarding your dear brofur. Do not worry for me-My heart belongs to you still and is ever faithful. Do help the Doc and your mommee to comfort Max when he comes home and know that I'm encouraging you, too!

Your Angus

Eric and Flynn said...

We are glad the V E T can help Maximillian feel better. You mustn't blame yourself, we kitties are very good at hiding pain. We know it doesn't help us to do that, but that is the way we are. We are purring for Maxie.

Victor Tabbycat said...

Don't blame yurself! Cats is furry furry good at hidin their pain. He was bein strong fur you. We felt da same way about Bonnie - how did she loose so much weight wifout us noticin? Hindsight is 20/20. Concentrate your energy on Maxie's future and makin da best of whatefur time you has wif him.
Easier sed than done! HUGS and purrs,
Victor, Nina, & Tabbymom Jen

The Furry Kids said...

We haven't read the updates yet, but Mama wanted to tell you to try not to blame yourself. The Dawg who came before was really, really sick, but Mama had no idea until two days before she hadded to go to the bridge. The v-e-t said that the tumor had been growing for a long time, but she hid it really well. The only symptom she had was being really grouchy and Mama just attributed it to me and EG being new to the house. The most important thing is that you got him the care that he needed. Lots of hugs and purrs and slobbery dawg kisses to all of you.

Celly-bratin life in Orry-gone