Thursday, November 15, 2007

Thurz-day Mad 13

Okay. I yam goin’ to do this 13 ting on my own, cuz I yam mad. Here are 13 tingz I yam mad about & planz of action (Tanks to Kellie da Orange Cat fur suggestin’ takin’ action.):

1) Look at dis pic. Do I not LOOK peeved? I yam! 100%. Da momee thought it would be “cute” to shoot my pic through da front window of da door. Az if. &, she bleached all da colorz out of it.

2) It iz cold. I should be allowed to stayz indoorz all day & night, and den let in again when I wants. Dis iz my schedule, not da beanz! Open up dat door momee!

3) It iz raining. Do I looks good wit WET furz???? How will I win da poster boy contest fur 2008 if I have wet DREADLOCKS???

4) Dere are vishus vegan deerz out in da frontee yard.

5) Deze vishus vegan deerz chase cats in our neigh-bore-hood. Just da other mornin’, da momee saw one chasin’ da next door cat & den da dadee saw it chasin’ da same cat in da evenin’. Dis should be against da law!

6) I vow to chase da vishus vegan deerz back into dere hidin’ placez. Of course, I may send my brudder da mad Burr-man to accomplish dis feat.

7) Da momee posted a pic of beefs yesterday, which offended some of my frendz. Why Gemini and da Crew thought dat mebbe I waz callin’ dem cowz, & dey scared da dickens out of Bounce, Lucy & Trixie.

8) Henry Helton & da Black Cat could be right: Eat deze tingz before dey eatz you!

9) It iz gloomy. Dere are grey cloudz evfurrywhere. I have da SAD dis-order. In order to combat dis SAD ting, I has to eat more. Den I begin to rezembull da cowz.

10) It iz mizerabull. I hates da fact dat I cannot be in da gardun of peas. I usually get to help da momee & da dadee plantee stuff. But evfurry ting iz dyin’ out dere & we will not have a outside dinner & fire until next YEAR!!

11) It iz almost turk-ey day. & GUESS WHAT???? Da beanz are leavin’ nextee Wed-nez day, & will be gone fur 4 ENTIRE dayz. We will not even get a sniff of tur-key!

12) We are goin’ to have a “pet” sitter. Dis guy iz some old yahoo from down da road who haz D-A-W-Gs! What doez he know about cats??? What iz he goin’ to feed us? Certainly not tur-key. Certainly no ham. & definitely no roatsie beefs. I can’t even have a tur-key day party wit my blogo-spear frendz. Or can I? Will you all teleport over while da beanz leave fur LaLa Land & leavez us Fab Five ALL ALONE?????

13) You guessed it! Izn’t da lastee 12 reazonz enough to be furry furry mad??????

PS: If you would like to party at our house over tur-key day, teleport on over. I yam learnin’ to run da oven & I haz great gor-may recipeez from da mag Saveur. I make a mag-nifico gravy!!! We will have da run of da house to ourselvz & I tink I know how to get rid of da “pet” sitter fur good. 85 cats in one house!


Henry Helton said...

I gave you an award, Dr. Tweety! Come on over and pick it up.

P.S. I'll be there on turkey day!

Dr Tweety of da Fab Five said...

Tanks Henry!!! We are all excited about dis award. Tank goodness you iz comin' over to help us get da bird into da ovfen. We will need lotz of pawz to liftee dat bird in & out.

-Dr Tweety

The Meezers said...

those is all purrfektly reasonable reasons to be mad.

Dragonheart said...

I can see why you are upset about all of those things. Canadian Thanksgiving was in October, so fortunately my humans aren't going anywhere next week.

I definitely think you should be allowed to stay indoors all the time. I'm an indoor-only cat and I am very happy that way. I am warm, safe and secure all the time. :)

The Crew said...

Yes, you do look a bit pale. Have you been working too hard recently?

We'll be over for some turkey. What are you planning...about a 26 lb. bird for all your friends?


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