Thursday, January 17, 2008

Fried Friday, but furry happee indeed!

Now, I gots some more pix & some BIG newz. I yam discussin' da recent love ting dat iz goin' on wit my frendz Iris & Delilah, & we tink
dat Queen Snickers iz cookin' up sumpin' quite interestin' wit her L-O-V-E fest, called "Single Kitties Love Cafe."

Kellie da Orange Cat posted on Queen Snickerz cafe', & my brudder da mad bad-Burr-man saw her pic & flipped!!! He iz evfun reddy to givez up his spy activiteez fur da love of such a fair gurl cat... so he tinks he should acceptee her invee-tadeshun to a roastie duck lunch. My starz & garterz.. I nevfur thought sumpin' like dis would happen. It might make him more a cat den a mash-sheene.

Okeedokee. I justee has to say tanks to my Australian palz at Top Cat Rules & Tigger da FBI Cat. Dey made me dis cool scrapbook pic which I likes furry much, & I tinks da momee will be furry fond of it in yearz to come. I lovez you Tigger & Pyewacket!

Here az you can see, da Delilah, Iris & I iz all dreamin' about L-O-V-E, & we deci-dud dat dis emoshun iz a furry POWERFUL ting. It iz a heart song & we iz singin' it at da tops of our lungz!!! Well, mebbe we are justee tinkin' dat we are singin' it, but dat iz OK fur a Fry-day.

Becuz Delilah iz still wonderin' abouts Angus, Iris is whisperin' in her ear abouts stripey boyz...."You gotta make sure dat dere intenshunz is honora-bull." I tinks he iz honora-bull, but I has to makes sure. Delilah iz listenin' to her big sissy & me. Angus???

I haz one more important piece of newz: Momo said she waz gonna haz a partee dis weekend. & I yam sad. Da momee here iz dezertin' me once agin fur da Auntie Cue show. She iz gonna be outta town fur three dayz!!!! But on da eve of da Martin Luther King Day, she will be back & she PROMISEZ ( I haz a dream abouts dis) dat we will vizits ALL my frendz!!!


Cheysuli and gemini said...

I think it is great about Kellie the Orange Cat. Is it really the mad Burman?

Black Cat said...

Wow, exciting news! I just wish your Mom didn't have to visit the Auntie Cue for so long coz I can't wait for the next instalment! But wait, maybe I can find out from Kelly... Sweet dreams y'all:) xxx

Chairman Mao said...

Love is so great, isn't it? I'm ecksited about alla the new kitty kouples gettin togethur!

It's deffunitely a happy, happy Friday!

Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao.

Angus said...

My Dearest Delilah,

I assure you, my sweet, that my intentions are completely honorable.While there ARE fellows who would willingly toy with a lady's heart for their own gain, I am not one of those cads. You are so beautiful, with a heart of gold, I could not help but put your lovely picture on my blog. I would indeed enjoy a cup of 'nip tea with you. Do you take sugar?



Scout said...

I loves the scrapbook page that Tigger and Top Cat Rules made of you! It is wonderful!


Daisy said...

First off, I think Kellie and the mad bad Burrman would make an excellent couple! And secondly, I want to tell Delilah that Angus is a wonderful gentleman cat.

Tybalt said...

I can sense love in the air!

Kellie is a WONDERFUL kitty and quite the looker. ;)

Kellie The Orange Cat said...

Hi Dr. Tweety,
I love the pictures of you and your sisters, very sweet. It is good of you to offer relationship advice to them.

Dear Maximillian,
I know your Mum will be away this weekend, but would you like to teleport over on Saturday for our lunch date?
I appreciate that you have been taking an anger management class, I think with the love of the right womancat your anger will be a thing of the past : )

Captain Jack and Sir Dante said...

Oh wow - it is so sickingly sweet full of love around here. Just kidding! We think its great when good kitties find each other and Kellie is most wonderful!

The Furry Kids said...

Man, Dr Tweety. Love is in the air at your house. heh


Boy said...

Wots of wove in the air!

Angus said...

Dear Delilah,

I have gifts for you, my darling-will you stop by my blog?

Your Angus

Hot(M)BC said...

Oh, I'll come over and bring you a can of toona I had stashed, Dr. Tweety. I don't want you to be sad and toona is always cheerful. We can snuggle and whisper and snack on toona while the mommee is gone. I want to see the mad Burman and see if he's really giving up the spy bizness too.
Purrrrrrrrs and a nosekissy,

Jan said...

That is a nice scrapbook picture of you. What a nice gift.

jans funny farm

Christine and FAZ said...

Wow, there sure are some strong hormones raging in your house. Good luck with all your various love interests. FAZ

Skeeter, LC, and Ayla said...

All this talk of love efrywhere is gettin quite innerestin. But we haf decided to jus keep things calm inna cave. We haf decided we is too old ta haf anything but reglar friens... The "other" stuf jus seems all too complexicated!

Sunny's Mommy said...

I read about their big date on Kellie's blog, but she hasn't updated. So I came over here hoping to hear how the big date went, and no news here either. Ack!

Inquiring minds (mine) want to know how the date went.

MoMo said...

Love is in the airrrr, oooooo!
OK, I can't sing!

Pity you can't join us for the Packers cheer today. Never mind, hope you can do it for the Super Bowl. They are going to win!!!!!

Nice pics of you and your family. Isn't that a fabulous scrapbook arrangement for you? Those wonderful kitties at TCR and Tigger
did one for me and my sweet young friend Charlotte too.

Come around when your mom gets back.

Ariel said...

"Yes" love is truly grand. I tagged you for a meme please go to my blog and see.

Andrée said...

My, what a lot of news! The eve of MLK Day is past, so you guys (who nap so sweetly together) must be pretty happy again. Stay warm!

The Crew said...

Wow, how could anyone resist that picture of the lovely Kellie?! She's a real beauty!

Kelly Cat said...

Kellie is a lovely lady cat. If Maximillian treats her well, they could be very happy together.

Celly-bratin life in Orry-gone