Monday, January 28, 2008

Tuxie Tuez-dayz

Well, I yam just into sharin’ my blog dis week, cuz da momee iz plannin’ on leavin’ yet againz. She has to go “on da road” fur her work until Saturday!!!! Of course, dis leavez me wit no typist justee when I haz a bunch of stuff to reports.

I tink I will let Delilah say a few tingz. Oh, but first, if you inspects dis pic below, you can see dat I am getting’ her ready to go see dat boy Angus Mohr. She waz sittin in da pine needlez out in da back yard in da snow so I waz tryin’ to gets ‘em offa her before she flew out da door again. Az you all know, Delilah likes to talk, so better gets a bowl of kibblez before you hearz what she haz to say!”

I yam inspectin da bunz fur pine needlez
Delilah sez "ptooey" on da inspection

“Delilah? Here Kitty Kitty. Comer oevfur here & say a few tings.”

“Oh hi everyone! I’ve had a very busy weekend. I snooped around the backyard just to make sure that even though it was snowing the bluejays weren’t taking over the garden. I sat at the sliding door window with Iris and we took turns playing “Imagine biting squirrel’s tails.” Then I took a nap.

Delilah iz dreamin' bouts Angus Mohr & V-Day

I went upstairs and helped mommy to fill out a new job application, and oversee Uncle Tweety’s blog. I bit mommy’s nose and sat in her lap while she whined and muttered that the “blasted INFERNAL @#$%^&*! PD100 application won’t download!” (mommy!!) and then I took a nap.
Delilah kissez da dadee 'cuz she iz a L-O-V-E cat

Mommy had me help her in the bathroom while she colored her grey furs. Funny smelly stuff she uses. I don’t understand why she covers her grey furs, I am grey all over, and I am beautiful. But mommy says that I am young and I don’t have to worry about that kind of thing. After she smeared blue stinky goo over her furs, I went and took a nap.

I helped mommy do the laundry and inspected the clothesbasket for matching socks. I climbed into mommy’s briefcase and played “Hide the Rat.” Then I took a nap.
Delilah peeks out 'cuz she iz shy abouts Angus

I helped daddy clean the food bowls and supervised him while he put Auntie Stinkie’s pills into chicken pill pockets. I got daddy to give me some Greenies, and then I tricked mommy and got her to give me some more. And then I took a nap.

I posed for pictures with my Uncle Dr Tweety, and then I took a nap. And I dreamed about Angus, and his wonderful way with words, and I am so hoping I can send him a Valentine’s day card. I am so excited about Valentine’s Day!! Oh darn- I have to go now. Dr Tweety says I have rambled on long enough. I have to catch up on my beauty sleep and take a tiny nap, you know, for just a couple of hours.”

Okeedokee gang. Dis iz da doctor sayin’ goodnight and good luck getting’ your housemates off yer blogz!

Oh...& one more ting....I WILL be comin' by to say "Hullo" to my frendz tomorow night & on Friday night, if da momee will kindly carve a minuet from her TERRIBLY bizzy day!


michico*Adan said...

I like the photo you nose kiss with your daddy. That is so sweet~!
And I think you are so adorable help cleaning the food bowl! I am so admiring you, that is the thing I can't be done.(Beans won't allowed)

Cheysuli and gemini said...

You do have a lot to say. I am glad Gemini is a very quiet cat. I would hate to have to have her take over my blog and say that much. I am the talker in the family!

Anonymous said...

I really like the picture of you giving your Dad kisses! You are also being very helpful to your beans. Did your Mom's hair turn blue because she used blue stuff?

Boy said...

That sounds wike a weawwy busy day! You better go take a nap!

Daisy said...

Delilah, you are one busy girl! It was very nice of Dr. Tweety to help you out with the pine needles.

Hot(M)BC said...

Inspections are impawtant Dr Tweety. I don't think I'd like pine needles on my bunz. While the mommee is gone you and Delilah and efurrycat can come over and visit if you want. Or I'll come and visit. Mom never uses the kitchen, so you can even bake piez if you want.
(and sneaking a nose smooch),

Kellie The Orange Cat said...

Wow Delilah, you are a very busy kitty. I like the picture of you kissing your Daddy, that is so cute.

I don't think I have seen a picture of Auntie Stinkie? Do you have one you can post. How is she doing?

Hi Maximillian, I miss you : )


Tybalt said...

Those are gorgeous photos of you, Delilah! Tweety, you are very nice to share your blog . . . I know how the ladies loooove to take over a mancat's blog! *sigh* I'll keep my paws crossed that your mom has time to help you visit everyone!

Scout said...

I am glad you got in lots of nappy time! Oh, and the photo with your sweet nose kissy for you Daddy was furry cute!

Angus said...

Delilah, I must admit to a slight twinge of jealousy at the sight of you and your dadee kissing-just wishing it was me...Please be sure to stop by my blog tomorrow-I have a special question to ask.

Jan said...

You had a busy day! Looks like it should be nap time.

jans funny farm

Boots & the Interlopers said...

Just reading what you did to day made us exhausted. You are one very busy gal, all that important stuff. Take a long nap.

Dragonheart & Merlin said...

Delilah, you had a very busy weekend! Lovely photos of you. :)

Dr Tweety, we are sorry to hear your mom is going to be gone for a while for work. :( We sympathize - our dad will be leaving on Sunday for a work trip. At least our mom will be here with us, but we'll miss our dad.

Camie's Kitties said...

It sounds like Delilah had a busy weekend. We are sorry your typist is going to busy the next couple of days. We are going to miss you.

Tiki, Tavi, Cody and Camie

Parker said...

What a sweet kissy-photo!

Sunny's Mommy said...

Whew! Delilah is a very busy girl! I need a nap after reading all she did. Her stamina to do all that, is amazing!

Those photos are all wonderful, but the first two really make me laugh :-D

Andrée said...

that was a busy busy day. i'm surprised you didn't require more naps. a high energy kitty! A life without naps is a dull life.

Chairman Mao said...

I'm sorry yur Momma's so busy -- ours has been busy, too. And I love the pickshure of you givin yur Daddy nose kissies! Aren't nose kissies the bestest!

Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!

MoMo said...

Nice hearing from Delilah! You are very helpful around the house.

Dr Tweety, sorry to hear your mom is leaving you for work for a few days. Don't you just hate that? My SS is so befuddled that she hasn't quite sorted out who actually live at your place.

Skeeter, LC, and Ayla said...

Wow, you guys are hafin excitin times; cleanin bowls, brushin off pine needels, goin on dates, an stuff!

Willow said...

What a busy day you had, Delilah! I agree, nothing wrong with gray hairs as I have quite a few myself! I also have an award for all of you over at my blog!

Purrrrrrrrrs, Willow

Anonymous said...

Kitty Kisses are so sweet!

Celly-bratin life in Orry-gone