Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Not so wordy-less Wednez-day

I yam speechless. Well you guessed it, not quite! It iz wordyless Wednez-day, but I guessee I haz plenty to say.

Firstee, da awardz justee keep comin' in from da cat bloggo-spear & da momee iz oevfur whelmed. I yam too, although, I has to say she should not be oevfur whelmed cuz dey iz awardz fur us cats, NOT da hired help!!!

Okeedokee, now dat we gots dat straight, lets do a review:

Firstee, frum my frends at da Ballicai blog, Chairman Mao & hiz brudder (who used to be a gurl) Brainball, dis wonderful award "Bloggerz of da World."

I tink dis iz furry unyversal, & I wants to pass it on to Mr Hendrix. He iz alwayz bein' a universally good guy & gnarly partee common tater. He also knowz how to pour a mean niptini. (Yummm. snarf!)

Den, THREE of our frendz gaves us da tinkin' award:

Da bloggin' kitteez of 40 Pawz (who supports twice az many cats az livez here), dat sweet gurl cat Ariel (Chairman Mao's sweetie pie), & my bestee bud, Henry Helton, passed dis one on to us.

I yam suppozin' dat da award fur tinkin' mustee go to cats who uze dere nogginz.

I can tink of one right off who fits dat bill: Chey, da candy-date fur prezzydent dat will knock da panty-hoze right off of Hilary'z chunky thighz.

& I also wants to givez Boy Genius Cat (of course he tinks!!! Wit a name like dat, how could he not?) & Dragonheart & Merlin dis award, 'cuz dey alwayz tink abouts other cats.

& finally, I yam mostee ex-cited to report dat my new issue of Saveur came as well. In it were da bestee 100 tingz in da world of da Gour-maidz. One of dem was roastie duck!!!! Can you beleevz it? I yam gonna justee savour dis issue, but I do promise to share it wit da Auntie Stinkie. She lovez roastie duck. & da Auntie Stinkie tinks dat Pixie should gets a tinkin' award too, 'cuz Pixie iz alwayz tinkin' abouts bannerz.

& az long az I've blown dis day wit so many wordz, let me add justee one more. Dat young mancat Angus dat haz been courtin' Delilah? Da cute stripey Scots boy? I haz my eye on you bud. You better treats her right & not be fickle. After all, she iz one beeyoutyfull & sweet Tuxie. &, she iz my itty-bitty rat cat frend.


michico*Adan said...

Congratulations on your awards~~~
You deserved it all!!!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your awards.Your all so sweet and deserve them all :)

Anonymous said...

Concatulations on all your awards! You definitely deserve them Dr. Tweety.

Mmm, duck. I still remember the duck at your New Year's Eve Party. It was sooooo gooooood!

Scout said...

Concatulations! Well deserved to say the very least...


me...Fat Eddy said...

Dr. Tweety my friend I think you are getting lots of awards because manly cats like you and me like to keep in touch. Phinny says he likes to visit your blog because "youze always hafs somfing interstin happenen". I expect the lady cats come to visit because you're a wild man. Lucky you. Keep it up. We'll be back soon.

Pixie said...

Dear Auntie Stinkie,
Thank you ever so much for awarding me the Thinking Blogger award. I do think about bananers an awfully lot. You are nice!

Black Cat said...

Oh, concatulations, and guess what? I’ve given you an Award but you don’t need to pick it up from mine bloggie coz, not only is Blogger having a hissy fit and won’t upload it, but you've received it eleventy-twelve times already, I see! xxx

Kellie The Orange Cat said...

Congratulations on your awards!

I am glad to hear that your new issue of Saveur came. Roast Duckie sounds yummy!

How is Auntie Stinkie doing these days? Is she still eating her eggs in the morning with your Mum? Is she feeling alright?

Sunny's Mommy said...

Congratulations on your awards :-D

Chey, da candy-date fur prezzydent datwill knock da panty-hoze right off of Hilary'z chunky thighz


Cheysuli and gemini said...

Oh my thank you Dr. Tweety for thinking of me! I have gotten this award also and will be posting on that Tomorrow! I guess this means I can't pass it on to you... sigh. So many awards so little time...~

Chairman Mao said...

ConCATulashuns on yur awardies! You deserve 'em all -- you're all wunnerful and sweet and fun kitties... you ROCK!

Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!

topcatrules said...

G'day! You deserve lots of awards!

We made you a little pretty picture. :)

from Tigger the FBI Cat


MoMo said...

Congratulations on your awards! Have you seen the cute scrapbook page that those lovely kitties over at topcatrules made for you? Just perfect for a lovely kitty like you!

Henry Helton said...

Congrats on your awards my friend!

Dragonheart & Merlin said...

Congratulations on your awards! :) You all deserve them! :)

Kellie The Orange Cat said...

Hi Dr. Tweety - could you pass this message on to your brother Maximillian for me.

Thank you for the note you left at the Single Kitties Love Cafe. I found a picture of you on Dr. Tweety's blog and you are indeed a very handsome mancat.

I hope you don't think this forward of me, but would you like to come over for lunch? I could make some roast duck and ham and perhaps we could have a couple of niptinis.

I look forward to your reply.


Eric and Flynn said...

Concatyoolayshuns furr your awards. You deeserv them all cuz you make us fink, then you make us laff.

Celly-bratin life in Orry-gone