Friday, August 3, 2007


Iris the ring-tail calico, as she looked on her adoption day photo. She'z booty-full!

Dis is da Dr, speakin' from da Fab Five's gardun. We is committed to peas. Mom & dad r alweeze talkin' abot peas. We eatz peas, we breathe peas, we plant peas, and we pray fur peas.
Delilah & Iris & Auntie Stinkie & even Maxi the Burman (reely he iz a mob boss) all work for peas. We wud like to qwalifye fur dose nice stickies dat da Kimo & Sabi got in da mail. I hear they like peas too.
My Cousin Zsa Zsa tinks I talk funnee. She iz more re-fined. She talkz beddur and spellz stuff right. My momme told hur that I wuz a street cat & had a ruff life, so I have an ax-cent.
Dadee boxes wit me to keep up my ruff side. Otherwize the Burman might sneek up on me and bop me when I yam lounging in da gardun.
I will post sum pics of da rest of da Fab Five soon, and da gardun of peas.

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