Thursday, August 2, 2007

Hot enuff fore u?

Welcome. I bin readin' Kimo & Sabi's posts fur awhile now, but I yam nu to dis blog stuff. Soundz like a hair ball frum me- "BLAWGHHH!"
Itz hot in Albanee tuday. My beanz let me out and I yam sitting oppozite Maxi the Burman wit da bad tude. He iz terrybull! Any advize fur me?
It wuz 97 dugreez yesturday & da girlz & Auntie Stinkie wuz sittin in frunt of the beanz air condishun just sleepyn.
I git called Dr cuz my dad gave me an ornerarry dugree (iz that like when itz hot?) in philo-losophee.
I like to take it easzee. Me & Delilah like to hang out in the gardun. Itz cool, and momeez flowerz & dadeez veggeez are tall & shadee.
Write to me if u have a qwestuhn bout life, or love, or zen.

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