Thursday, August 23, 2007

Runnin' fur da hillz

Well, I guess I can't hold off fur ever. Dis iz my brudder Maximillian, da mad Burr-man. Yes, he iz hand-sum, but he iz xtreme temper-mental.

He haz never felt I do da work he does gardin' da beans house, and patrollin' da neigh-bore hood fur coyotes & racoonz. He iz fearless, but I have a bit of a dezire to just let da nature be what it iz. I am zen, & da Burr-man iz obsessed wit patrollin' nite & moon & day-lite.

Dadee iz thinkin bout running him fur prezident in 2008, but only if he stops da peein in da house! & momee tinks he out to stop da howlin' at me, when I yam layin' on my back, gazin at da gardun or maybe my frend Delilah. Maxi likez da curly-tail gurl Iris, cuz she is so chic in her multi-colored coat.

So my poem fur today iz:

Runnin fur da hillz

As da long summer of politicz & war
ravishes da good thoughts and tingz of life,
run to da hillz & forget your pain & strife.

As da next year creepeth closer
& hardenz frost into words of debate,
run to da hillz & forget your inborn traits.

As da August moon clozes in
& illum-i-natez da plum speckled breast of da hillz,
run—yes I say run—and do not, do not kill!


Henry Helton said...

Hey that is a really awesome poem. I think that your brother is a high strung kitty always lookin' for trouble like that. You should come over and see my brother, Clyde. My post is about him and his entry into Monty Q's full monty contest. Glad you are back!

Gemini said...

Oh we just looked at your profile. Momma has a good friend from school who lived in Albany. We used to live by Portland but now live by Seattle.
It's nice to have such good neighbors!

LHK said...

Its nice to met ya all!

Fat Eric said...

Hi, always nice to meet new blogging kitties. I am a fat floofy ginger living in London, UK, but my humans have been to Oregon so they know where you live (I have an uncle living in Montana since he got kidnapped by a Mericky lady). Come and visit me some time. Do any of you qualify for my Gorgeous Gingers group?

Daisy said...

Maximillian is a very good looking fellow.

I am going to run to the hills, but I am not sure I can promise not to kill any lizards.

ps: I was just boasting. I am actually Not Allowed outside without my harness and leash.

The Crew said...

Wow, another Max in our blogging community. You're both good looking guys and will have the ladies interested in no time.

Maxwell Smartkitty

Celly-bratin life in Orry-gone