Thursday, August 30, 2007

Thursday thirteen

We iz goin' to partricipitate in Daisy da Curly Cats Thursday thirteen. I yam goin' to dilly-gate Iris the ring tail calico to name da 13 tingz she likez about livin' here wit da Fab five. Dat iz, if I can et her attention fur a moment... she iz out huntin' again. Iris? come here kittie kittie! Oh forgeddabout it! I'll let momee call her.

Hello all. As you can see, Dr Tweety interrupted a good hunt out in the garden. I was hot on the trail of those pesky voles. from here. But since momee called, I will tell you the thirteen reasons I like being here with the Fab five:

1) Momee calls me "noodle," because I wrap around her neck and purr.
2) Dadee calls me "Lady Iris," and he loves me verrry much.
3) Delilah calls me "sissy," because we came to live here as a pair.
4) I got to raise Delilah from when she was an itty-bitty girl, and I taught her to respect her elders.
5) I get to eat my dinner side by side with Maximillian, that handsome boy.
6) I sleep on momee's head, and play the piano in her hair.
7) I visit with the neighbor's cats, and we hang out on the cool green green grass.
8) Dadee gives me my own water glass on the bedside table, because I used to drink out of momee's, and she thought maybe I needed my own.
9) I have a new nip toy almost every other week that dadee brings me home from the store.
10) Momee sings me my very own song that she composed, and I am "the only noodle cat... there is one once every hundred years and I am it."
11) I sit on the front porch with Auntie Stinkie, and Delilah—and we just watch the world go by. Sometimes we see the deer puppies walk through and eat the dandelions. They are vegan deer puppies.
12) Momee kisses me all over, and snuggles her nose into my very short fur. I had no fur on my derierre when I first came to live here, but now it is glossy and pretty.
13) My hind legs no longer crumple. I was in the shelter for four months until momee and dadee came to take me home. Now I can hop onto the roof, get myself down from trees, and race up and down and up and down the stairs, chasing sissy, and all of the voles, dragonflys, grasshoppers, and snakes that I can find. Of course momee always shrieks when she sees a snake on the bathroom floor... but that is how I know how much she appreciates my gift!

Tanks very much Iris. Well, dis is da Dr signing off fur now. Tanks to Daisy and Henry Hilton and da Crew fur reachin' out. We hope we can alwayz be frendz.


Henry Helton said...

Oh this is a really great Thursday Thirteen. I haven't decided if I am going to post one of those today or not. I am still deciding. Too many decisions, you know???

Your friends forever,
Henry and Clyde Helton

Hot(M)BC said...

That's a grate Thursday Thirteen! And we's glad to get to know you. Fur some reason we hadn't come by before. Fooey on that! I's added yore linky to them on the Cat Blogosphere and our bloggy too! We're a house of 5 cats too. :)
Sanjee, Boni Maroni, Mini, Gree and Pepi

Daisy said...

Great list, Iris! You sure have some beautiful calico furs. I think "Noodle" is a very cute name, and you got a very special song to go with it.

And guess what? I get my very own little Dixie cup filled with water by the bathroom sink, in case I am thirsty and the bathroom faucet is not on. We are lucky, aren't we?

Do not worry, we will always be friends.

Celly-bratin life in Orry-gone