Saturday, September 1, 2007

Lightin' da candlez fur kitties

We iz lightin' da candlez fur all da catz dat have gone to da sky. I know dat some in da cat blogosphere call it da rain-bow bridge & I yam not sure about just egg-zactly dat iz, but I know our kittiez dat went away do not suffer or feel pain. I tink dey look upon us all & keep us fastened down—momee callz dat bein' "groun-ded."

Da pic above iz of three furry famous past kittiez in our house: dere iz (frum left to da right) Ozma da white cat & she waz 14, & she waz momeez princess. Den dere is da prezidential Tiger, dat waz dadeez cat, & he waz 18... we had a birthday party fur him & momee made him a party hat. On da right iz dadeez gurl Trixie, & she waz 16. Dadee missez her furry much. She waz a calico queen he sez. She watched over dadee night & day.. & she never let him out of her sight.

So fur all deze recent losses dat beanz have experienced, we all send our prayerz, from da buddha, from da Christ, from all da saintz of da world around, and I will send dis poem to go wit our prayerz:

Light in da mist

There iz nowhere that da catz do not live.
They iz every-where dat you are...
Over there and over here and over the rainbow bridge.
There iz nowhere dat catz do not love.
They iz in your heart & in your mind,
They iz in your bonez & in your spine,
They iz walkin' misty-like thru da streetz,
They iz like spectral beams lightin' up a gloomy night,
They iz under da house and over da treez,
They iz remembering you as you remember them
& only ask dat you fathom dis:
Remember their namez and their heads and their tailz,
Remember da shape & curve of their nailz,
Remember da way they found you!
& you know, yes you do,
Dat dese catz are love,
purest light filled love
all da way through.


Daisy said...

It is very good to remember our friends who went to the Rainbow Bridge. I LOVE your poem, it made me smile and it made my eyes leak a little. My favorite line is about remembering their names and heads and tails, and remembering the shape and curve of their nails. You make good poems! We remember our Cats-Who-Came-Before, too.

The Crew said...

Nice remembrance for "The Cats that Came Before". We have four of those in our family, including my littermate sister Gracie, who went to The Bridge 4 years ago at age 6. The others were two littermate sisters that lived 'til 14 and another that lived 'til 6.

Mom still misses them a lot, but now she has us four to keep her busy!


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