Saturday, September 22, 2007

Slithery Saturday

Here I yam a bit stunned by my own prowess

Now what do I do dat I have dis-abled da ting?

I tink I should gaze into its beady eyez fur awhile & not listen to momee sqwawkin. She soundz a bit screechy like a parrot. I
yam not im-pressed by parrotz.

Dis iz NOT a rubber snake. Rubber snakez do not rear up der headz & look back at me.

I did it! I caught a snakey ting. It iz a bit hissy, but I brought it into momee & I called fur her to come & see dis new toy. But she screeched a little bit owly-like & told me to git dat ting out-side where it be-longed. So, I take it back out just to save my earz from momeez piercing voice-noizez. But I yam posing wit my new pet fur Daisy & to imp-ress da rest of my cat frendz. Delilah? Are you here to see?


Come look at deze pix honey-bunz... I tink dis iz da start of da new MEAN me!


Henry Helton said...

Holy Moly! You caught a snake. A real live snake. I think that Daisy will be impressed with you. She catches lizards sometimes, but her momma always takes them away from her. I find this unfortunate. I think that Daisy would name your snake George. That's what we can call him.

Samantha & Tigger said...

Wow! Dr. Tweety, you are very brave! That snake looks huge. And it hissed and raised it's head. Cool! We are impressed. Mom's are funny when we catch things for them to see and then they tell us to take them away.
Your FL furiends,

Daisy said...

WOW! That snake is gigantical! It is much bigger than the one that got inside my house even. I am very, very impressed with you. Did your snake tell you his name? It might be George the snake.

My Mommie will not let me play with snakes or lizards either. It seems very unfair. If you catch him, he is yours. Maybe we should start hiding our snakes and lizards in the house so we can keep them and not get found out.

Fab five said...

Tanks fur da en-courage-mint. I yam going to name dis snake George. Dis will be furry good to remember my palz wit.

The Crew said...

Tweety, I don't think you could be mean. You look like a nice guy!

Celly-bratin life in Orry-gone