Sunday, September 16, 2007

Momee iz home, but I yam sad

I yam finally back on da blog ting. I mizzed my frends: Henry Hilton & hiz brudder Clyde, Daisy da furry funny Curly Cat, & da five kitteez dat are tuxedo-wearin' catz at Hot (m)BC & all our other visitors. We has to go visit dem to-day & see what dey are up to.

If I yam sad, it iz because momee haz to work so much. She iz havin' to write de stuff on da comp-hooter & take stuff home frum work all de time... so when iz she goin' to play wit us? Who iz goin' to help me wit dis blog?

She haz not even looked at da gardun since she haz been home. Da one good ting iz dat she haz cooked all kinds of furry good tings we (& dadee) like: we got some roastie free-range chix-hen, some free-range steakz (I tink dey came frum bullz do, 'cuz dey are rather tough!), & to0nite, she iz goin' to make our flavo-rite: broiled wild salmon! Hoo-boy, we iz eatin' too good since momee came back & I tink we all have big belliez like toadz!

Ok, I promised every-buddy dat I would have a new poem fur dem... so here goez:

Da ending of da endless summer

De endless summer stops fur a brief moment

Da birdz even

stutter in da trees

Da wind even

pauses in da hope of another spring.

But while we catz do hope & wish & promise to be good,

we chant dis melody to our sunshine brudderhood:

"If only, if only,

if only da summer would not go,

we would be good fur-ever

and never claw, nor pee,

nor ever from home would we think to stray,

if only, if only, if only,

summer would be so kind to stay."

But da flowerz do bend dere pretty headz,

& da tomatoez drop dere verdant leavez,

& da rain pozes mud where da pawz do tread.

So it iz:

Da endless summer it iz ending &

da fall creeps closer wit its brilly-ant coat.

Thatz about all fur today. I yam tryin' to convince momee to work on dis blog more dis week, but she iz not sure she iz goin' to be able to help me. But she said we can vizit our frendz fur sure.


The Meezers said...

oh Tweetie, you does looks sad!!!

wild salmon? oooooooooooo mmmmmmmm. that sounds wonderful!

Fab five said...

You can come to our house & share if you want. We got plenty... momee getz xtra fur us catz!

Henry Helton said...

It's about time that your momma got home. I've been missing you guys. I with that My Lady liked wild salmon cause I think that I would really like it. She probably wouldn't give me any since I don't get bean food very much, but I would make a sincere effort to try and get her to give me some!

Daisy said...

Work is hard. I do not like work. I do like salmon.

And I liked, most of all, your beautiful poem! It made me feel a little bit melancholy.

Celly-bratin life in Orry-gone