Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Delightful Delilah

Delilah orders da chard to grow up!
Dis iz my frend Delilah. Momee callz her "delightful" & dadee callz her "Missy D." We like her alot. She waz an itty-bitty kitten when she came to live here, & we waz all a bunch of older catz, feelin' pretty sorry fur ourselvez, 'cuz we had lost da grampa Tiger & Queen Trixie. But dis kitten changed every-ting. She made us all sit up & take notice. She waz picked out special at da shelter 'cuz she waz a "tom-boy," & momee thought she could stand up to us big catz. Hoo-boy, waz she right! Now dis girl iz bigger den any of da other catz, and even though I tink she might be dadee's favo-rite, he doez not let on too bad about it & he still lovez us all.

I taught her how to help in da gardun & here in da pic, you can see she iz tellin' da chard what to do & how to grow, so we can have da vega-tablez to go wit da salmon dat momee cooks.

PS: Daisy, you can come over fur dinner & we can have salmon, but you will have to take da nonstop flight frum Florida. Dis iz furry long & dangerous, so your momee will probably not let you do it. Dat iz too bad. Mebbe you can sail a pirate ship around da Cape & pick up Henry, Clyde, & da Meezers & da mostly Black Ctaz & evrybody else in da blogosphere & we have one BIG GIANT SALMON HOUSE PARTY?????!!!


Henry Helton said...

You have no idea how exciting a party over at your place would be? We don't even have to take a plane ride. We can just teleport over. I learned how to do that real quick after I started my blog. I've gone to parties where Daisy was there, she is the life the party. At one party, they glued velcro to my feet and made me hang from the ceiling!!! It was so great.

Daisy said...

Party! Party! Party! Walking on the ceiling with Henry was very fun. I am going to start saving my allowances so I can come over to your house for some SALMON!!!!

ps: I am very impressed with Delilah. I do not know how to make chard grow up. I never eated chard before. I would probably order it to grow up, and then I would order it to leave my plate.

Samantha & Tigger said...

We love party's, too. We can teleport over and have lots of fun! Hi Delilah! Would you like to become a Tuxedo Gang Member?? Just let us know by saying add me on the comment section and we'll add you and then introduce you to the Gang! We would welcome you. And we have lots of fun.
Samantha and Tuxedo Gang Staff

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