Monday, September 24, 2007

Kissin' frendz iz fun

Before I start on dis here blog, I have to say dat somethin' haz gone cuckoo wit Blogger. It iz cuttin & slicin my pix up in itty-bitty slices & I can't fix it. If you click on a slice, den you can see da pic.

In da mean time, I waz postin a pic of me kissin' da beeootifull Iris. Oooo-lal-lah! She smells so sweet... like mice feet & birdie fezzers, & da big outdoors. BUT- da BLOGGER said I could not 'cuz of a air-air!! Can you beleeve it????? Blogger woke up- so now you can see da kissin' goin' on at our house. Well, kind of...Iris is furry shy, so she waz hidin her face!

In da meantime, we invites you to come & sit on da porch wit us. It iz furry safe where we livez cuz it iz on a dead-end, culled-de- sack & no traffic comez at all.


Henry Helton said...

My Lady is very confused about this whole sliced picture thing. She can't figure out what would be causing it. She is trying to look on the internet to see what it might be. If she can figure it out, she said she will let you know. I hope you guys have a good week!

Daisy said...

Sometimes Blogger is very BAD! I think I have seen the sliced picture thing on another blog, too. But I cannot remember where. I am very sad, because I wish I could see the kissing picture! I will use my imagination instead.

Fab five said...

Tanks Henry-

Dis slicin' iz not good. Slicin' iz only good fur bread momee sez.

You be good!

Fab five said...


Da Blogger let us get da pic in! But your imagee-nation iz mebbe better den dis blurry pic.

The Crew said...

Dr. Tweety, if any of your family would like to join Coats of Many Colors, just let me know!


Fab five said...

Tank you Crew,

we will get da bizee momee to send somethin' soon. Mebbe tonite!

Celly-bratin life in Orry-gone