Sunday, September 23, 2007

Da first day of da Fall

Da girlz are hangin' out wit dadee, readin' on da porch. Dis iz furry good fur da mental health & I would record-mend dis pre-script-shun fur anyone who iz feelin' over worked & underpaid... are you listenin' momee?
Dadee iz da smart one of da fambly... he doez not worry so much, like da grey-furred-on-da-head- momee. He doez not color hiz fur 'cuz he doez not worry like she doez. Momee colorz da head-fur 'cuz she iz tryin' to stop da old-age, but I do not tink dis workz so well... every-one knowz she doez.
I tink dis iz a good pic 'cuz da two girlz on da couch have white facez & white pawz...dey could be twinz ex-cept dat Iris iz a calico & Delialh iz da grey & white gurl. But dey are like sisterz. Auntie Stinkie iz restin on da balance beam before she startz her exer-size.
See dat old folkz couch on da porch? Momee bought dat just fur da catz fur 25 green backs, but she did not ori-gummy dem like Daisy's mom did.
Well, we will see our frendz in a couple of dayz, if da momee can quit pluckin out da hairz frum her head. I yam beginning to tink work iz fur da birdz.... or mebbe fur lizardz.


Henry Helton said...

We do not have a porch here at our apartment. No deck either. *Sigh*

Christine and FAZ said...

You have your very own couch. I want my very own couch too. I am going to leave this blog open so the humans can see it. I am extremely jealous forget the green backs, I am one green FAZ

Daisy said...

Sitting on the porch reading sounds like a very wonderful way to spend the day! And I can see Auntie Stinkie there, too.

My Mommie has been noticing some of those silvery colored hairs in her head, and she does not like them.

I think 25 green papers is a good price for the nice porch sofa. It would be very funny if you paid with 25 green papers all folded up into t-shirts and elephants! Hahahahahaha!

The Crew said...

We have a porch outside, but we're not allowed out there unless we're in our screened in porch (a big carrier).

Mom refuses to age gracefully and says she'll fight it tooth & nail every inch of the way. I don't understand why she's upset about grey. 3 of us here have grey and we look fine!


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