Thursday, August 9, 2007

Fixin' up da house fer Auntie

Boy o boy. Da momee & dadee been goin' nutz. There iz no rest fur me & da udder catz. Maw iz scoopin' up dust full o' fur & dad iz scoopin' up liddle ballz of stuff frum da box. Maxi, da bad Burr-man, iz peein' on da fly. Y'know, not on da bugz but on da coffee table & udder stuff. He iz mad at da beans 'cuxz dey turned da furniture around & put da dust & got new tingz for da guest room fur when Auntie Mignon arrivez.
We iz waitin' fur Auntie Mignon, cuz she likez us & she iz leavin' our cuzzinz wit da sitter. Poor cuzzin Zsa Zsa tho'. I like her cuz' she iz pretty like my Delilah... altho' I don't know if she likez gardening since she livez in da woodz.
In have a new pre-scripshun poem for ever-y-buddy:

In da garden
peas are humming
while birds sing a minstrel aire.
And life is a-happening
Sit you down
and looks well around
and don't be thinkin'
bout nuthing but peas.
Peas in the morning &
Peas at night,
Peas is in da flowers
& in da winds
of streaming light.


Henry Helton said...

Hey, I think you have a neat blog. That's pretty cool that you have five kitties in your house. I am only one of two kitties. Hmmmm, maybe I can get My Lady to bring me home another. You should come and visit me at my blog sometime!!!

Henry Helton said...

Thank you for visiting me. It is very exciting to hear of a new kitty blogger! I think that we will be great friends. I will add you to my blogroll ASAP!

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