Thursday, December 27, 2007

Thurzday conversationz wit da momee

Okilodokee! Iz it justee me, or iz it HOT in here?

Personabully, I yam gettin' ready fur da BIG NY EVE Party, & I yam hearin' from some new frendz dat dey will be comin' by & bringin' dere frendz & I could not be happier!!!

Howevfur, da momee iz still sufferin' from bad back-itis & she haz not been helpin' me to vizit frendz, old OR we iz gonna has to have a itty-bitty talk.

Me: "Momee? Come here'z a minuit will ya?"

Momee: "Uh- oh, hi everyone! Hi Tweet. What did you need me for sweetie?"

Me: "Momee! Dis iz furry nice dat you soundz so grashus & all, but I gots lots of frendz out dere in da bloggo-spear & dey iz all waitin' fur me to vizit dem. Do you tink you could justee suck it up a bit, & helps me out?"

Momee: "OK Doctor T, I don't want to disappoint your friends, and even though it's hard for me to sit for very long right now, I promise I will help you out later today, and we'll go visit all of your friends, allright?"

Me: "Okeedokee momee. I yam gonna hold you to it. & ifs you triez to weezil out on dis promise, I yam gonna reports you to da cat police squad, da ones dat made dere appearence in dadeez cat calendar (more on dis story later) & you will be excomyounee-catered from da bloggo-spear!"

Momee: "Well Tweet, we don't want that to happen. I don't want all of your friends barfing and throwing hairballs at once. In fact (shudders visibly), I can't even imagine such a scene!"

Me: "hahahahhha! Why momee, what evfur made you tink of such a ting!

(I yam gonna whisper now to my palz: Would we evfur DREAM of doing dis? Obveeusly, she iz not listening to my invitashunz fur such activitieez on da NY Eve partee. Well, let da momee tink what she will, cats WILL have der day!)


Cat Blogosphere said...

well, we can hack up our crunchies if you need us to!

feel better Tweety'sMom

Artsy Catsy said...

Dr. Tweety, thank you and your mom so much for your sweet comment on our blog today! It sounds like your mom and my moms have a lot in common - mine even has bad back-itis, too. We're purrayin' that your mom's back gets better really soon!

Love from all of us,

Andrée said...

Believe me, if I have one more %#&@( New Years Eve without human company, I will be here with you, Tweet. I'm a pretty slow learner, but cats are the best company.

Tiger Lily said...

Hi Dr. Tweety! I am so sorry to hear about your Momee and her bad back. My Daddy has a very bad back and Mom rubs something called Super White Stuff and something called Tiger Balm on it. He says they help him a lot even though he is never free from pain. If your Momee wants to know where to get the Super White Stuff you can email me at rjrcreeATgmailDOTcom.

I will try to bring my new fountain to your party. It is a lot of fun!

Merry Christmas (late) and Happy New Year!!

Jemima, Zeke, Sushi, Tiger Lily and Ruckus

Derby said...

If she doesn't help you, I suggest you poop on her pillow.

MISS PEACH >(^.^) said...

Oh dear Dr Tweety! I would be happy to try to make your New Years Eve party. Oh be sure to tell the Cat Blogosphere the news so they all know. Will Auntie Stinkie be able to sit by me? We need to have a nice girl talk!
I do hope your mommy bean will be free of pain soon...being hurting is so bad for them!
Lots of hugs from us over here!

Karen Jo said...

I really hope that your Mom feels better soon. Bad-back-itis is very bad. I will try to come to your party.

Christine and FAZ said...

Bad backs aren't good - my boy human gets them and he gets very crouchy. FAZ

Dragonheart and Merlin said...

Dr Tweety, we hope your mom's back feels better soon. Our mom can sympathize - she fractured her L2 vertebra many years ago, but fortunately it no longer bothers her.

We will try to be at your New Year's Party if we can make it with the time differennce!

Daisy said...

I am counting the days until your party! I hope your mom's back is getting better.

The Crew said...

We'll all be over, Tweety. I'm sure it'll be the best New Year's Eve party ever!!!


Anonymous said...

I cannot wait until your party Dr. Tweety! My sweetie pie Tigger is going to be my escort.

Hope your mom's back is feeling better really soon!

Jan said...

Hey, Dr. Tweety,

We wandered over to introduce ourselves and visit you for a bit. We sure hope your mom's back-itis is better soon. That sounds quite painful. Take good care of her.

jan's funny farmmer

Angus said...

That's the way to handle your momee, Dr. Tweety! Sometimes we just have to be a little firm with them and they just fall into line.

Forty Paws said...

Sorry to hear about your Momee's bad backitis. Jump up and down on it tonight and maybe that will help.

Luf, Us

Henry Helton said...

Hey buddy, I can't wait for your party! It's gonna be nice to get out of this boring house. I'll be bringing Clyde and Charlotte and maybe even Evil Mar, but I haven't decided if I want him to come or not yet.

Celly-bratin life in Orry-gone