Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Tuez-day, overload Tuez-day

3:49 p.m.
Da momee iz writin' dis:
The vet just called. A nice young man. He was very soothing, but you know when they are so sweet, it’s not good news. Auntie Stinkie not only has high blood pressure, she has some renal involvement. There is protein in her urine indicating that there is most likely partial loss of kidney function. He is going to prescribe Analapro (sp?) which will both treat the kidney damage and her high blood pressure. He does not have a positive stance on her blindness. She also has some heart problems. There is apparently an extra “blip” in heart rhythm, which occurs when there is extra pressure in the chambers of the heart. She may have to be placed on Lodapine in the near future. The nice young vet wants to first see how she responds to the Analapro before he retests her functions in a couple of months. I want to believe that we will have our dear little Auntie Stinkie awhile more, and I am sure that Dr Tweety would agree with me that the quality of her life is what is most important. Dr Tweety is very thankful for all the support we have received, and I am too. I’m being careful, not to let my “leaking eyes” show too much while I am at work.

I yam givin’ my update on da Auntie Stinkie sit-you-nation. Da VET called da momee & da dadee & he iz pre-scrbin some pillz fur her to takes. Da dadee will be pickin’ deze up ton-night after work & so dey will start her on deze tingz soon! Dey will also find out if Auntie haz any other underlyin’ sources of bad stuff, like mebbe renal problemz. I fur one, am keepin’ my toezez crossed. But da momee’z eyeballz are crossin’ along wit her her bloggin’ fingerz, cuz da VET haz not called her back yet. Da momee wants da answerz to her qwest-chinz about da medz answered. Leave it to da momee to qwest-chin da VET!


Chairman Mao said...

Oh, Dr. Tweety, we Ballicai are purrin and purrin and purrin as hard as we can for Auntie Stinkie! She's such a purreshus gurl. We hope she is with you and yur fambly for a long, long time to come! Sendin lots of love and healin purrs.

That's a furry handsum pickshure of you fur Mancat Monday, Dr. Tweety!

Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!

The Meezers said...

wow, our mommy says "deja vu!". Norton was on the same medi-k-shun for the same issues. he had a heart murmur for most of his life, which our v-e-t said was not too unusual. Getting her the pills is the most important thing to do. Norton lived for over a year after the v-e-t found his problems. He was almost 18 when he went to the bridge. Trixie developed the same problems really quick after Norton went to the bridge and she followed 4 months later, but mommy said is was more of the fact that she could not live without her twin brother than illness. Anyway, even if she does not recover her sight, as long as you don't change anything in the house, she should be able to move through the house fine. I helped Trixie move through the house when she went blind - I would guide her to the litterbox and stuff. Tell your mommy that lots of love and huggles and snuggles during pill time is the best way to make sure that she gets the pills down every day.
We is sending you all big purrrsss and prayers.
Miles (and Sammy too!)

Cheysuli and gemini said...

We have also had cats in renal failure. It's not so much how bad it is, but how they manage it. As things change, well there are more things that can be done to improve quality of life. Purrs to you all and to Auntie Stinkie!

Henry Helton said...

Hey Tweet, I'm hoping and purring for Auntie Stinkie to be feeling her best real soon. I hope your doing okay, buddy. I'm always thinking about you.

Black Cat said...

Oh, I do hope Auntie Stinkie will feel better on her meds and will be with you all for a very long time. I am sending cuddles and scritches and love for her and for all of you:) xxx

Riley & Tiki said...

We will purr for Auntie Sinkie. We hope the medicines make her feel better.

Daisy said...

Oh dear, Auntie Stinkie, I hope you feel better soon. My sister Pixie is living proof that you can have a good quality of life for quite some time with even a very serious illness. Pixie has severe hypertrophic cardiomyopathy which she has had for over 6 years now and she is still doing fine.

Scout said...

Me and Mommy are sending positive vibes and prayers for Auntie Stinkie! We are sending them to you and your Mommy and Daddy too because we know this must be furry difficult for everyones!


Kellie The Orange Cat said...

Oh, poor Auntie Stinkie. I hope she is feeling alright.

My Mum takes both those pills you told us Auntie Stinkie has to take, she takes about 30 pills a day. My Mum has failing kidneys, they are functioning at 18% right now. Let Auntie Stinkie and your Mum know that you can still have a good life.

I will keep purring for Auntie Stinkie.

Forty Paws said...

We're sending tons of purrs and headbutts and pawsitive thoughts for Auntie Stinkie.

Luf, Us

Eric and Flynn said...

We's purring furr Auntie Stinkie. Mum sez that most of the cats that came befurrus had to take pills furr renal failure, and they all lived to between 19 and 24 years old. She sez they must haf been wearing good jeans, cuz they wuz two sisfurrs and all their kittens that lived to be so old.

me...Fat Eddy said...

Me and Phinny are both crossing our toes for Auntie Stinkie today. Now that we saw a picture of her, I'm going to try to cross my tail and Phinny is walking around trying to cross his eyes too. Auntie Stinkie has the same kinda ear situation going on as my best cat friend, Marble, except his ear got totally frost nipped (not the good kind) when he was outside on his long adventure last winter.

Anyway if things are okay, I'll see you at Miss Peach's tea. I'm going with Zippy in the teleporter early this p.m.

me...Fat Eddy said...

More from me. Fat Eddy.

I was reading the other comments and what they say makes sense to me. In my opinion, now is the time for all of you to be especially good to Auntie Stinkie and supportive when she has to take those meds. And, we cats are strong, intuitive creatures. We aren't easily done in. We've got 9 lives after all - and when they're done, we got lots of friends across the bridge, so we're not afraid of that either. But all of us (including the peeps) is thinking about your family today and hoping you get to keep Auntie Stinkie with you for a long while yet.

Celly-bratin life in Orry-gone