Thursday, December 6, 2007

Thurz-day 13 divi-dud by 2 (sorta)

I yam gonna let my frend Delilah, my grey & white tuxie rat-cat, tellz ya what kindz of 13 tingz iz goin’ on at our housee: “Delilah… here kitty kitty!”

“Oh hi everybody!!! My Uncle (Dr Tweety) iz going to let me do the blog today. I am so excited. I have lots of news and pictures to share. Okay, let me take a deep breath so I can get all of this out for you!”

1) This my new fashion model close up. While I don’t wear high fashion outfits like that cute little girl cat Daisy, I have nice glossy fur, and eyes that convey many things. Boys like my eyes and my glossy furs.

2) Here is my Uncle. I think he has gone over the edge trying to keep our mommy and daddy sane while Auntie Stinkie has been sick. Mommy was getting out his favorite carrot to play with, but all he really wanted was some alone time. She does have a very bad habit of bothering him. I really should speak to her about that. It’s very rude.

3) Here is a new fashion close-up of Auntie Stinkie. I think even though she is a squillion (oh, I just LOVE that word!!!!) years old, she is still model material. I like her left ear. It is her “earmark” of courage!!! (Oh, I think I just made a pun!) You can kind of notice that she cannot see the flashy box, but she is being so good about her new pills and I am just sure she is going to be with us for a very long time!

4) Here is a picture of me smelling my Uncle’s ----! Oops, I better tell you that we are not really related. We do not play dueling banjos out here in Oregon!!!

5) This is me investigating the new TUNNEL that Iris and I got! Mommy put a ‘nip carrot into it, and I just cannot resist catnip. Mmmmmmm. It makes me feel so very, very dreamy and happy. I wish I had a boyfriend to play in my new tunnel with.

6) I like the catnip so much that I am going to try and squeeze the rest of the way into the tunnel. As you can see, my ----is not petite. I must tell Daisy and Mini that the fashion world is now embracing “plus size” models. Oh goodie! That means mommy can pose too! (Uh-oh. I think I just said something wrong, because mommy is sputtering coffee out of her mouth!)

7) Finally, I want to thank my friend Uncle Doctor Tweety. Isn’t he a handsome boy? I love him so much because he not only lets me do Thursday 13s, but he is kind to me, and helped to raise me from when I was just a little tiny girl, weighing only 3 pounds! He only whapped me half a squillion (Oh!!! I just HAD to use it one more time!) times when I was growing up. And look how good a girl I turned out to be!

Okeedokee. I yam furry glad dat you got to da a Thurzday-13-kind-of Delilah! I hopes dat evfurry one enjoyed it. I especially tink it waz funny when you gots stuck in da tunnel. Myself, I won’t go near dat wacko ting!


Henry Helton said...

it is very nice to hear from you Delilah. I really love the word squillion, too!

me...Fat Eddy said...

Hey youze guys. Is yer tummies still full from all dat gud food you eated at Ms. Peach's tea party? Brofer ed tole me dis, and I jest don't fink its true, but were all yuze guys eatin finger sammiches? Brufer ed said hea eatted a hole handful of finger sammiches, den he laffed at me' acause I can't belife youze guys wuld eats fingers, unless it was da kind from chick-hens. Brofer ed is sleepin off about a dozen niptinis I fink. He sez he hadded a really grate time and nex time ize comin wif him. He also toled me dat da boycats gotted to wear pi-ratz hats. Is dis true? And one more fing afore I go, brofer ed did not bring me back even one fing to eat. I sure wuda like to taste dat creme cheze frostin.

Hot(M)BC said...

Your uncle is definitely handsum, Delilah. *grins*
Good to see you too, tho.

And extra purrrrrrrrrs to handsum Dr Tweety!

Dragonheart said...

You are a lovely cat, Delilah. Thank you for sharing those photos with us. :)

Scout said...

It was nice reading about all of you kitties! Loved the photos! Is the tunnel fun? I don’t have one and I might “need” one for Christmas!

Purrs (especially to Auntie Stinkie!),

Anonymous said...

Delilah you are beautiful and would make any mancat very happy. It was very nice of Dr. Tweety to let you blog and we learned very interesting things about you, your uncle and Auntie Stinkie.

Tiger Lily said...

Hi Delilah! I love that word squillion too! I am so very glad Auntie Stinky is doing better on those new pills. I hope your Mom and Dad survive giving them to her!

Hi Dr. Tweety! Although I have not worn my sweater very often yet it does not bother me to have it on. It helps keep me very warm but I am afraid that I already need a bigger size.

Daisy said...

Delilah, you are very beautiful! I can see why the boys like your glossy furs and pretty eyes. You done a good Thursday half-thirteen! I learned a lot of new things about you all.

The Meezers said...

Hi Miss Delilah! I am so very happy that you can Tweety camed to my ham party! we hadded so much fun! I hope you liked the toona-tinis. Miss Delilah, I'm shur that you will find a boyfriendcat very soon - there are several very hansome eligible bachelors out there!! - Miles

Cheysuli and gemini said...

We have a tunnel like that one, only we don't have a carrot in there. I think we should all link our tunnels up and play!


Eric and Flynn said...

Hello Delilah, you did a good job wiv the blog. Wuz that a nip carrot I saw??? I love nip carrots, they are the bestest efurr thng in the whole wide world!!!
Hi Dr. Tweety.

Caesar and Princess said...

You are very very pretty Delila!
You are very luky to have the uncle doctor around. He is quite handsome.

Gretchen said...

Hi Delilah. I'm glad you got a chance to say something.

I'm happy to hear, too, that Auntie Stinky will get some medicine that will help her.

Yes, quality of life is important.


Catzee said...

Tortis make purrfect models!

Chairman Mao said...

Hiya, Delilah! You are a furry nice gurl kitty! And I enjoyed readin yur Thirteenie! Yur Uncle Dr Tweety is furry handsome -- efurry time Momma sees him she wants to snuggle him, hehe! And we Ballicai are so furry glad that Auntie Stinkie is gettin better and takin her medicines!

Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!

Black Cat said...

Hi Delilah, that was a very nice half thirteen. I love the word "squillion" too and I also love "eleventy...". I'm glad Auntie Stinkie is getting better:) xxx

Kellie The Orange Cat said...

Dr. Tweety, it was very nice of you to share your blog with Delilah. Her T13 was very informative, even if she only went up to #7 : ) Ha, ha, ha,....

I am hoping Auntie Stinkie is doing well, keep us posted!

The Crew said...

Delilah dear, I know this is late, but I just felt I have to talk to you "woman to woman". We look so much alike already and now I discover that you also have a...a, uh...well, a "wideness" problem. I just want to reassure you dear that real women like us have curves. Not all cats are slim, and as long as you're healthy, it's OK! Be confident in your womanliness and keeping on posting. Love found me (my boyfriend is Mattingly) and it will find you too.

Your friend

Celly-bratin life in Orry-gone