Thursday, December 13, 2007

Thurz-day 13

Okeedokee. I yam furry pleased to have my December issue of Saveur arrive in time fur da BIG holly-day. Here are some of da tingz I yam plannin’ on doin’:

1) Since Auntie Stinkie cannot readz da new issue of Saveur (rememburr how she used to read my issuez first?), I yam gonna take some time & readz her da bestee chapterz. I tink she will like hearin’ about da fish stew from Bahia Brazil. Mmmmmm, when I gets done describin’ dis fur her, she will be a-bull to smell it!!

2) I tink I yam gonna roastee a duck!!! I will take da roze-mary from da momeez gardun, chops it furry finely (I tink dey callz dat “mint-sin’), chops da momeez gar-lick (do dey gets dat from lickin’ garz??), rub some olive oilz on dat nice plump duck, & den sticks it in da fridge-box fur two whole dayz. Dis will makes a nice crispee crustee on da duck when I roastee it.

3) I needz to looks on da internet fur sweaterz fur Auntie Stinkie & Iris. Deze two gurlz gets furry cold & do not have good enough furz to make dem warm. I better order deze fed-ex or dey will not arrivez in time.

4) I has to wrap da dadeez prezziez. Da momee gots him a surprize from da CafeExpress. I cannot tell you what it iz ‘cuz he readz my bloggie…but you can guessee!

5) I wants to organize a party fur my frendz in da bloggo-spear, but wit da momee bein’ so bizzy, I don’t know if I can pull it off. I waz tinkin’ mebbe oevfur da New Yearz. Since I will be practicin’ my duck roastin’ skillz, I could gets another 592 ducks & we can haz ourselvz a REAL good time. What do you tink?

6) If we iz gonna gobble ducks, what other foodz doez we need? I tink da Saveur talks about mebbe hazzin’ beef? Would my bloggin’ palz appreshee-ates a BIG whopping prime rib? I can dry rub dis & den pokee some holez in it & sticks da whole clovez of gar-lick in (unless I can gets da garz to swim by & justee lick da roastee). Doez you all likes rare, medium-rare, or well done? Pleaze tell me your pre-fur-rentsez.

7) I yam considerin’ orderin’ a bale o’ ‘nip. Considerin’ da amounts of cats, mebbe I should order 2? But I don’t wants to be responsy-bull if someone drivez under da influenza, so mebbe I better hire a dizzy-negated driver.

8) I heard dat da beooty-full Faz & my housee-mate Delilah haz been flirtin wit Rocky. Mebbe I should plan to hostee a parlor game of spin’ da tuna stix? Rocky may have gotten more propozalz fur gurlfrendz den he can handle, so any of you other batch-hellerz out dere might want to be listenin’ up!

9) If Sammy & Chey wants to haul oevfur any left-oevfur ham (iz dere any?), I can gets some Omega 3 pillz to counter-acts da high call-restyroll, & we should all be in good health fur da New Yearz.

10) Fur dezzert I yam stumped. Now da Saveur talks about makin’ crème brulee’ & I yam pretty sure mostee of da cats would like dis yummy cream, but doez we want to uze sugar? I yam tryin’ to be more health-conshus ‘cuz of Auntie Stinkie & also my frendz whose pancreas’ may not be funk-shunning real well.

11) Haz anyone evfur made a shrimp tartlet? Dat would be a good alternative I tink.

12) Tomorrow, iz da momee’z burf-day. I yam not gonna bakes her a cake ‘cuz da dadee iz takin her out to da local gastro-atomic café where dey are gonna have scrumpshus tingz. What can I do instead?

13) You guessed it!!! I will leavez her some hairballz on da sofa & den I will bitey her hand & den I will look real inno-cent & purrz my bestee. She should really appre-she-ate my generosity.

& dat my frendz of da bloggo-spear, iz my Thurz-day 13.


The Furry Kids said...

Awesome T13! I think a party sounds like fun.

Happy birthday to your Mommie!!!

The Meezers said...

great TT Tweety!!

yes, there's lots of ham lefted over, so we can bring that to the party!!

Eric and Flynn said...

Hehe we like yer TT Dr.Tweety. All those ducks sound deelishus, and can we haf our beefs rare purrleez.
We want to wish yer mum a happy purrfday. We'll probly be back tomorrow, but we'll say it now just in case we can't make it then.

Chairman Mao said...

Happy Burfday to yur Momma! And guess what, Dr. Tweety, our Momma's burfday is tomorrow, too! Is that kool, or what?

And 592 duckies sounds like a LOTTA duckies! I can't efun count that high.

Dorydoo loves the idea of a bale of 'nip!

Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!

Caesar and Princess said...

All of these items, these tasty delights, sound very very much worth sampling.
I love helping mommie cook, so I think I could help you out with these.

Happy Happpppy Birthday to your mommmie
a hairball sounds like a super great giftie!


Dragonheart said...

Dr. Tweety, you are quite the gourmet! Fabulous list. :) Duck is yummy and a party sounds fabulous! :)

Anonymous said...

Hmm, do you think that 592 ducks will be enough for a large party? We would also suggest a few hundred hams, mmmmm, ham! The rest of the menu sounds really yummy! You sure are a great cook Dr. Tweety.

Daisy said...

Happy birthday to your mom!

Dr. Tweety, you have some very interesting ideas. Do you want to borrow my Easy Bake oven for some of your cooking projects?

You are very sweet to read the good chapters from Saveur to Auntie Stinkie.

Forty Paws said...

Happy Purrfday to your Momee! We luf your TT! Efurrytink sownds so yummy & scrump-zious. We will be at yur Par-Tay!

Luf, Us

Dr Tweety of da Fab Five said...

OKeedokee: Bounce, Lucy & Trixie, da ham parts sound likes a good addition & I tink Daisy, yes, we will probbly needz da EZ Bake oevfun fur da extra meats. Do you tinks you can helps wit da ham? Caesar, I will definitely be abull to uze your extra set of pawz, along wit 40 pawz.

me...Fat Eddy said...

dis is me Phinny da babee cat. Me and brofur ed would pleeze like to come to dat party. Da firstest one we wuz at was lots a fun. Rite now Brofur ed is doing somefin he sez i kant help him wif. I egg-speck he is rapping my gifz. I is goona to bring yuze some delishuz treatz for da partee, s-pesh-uly chris-mousey ones, if i ken find sum minzed mousie dat is.
Bye luf frum Phinney dat babee cat.

Celly-bratin life in Orry-gone