Thursday, October 4, 2007

Thurzday Thirteen

Here iz me movin' furry fast past momeez coffee cup. I almozt got it!!! Dis iz a little bit like da high diverz in da Olympix but I yam faster!!!

I will tell you 13 tingz about my life at da fur ranch wit da other kittiez & momee & dadee on da week-endz when we iz all home togedder:

1) Rain makez me wacky & nervous & I refuse to stay out in it. Soooo:
2) I scratcheez at da BACK door until momee letz me out & den two minutes later:
3) I scratcheez at da FRONT door fur dadee to let me in & den:
4) I scratcheez at da BACK door fur momee to let me out & den(you can see where dis iz goin'!)
5) I decidez I wantz to lift my tail where da mad Burr-man lifted hiz & den:
6) Momee screechez like da Hall-o-ween banshee & putz me out da FRONT door & den:
7) Dadee letz me in 'cuz he feelz sorry fur me 'cuz of da rain & den:
8) I lifts my tail near dadeez elextronix & he saquawkz 'Noooooooooh- oh noooooo!"
9) By dis time I yam ex-hausted by all dis jim-naststix & I sleepz on da kitchen table fur a bit, showing my wonderful floofiness and den later:
10) I sit in dadeez spot on da sofa when he getz up to get hiz coffee & he haz to sit on da floor instead & den:
11) I go downstairz to da garage & do some more dutiez & den:
12) I come upstairz & do some modeling fur da momee & den:
13) It iz raining again! So I scratcheez at da BACK door to go out!


Miss Peach>(^,^) said...

Tweetie you little stinker, you give your beans quite the workout!!
Thank you for coming by and callin on me today. I am felling better day by day YEAH!!!!
love Peachy

Kellie The Orange Cat said...

Dr. Tweety you are hilarious! It sounds like you have your beans trained to do your bidding!

Black Cat said...

I love your Thursday 13, it's absolutely hilarious! You must think that if it's raining out back, then it might not be out front, haha!

Thanks for commenting on my desktop. Actually this is a very cluttered and untidy house so I don't how I've managed to keep my desktop plain, though I do have way too many icons! xxx

Henry Helton said...

Those are 13 interesting facts about you. It's nice to get to know you better.

Celly-bratin life in Orry-gone