Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Tuesday rude Tuesday

Now, I yam goin' to put dis post out der fur da other catz to judge. Iz der other kittiez dat da beanz iz annoyin' beyond belief? Like, wakin' you up in da middle of a nap to get your pic? Jiminy Christamaz! Just look at what da momee did to me:See da pic? I yam loungin' on da couch after reading da latest issue of "Saveur," da magazine fur gourmands, & dreamin' about salmonz in da oven....& purrfectly content WHEN:
momee stix da toy in my face!
So den I have to play in da middle of my nap!
Just look at dat ting! Iz dis rude or what?

Finally, she givez up & goez away to take pix of Iris.. so I am smilin' at last & back to my dreamin' of da recipes in da mag. Aaaaaaah.


Henry Helton said...

Grrrrr, this makes me so mad! I really hate being woken up during my naps! This should stop immediately. We need our sleep!

Brainball said...

Oh goodness, my Mom does that sort of thing, too. I usually give her my best Irritated Lioness look, but she'll go ahead and take pictures... humans are so strange!

And you know what? You are an absolutely gorgeous kitty!

Thank you so much for your purrs and well-wishes. They mean so much -- I am a lucky Brainball to have such wonderful friends! I am happy to report that I'm feeling great today!

Floofy headbonks from Brainball.

The Crew said...

You have my complete sympathy, Tweety. The same thing happens here. You just get settled in and start to doze off and it's "click-flash", "click-flash"! It's almost impossible to get a decent nap any more.


Henry Helton said...

I tagged you guys for a meme. Come and play if you want.

Celly-bratin life in Orry-gone