Sunday, August 25, 2013

Saying good-bye to our friend Dr Tweety

Dr T in the garden in June 2013
Dear friends (or as Dr T would say, "frendzez"),

The good doctor rallied a bit this year when we started him on thyroid medications, and even began to gain some weight back on his terribly thin frame.

He ate with gusto and loved to sit in his garden both night and day, in a favorite chair.

We had hopes that this was a reprieve from the polyps and hyper-thyroidism, but over the last few weeks, something began to happen. Tweet started to lose more weight and become disoriented. He would howl and pace anxiously. Nothing seemed to appease him.

Over the last several days, he has weakened. His body isn't strong enough to rally again, and he is tottering on his legs. You could say that his "floof" is truly gone and with it, his spirit to fight. He is exhausted.

These end-of-life decisions are so painful to make, but our kitties trust us implicitly to make them as they cannot. I think of all those who came before who will be waiting for Tweet at the Rainbow Bridge, and I am blown away by the number of cats that wait for him. His friends Momo, Bounce, Tigger, Princess, Abby, Eric, Miss Peach, Pixie, Seaborne, Opus, Parker, Cotton, Jake, Crystal, Luxor, and Fat Eric, will be there with trays of catnip and tuna puffs, and the line up of cats stretches all the way to the heavens.

This is where I found the Dr. 12 years ago.
Dr Tweety has been with us for 12 years. I have no idea how old he really is; he could be a very advanced senior cat. When I first rescued him in Washington State, he had been abandoned on a porch in a deserted house and was a full grown adult. He liked to sleep in an old rusted tin wash tub near my back door. He and Maxie never got along in all the years that I had them together, but Tweet became a very important part of the cat family just the same.

He loved kittens and he loved tuna juice. He loved full moons and sitting by my side near a fire pit in the garden. He loved taking a sip of a martini or a beer now and then, before you could catch him sneaking the sip! He loved roasted chicken and ham. He talked quite a bit once you got him chattering and was grumpy and stubborn.

When I first started the blog, Dr T had a curmudgeon personality, but he really was a bit more loving too, and I think that came to the surface as I tried my best to channel his voice. At some point, I think the archives of his blog will be a comfort to us. His "dadee" loved the blog so much. He calls Dr T a "folk hero," and I think for awhile, he was.

We will take Dr T in soon. We may have the vet come here, as we did for Auntie Stinkie. We haven't made the decision for the exact time and day, but please know that we will be brave, and let him go.

Dr Tweety, we love you.
Thank you for all your loyalty, for remembering gotcha days and the dadee's birthday, for loving us and being such loyal dear souls. We love you too. Our dear friend Jan still emails us reports from the CB, and we do get Anne's messages from Zoolatry as well... so in one way or another, we will find a way to check in once in awhile. And, "Da Mini," of the House of the Mostly Black Cats will be here to hold paws with her boy as he passes from this realm into the next.

From our "folk hero" to you all, thank you for being such sweet frendzez. We will never forget any of you.

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Hoppy Easter & a B-I-G messagez to our frendz

So... we wanted to givez da CB some good newzez, 'speshully after all da terry-bull lossez lately. I thoughts I would do a spegtackular review of da lastee year in one fell swoops. Dis only seemz fair, as our frendz still come by our shuttered bloggy to say "Hi." We wants to tell you "hi!" too, & to say how much we love you & mourn da losses too.
Da Maxi dragged da momee's socksez around last summer. She looked & looked fur 'em, but he musta hidded reely good cuz she nevfur foundz 'em again!

I waz loozin my floof cuzza vet thoughts I had cancer. (More on dis later!) I waz cold a lot, & ates & ates & ates toona puffs wit da Mini, buts I gotted down to onlee 6 poundzez.

Da Ella waz now a big gurl. She decided to hunts da ceram-beak birdies in da cage.

Da Delilah stayed on her diet & helped da Dadee growz a squish dat waz az many poundsez az she losted!

See? Dere she iz lookin' like Marie Ozmand.

Our frendz Fiona & her  baby camez back to vizit.

Den day ates da momeez flowerz on da front porch!

 Christ-Mouse camez & I waz feelin' a itty bitty low energy.

So I tooks a big napee & Iris inspected da tabull clothee.

Winter set in, so da Ella & da Delilah (BFFs!) sat & watched da rain.

I waz so cold & skinny in January dats I sleptee behind da dadees coffee pot, where it waz warmer.

Da Iris waz brave & wents hunting in freezing rain in February.

Ella decidud to help look fur mousies.

Dey looked & looked, but all doze mousies were too cold to come out of da holez dey waz sleepin' in.

It waz so furry-burrrry dats da Delilah hid in a paper bag, hopin' it would warmee ups.

I gavez up & slept on da momees iPad fur warmth.

Den suddenly it waz Marchee & da sun camez out. Delilah & I surveyed da mess dats da momee hadz not cleened up all winter & were shocked by da condishuns! We hadz to do sumpin' so I could tell my big Easter storee!

So here iz my Easter mirry-cull!

 In late Feb-blueberry, da momee & da dadee tooks me back to da vetted. Dey complained dat I waz still eatin' but gotted skinnier & skinnier & dat I waz not dyin' frum cancer but starvin' to deathy.

Da vetted pushed & prodded & said da tumor had not grown! In fact, he now felted a tumor on my kidney. He said, "Dis breed iz prone to polycystic kidney disease."

"Huh!" said da momee. She was a bit pissyed dats he hads not said dis nearly two yearsez ago when da vetted first said I waz going to da rainbow bridge.

In factee, she made da vetted testee me fur hyper=thyroidzm... & guesse what? I hadz it!
So dey ordered me some medy-cin & da dadee started givin' it to me dayz & nights. & guesse what????

I gotsez my floof back!

I hopes you all have a beauty-full Easter & dats you likes hearin' da update. We donts know when dere will be anudder postee, but we lovez you immmesley, & tanks you fur all your good wishez to us over deze past monthsez.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Sad days

Dear frendz, 

Dis haz beenz a furry sad week fur us. We haz not been bloggin' since my cancer diagnosis, but I yam hangin' in despites my 8 pound weight.

Our frend Jan at da Funny Farmerz & da lovely Anne at da Zoolatry passed along messagez dat some of our frendz has passed to da Rainbow Bridge. Da momee justee felt like cryin' & me too. 'Cuz no matter how long its been since you've seen or heard from good frendz, you still love 'em, cuz dey iz true frendz.

Dat iz how da CB iz to us at da Fab Five. No matter how long, each of da lossez makesez our hearts furry full & we want to send out love & hope to all doze who haz losted dere furry frendz.

Some of doze namez recently came to us: Da beotyfull & wunderful Momo; da smart & sensible & long time frend Parker; da gorgous & tortie-tuded Cotton

We know dere are so many more dat continue to visit faithfully & leevez us brilliant messagezez. We lovez you right back! If we didn't name you in dis posty, it doezn't mean we don't know who you are... cuz we do!

I miss my lovely Mini, but she nevfur failsez to bring me my favorite toona puffsez. & da Meowmeowmans remeberz evfurry birfday, evfun da onez who haz come before us, like da Auntie Stinkie.

I yam gonna doez anudder itty bitty update soon, to showz you how da resty of da Fab Five iz doin. Da kitten Ella iz all grownz up at one yearz old & da Delilah iz gotted herz weight down to 16.8 poundz! (Fur doze dat remembur, she waz up to 21 poundz!) 

If I can hangz in, I will. I yam fightin' dis cancer & I will continue to do so. Now I just gotta gets da momee here to helps me type da updatesez. I can also bite her butt if she sez she doezn't haz da time.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

We send Chriss-mouse greetingz!

Dr Tweety: "So I thoughts we better gets a big wish fur our frendz out da door fur Chrissy-Mouse & here it iz. Dis iz da troopsez & how we are spendin' our Chrissy-Mouse Eve:

Ella: "I LOVE this basket Mommy bought for someone. It should be MINE!"

Iris: "I think instead of oranges in my stocking I would like tuna please!"

Maximillian: "I wish for roasted beef and a freighter of nip to share with my friends far and wide."

Delilah: "I wish for a short winter and a sunny spring in the garden."

Dr Tweety: "I wishez fur many long napsez on dis comfee couch & LOTSEZ of kibblezez."

"All of us at da Fab Five fambly & da Catsez of da World wish youz & yourz A blessed hollyday & a peazfull New Year!"

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Tank you all

Tank you Zoolatry fur my beootyfull badge!
Tank you to all da catsez of da CB fur da increddybull outpourin' of love & purrsez. Da Zoolatry momee Ann madez dis badge fur moi, since da Jan & da Funny Farmz puts out da word abouts my pre-dickymint. 

Den my sweet grrl-friend da Mini camez by & haz been stuffin' me fullz of toona puffsez.

Even tho' I yam eatin' az much az I can, I yam still a furry skinny boy. But da momee brushez my furz & I yam nots in any pain.

After I madez my announce-mint, I heardz bad bad newz abouts our frend Opus goin' to da Bridge. It made me cry. & den our old frend da be-ooty-full Miss Daisy Mae Maus needz our purrzez too.

So I yam gonna fights dis cancer. I yam not gonna feel sorree fur moi-self or hide. I haz been made strenghtened by da immense love of da CB dat haz re-furburated around da world.

You kittehz & your beanz are a mirrycull of LOVE & I send its back to you a Gazillion timez.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Furry sad newz

Dr Tweety: "I thoughts I would breaks da bad newz to my frendz my own self. Dis iz da brave ting to do & I yam a furry brave cat.

Da dadee tooksez me to da vet cuz I waz gettin' too skinny. I lovez to eats & I waz eatin' plenty buts my fats dissapeared.

Da vet said I haz a tumor. It iz a bad tumor. It iz near my belly & mebbe my spleenz.

You can livez witout a spleen, but you cannots live wit a tumor dat iz too big & too bad wit cancer.

Soez I yam gonna takes each day & livez it wit gusto. I yam gonna eats da whippy creamz & da goosy liver patttez. I yamz gonna drinks fizzy beer & milk shakesez.

Da resty of da Fab Five also haz planz to helps me az I become unable to do tingz fur myself & if I gets scared."

Maximillian: "I will be a good brother to Tweet. I will not pick fights, pee, or bop him. I will make sure he receives a fresh shipment of medical catnip every week from Burma."

Ella and Iris: "We will be good to Uncle Tweety. We will give him baths like we give each other baths. He will be squeaky clean and smell very very good. We will not let him get dread locks."

Delilah: "I will love and purr in my garden for my Uncle Dr. Tweety. He has taught me so much about life and unconditional love. I look up to him and will never leave him alone if he is feeling scared."

"See? I am not going to leave him alone. Ever! We are family for eternity, even if and when he decides it is time to go to the Rainbow Bridge."

Dr Tweety: "I yam so blessed. I haz had the bestest cat fambly any cat could evfur want. My dadee & da momee lovez me.

I won't blog any more abouts my illness, cuz I wants you to remember me az a big floof. Full of vinneygar & sass. I wants you to remember all da good timez we hadz, oevfur da CB: da parteez, da Itty Bitty Cafe, & all da rest.

Da momee will post evfurry once in awhile & only say how I yam. When I yam called home to da Rainbow Bridge, she will lets you know.

I lovez you. Each & evfurry one of you. It breaksez our hearts to tink we has to leave dis warm circle of frendship, but all creaturez are subject to da Spirit of God.

I will be too tired, but da momee & Ella, & Iris, & Delilah, & da Maxie will come to readz your blogz from time to time."

Dr Tweety

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Da Holly-day update

'Huh? Why do I gets da tail of disrespect?!"
Um... it haz been soez long dats I yam not sure da momee here knowz how to typesez anymore... but we are gonna givez it da old coll-age try. We iz not reely comin' back to bloggin' but has to say dats we missez da community of catsez on da CB.

Weeze had trubblez here, wit cat health. We also knowz dat some of our besty frendz haz passed on or been diagnosed wit grave problemz. Dis makes us furry sad indeed.

I haz a weight problem! I haz losted three point five poundsez evfun though I yam floofy & eatin.' I yam goin' to da vetsez tomorrow wit da dadee & getted poked at.
Teenage Ella takes care of Missy D.

Da Delilah waz diagnosed wit Grand Mal seesurez (epilepsy) & gotted so bad she waz hospittylized fur a bit about a month ago until we couldz get dem under control. So now she iz on meddycull catnip: phenobarbitol. She & da Ella are now besty frendsez & da Ella takesez good care of her. Plus, Ella justy had her feeemaile surgeree a couple weeksez ago.

Iris gotted da fleez & all kindsez of allergeez frum da fleez. Maxie iz still da grumpy grinch he alwayz waz but I guess I gotta lovez my brudder.

Az always, we lovez you! We hopes your turkeyz were juicy & dat Santa Clawz will bring you da mousiez of your dreamz.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Whoze blog iz dis anywayzez?!

Ella: "But Uncle Dr Tweety... isn't this mines blog?"

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Our purrz fur peece

Dr Tweety: "I yam egg-sauced. Dis itty bitty squirt iz wearin' us all out! Who iz reesponsybull fur dis?"

Maximillian: "Look at the state of the house! Mommy will be outraged. That thing is a whirling dervish."

"Hmmmm... there's always "squirt" bottle training for little squirts!"

Iris: "I've tried every toy in the house and she still wants more! Who made ME the designated babysitter?"

Maximillian: "Dear Cod, please hear our prayers. Come retrieve this annoying squirt and let us have peace again. I promise I will be a good boy for the rest of my days."

Ella: "I didn't do it. I knows I didn't do it. I loves it here."

Narrator: "And so dear friends, with another bowl of kitten chow, the little squirt finally takes a much appreciated nap."

Dr Tweety: "And nonez too soon I might add!"

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Who? Ella! Dats who!

I am cute.

I have spots and stripes.

I am 10 weeks old and I have a brand new home.

There are four G-I-A-N-T cats who live here. They growl and spit. But I think I will make them like me anyways!

Do you know where I am?

I left my momma and sisters and brothers yesterday and drove home in a car.

No, I am not old enough to drive yet, but a nice woman did and talked to me all the way.

I fell asleep and when I woke up, there were the four G-I-A-N-T things staring at me like they wanted to eat ME! But I like this place... and maybe the G-I-A-N-T things will learn to love me.

What do you think?????

Dr Tweety & da Fab Five

Celly-bratin life in Orry-gone