Saturday, June 26, 2010

Silly summer where da livfun iz eeezee peezee

Dr Tweety: "What a sillee summer dis iz. In Orry-gone, we haz no sun... it iz gone too! Da momee sez nuttin will grow in da gardun egg-cept da slugz & da bugz."

"Dat wouldn't beez such a problem fur me, but she haz dis weerd idea dats us catsez are gonna works in da gardun too!

Justee look at what she gavez me dis mornin'!

(You can biggeefy da pics if you need eyeglassez.)

& justee looks at what she wants poor Delilah to doez.

Delilah: "Huh! Mommy has slipped a cog if she wants me to work every single day in this gray gloom. Look at all of these tools. Whatever happened to fair labor practices? Do I have to call in the Cats Fairness Board?"

Dr Tweety: "Don't worry poppet, I've got it handled. It looks like da stoopid slugzez ates all da impayshunz anywayz & I canz finish dem off wit a good liftee of my tail."

Maximillian: "Delilah! Every cat! Run for your free time. I think I hear snakes in the grass!"

Delilah: "Snakes?! Well doesn't that makes my gold eyes turn green... er, or how does that song go? Where do we find the snakes Uncle Maxi?"

Maximillian: "First we look under the rhodies, that's just the kind of habitat they like."

Delilah: "I don't know Uncle Maxi, I'm kind of feeling more in the mood for birdie feet than for snake tails."

Maximillian: "Okay Missy D, you go find Iris and I'll go see where Tweet and Auntie Stinkie are hiding. We're gonna need every cat to help us if we expect to have quail for dinner."

Delilah: "Iris... IRIS!!!!!!! We need you sissie!"

Iris: "Goodness gracious, what a lot of noise. We're never going to catch dinner if you keep up with the non-stop yacking. Hunting requires stealth and silence."

Delilah: "Okay, but I still think we're going to have to go find Auntie Stinkie and Uncle Tweety. The quail could be hiding anywhere around here... they could be right under our noses!"

Auntie Stinkie: "I think I hear someone calling my name. Is it dinner time? Does Mommy have my eggs ready?"

Dr Tweety: "No Auntie Stinkie! Don'ts you move frum dis spot! Youz & meez are gonna justee hangz on da porchy while da rest of da kitteez runz around lookin' fur quailzez."

Auntie Stinkie: "Did you just say quail eggs? She's feeding us QUAIL eggs for supper?????!"

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Da lazy catsez club

Maximillian: (((mutter, mutter))) "I cannot believe this. Mice are running amok in the garden, the house is a mess, Auntie Stinkie turned 18 and no one planned her party, chickens need to be roasted, and I have to do everything!!!

Just check out the mood around here:"

Delilah: (((sigh...))) Like it's really possible to catch a few winks on Daddy's massage table with you ranting on and on Uncle Maxi. Give us a break! And if you really want to complain to somebody, why don't you give Mommy a piece of your mind!"

Dr Tweety: "Z-Z-Z-Z-Z-Z-Z-Z-Z-Z-Z!!"

Maximillian: (((counting under his breath, 1-2-3-4, 104...))) "Note to self: clean the fridgy box, clean the cat box, chew open the chicken packages, drop a few garden snakes into Mommy's slippers, bring in a dead mouse, water the tomatoes (a little wee-wee oughtta do!), make a party hat for Auntie Stinkie's belated birthday, take some pix, sweep the floor, go to Burma and load the nip, and maybe by the time I get back I might be able to get some help around here."

Delilah: "Z-Z-ZZ-Z-Z-Z-Z!"

Dr Tweety: "Z-Z-Z... (((snort!)))

Note from narrator: "And so goeth the weekend folks. We're hopin' that every cat is doin' great!

One small change here at the blog (besides the carnival color scheme!): due to Asian spammers, we have had to institute the dreaded word verification in the comments section. Knowing that this extra step is akin to being tortured by porcupines inside a barrel, we'll hopefully be able to turn that feature off once the spammers have gone back to their respective lairs!"

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