Sunday, July 20, 2008

We iz check-hen inz wit our palzez!

Hullo evfurry cat!!!
I haz been so worreed... da momee iz not evfun lettin' me vizit. In factee, dis iz da furst time in I don'ts know how long, dat I gots to postee sumpin.'

I hopes dats my frendz do nots de-sparrow.

Here iz a cupple o' pix of da momeez project dat iz keepin' her away from our bloggie.

Dat iz da newly planted micro greenz fur da Big Kahuna chef.
Hmmmph! I yam nots a big kahuna chef, but I canz cook AND bloggie if it were up to moi!

More blasteed flowerzez & herbzez.

And some vegeez fur da momee & dadee.

If it waz up to moi, I wouldz justee sit under da um-breller wit da dadee & sip some good nip tea wit my sweetie da Mini.

But no... no suchee luck.

I will triez to catchez you up & be brief... cuz da momee already has to gets back to her work.

Didz someone say WORK???

Justee look at poor Delilah & Auntie Stinkie. Dey has to takes der naps on a bed full of mile high piled laundree. 'Cuz... (Oh I justee bet you coulda guesseed dis) da momee doez not haz da time to cleanz da housee.

Izn't dis cat abuse or sumpin'?

And poor Iris! She has to takes her nappee on da dadeez cloze. Look at how high dat pile iz!
Dis iz a nashunnal dis-grace.

Den my brudder da Mad Burr-man Maximillian started readin' jazz books & po-litick-cull newz.
I alwayz knew he waz a egg-head.
Poor Kellie!

Den Delilah justee had to gets off one tummy shot fur her Angus Mhor. Poor Angus. How iz he supposed to haz any fun if he cannots evfun write to hiz Lady Love & haz her answer.
Momee reely haz messed us all uppee.

Well dat iz abouts all I can get outta my wacky cat lady momee.
If she tinks she iz gonna doez doze itty bitty lettuces full time, I tinks she justee mights haz dirt clodzez in her head!

I will triez to bloggie again next week.
In da meantime, do not forgets your pal... I will not forgets all of you. I justee has to convince da momee to lets me go fur some vizits soon.

Paz y' amore',
Dr Tweety

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Da BIG Date & more to da storee abouts my bloggie

Cha-purr one

Dr Tweety: "Okeedokee frendz... da momee sez my bloggie will not go away furevfur... it's justee dat she cants do all her summer chorzez & still type fur me when I wants to vizit my palz or I yam stricken wit inspur-nation. Momee? Didz I get dat right?"

Momee: "Oh Tweet! What can I say? I feel like I have let all of your wonderful cat friends and their beans down. Not to mention you and the rest of our five. It's just that I'm trying like crazy to make a new life happen for all of us, and to do that, I not only have to work my regular job, I also need to make my new little business grow. And if it does, maybe I'll get to stay home with all of you and help you blog!"

Dr Tweety: "Oh tank heavfunz momee! I waz gettin' terrybull nerfuss & worried & so waz my frendzez. Mebbe you'll lets me open up da Itty Bitty Cafe' again at da end of da summer?"

Momee: "I hope so sweetie. I'm stepping out on a limb, and I'm going to supply a local chef with some of our organic micro and baby greens. He wants to feature my greens for the month of August, so I have to ramp up production. But if all goes well, this could lead to me being home more. And you know what that means right?"

Dr Tweety: "Play time!!! Partee time!!! Hangin' outs in da cat gardun. Trashin' housez wit my bloggin' palz. Bloggie time!!! Wahoo!"

Momee: " Tell every cat to keep their paws crossed. And, even if I fail with my dream, we should be able to come back to some regular blogging when the weather turns nasty. In between times, we'll blog every once in awhile, and visit your friends. Sound good?"

Dr Tweety: "Momee! Der iz no such ting az fail-your!!

Didn'ts you knowz dat?"

Momee: "That's a great relief Tweet.. and now that we got that straight, did you want to announce what Chapter two is about?"

Dr Tweety: " Okeedokee. It's about my brudder da mad bad-Burrman. He tooks Miss Kellie da Orange Cat to San Francisco on a big date... & here iz what happened."

Cha-purr two

Maximillian missed hiz Ladee Love'z 9th birthday! How horry-bull!
(Askee me if I yam sir-prized by dis lapse of memoree.)

To make up for such a hideeyous & ob-knox-shus ting, he tooks her on a trip oevfur da Golden Gate & into da roman-eek city of San Fran-siss-co.

Dey gots dere at da bestee night-time & saw da sights.

Dey tooks in an egg-zot-eek show, where Maximillian planted a nozey kissy right on dat nice orange gurl cat!

Of coursee dey wents to da Fishermanzez Wharf & ate & ate & ate & ate at leastee 159 crabzez. Each. ( I sure hopes he tooks some Pepper Bizz-mull wit him!)

Dey stayed on a I-land dats used to be a priz-un, & den, before dey came backee, dey rodez on dat caybull car contrapshun up & down & up & down & up & down & up da hillzez.

Ack-shoelee, I don'ts tink dey evfur gots off da ting.

"Maxi??? Kellie? Are you guyzez comin' back?"

"Well all I can say iz da it's a good ting dat da momee here iz gonna helps me evfurry once in awhile dis summer, 'cuz I justee cannot keeps tab on dis fambly at all. Evfun a itty bitty ting like a date turnzez into cat-a-stroganoff when da momee iz gone!"

(P-ESS: PLeeze go see Skeeter.. he iz furry ill. Leave a pile of purrz fur him will you?)

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

And here is what took place next

Maximillian reports:
"The kitties of the Fab Five looked high, but all we saw was this strange cat wandering...

And they looked low, and saw the stranger hiding."

"and then the troops of the Cat Blogosphere rallied and we searched the woods where those rotten-to-the-core-vishus-vegan-deer-thingies skulk about."

"And then we found him, Dr Tweety, in the dawn's early light.

Somewhat hung over (he'd been stuffing down crab fritters and niptinis with Mini all week), and yet was quite endearingly embarrassed."

"He is deeply sorry for not leaving comments with his friends, he apologizes that his Mommy is such a giant flake (lousy typist!), and he is really appalled that we have to take a break from regular blogging this summer."

"Mommy has tried, but she cannot manage all of the summer work load and do a regular blog for us."

"But.. and this is a BIG butt (Mommy... better take a look "behind" you), I get to take Kellie on a trip to San Francisco this coming Sunday, July 6th!"

Dr Tweety: (sniff... sniff.) "I don'ts tink I haz da heart to see da demize of my blog through. I just gots to convince da momee to work fur nuttin', bringz home da kibbullz, & nevfur qwestion whether dis bloggie iz sane or not."

"All I can say iz stay tuned fur Maximillian's big date. I tink I had better gets bizzy in da kitsch hen. We're gonna needz snax if we're gonna see dis through."

"Crab legzez any cat?"

Celly-bratin life in Orry-gone