Sunday, November 1, 2009

Feelin' Mellon colly

Dr Tweety: "It iz Novem-brrr... & we iz feelin sadz about da fall of da gardun & da weth-err. I meanz, why shouldz it rainz all da time?"

Maximillian: "Yeah doc, don't the Weather Gods care about us cats? How come we don't get to decide what season it is?"

Dr Tweety: "I tinks we better all haz a con-fur-ence, dat way we canz deecidez how to fool da momee Nature."

Iris: "Tweet? Have you and Maxi been smoking nip?"

Maximillian: "Iris! One does not SMOKE nip! You've got that mixed up with something else entirely. Nip is to be savored by chewing and snuffling and on special occasions, niptinis are served."

Iris: "Details, details. If one cannot control the weather, it is best to retreat altogether."

Dr Tweety: "De-tailz????? How iz some cat gonna takes our tailzez away????"

Deliliah: "Iris, do we really have to put up with these silly boys? Isn't it bad enough that the leaves are falling? Did October morph their brain cells?"

Iris: "To be sure Missy D. These two are completely lame brained. I think the fall has dampened more than their fur. I do believe it's clouded their judgment entirely!"

Delilah: "Come on Uncle Maxi! Push!!! It's not that hard to get up on the swing! Just put your nose to it!"

Maximillian: "Oh no you don't Poppet! You're not gonna get me up there for all the nip in Burma!"

Maximillian: "Ahhhhhh... this is much better isn't it doc? Lazin' on the couch with the heater cranked at 98 degrees! Just don't tell Daddy you turned it up that high... we might be taking the midnight express to Tulsa!"

Dr Tweety: "We iz da onlee smart catsez in da housee brudder. Da gurlz justee needz to comez around to our way of tinkin'."

Auntie Stinkie: "I cannot believe you two big lugs have stolen my spot! Have you no shame? Lounging on a blind 17 year old cat's couch! I'm going to go call Miss Peach on the phone! She'll be here in a flash! "

Maximillian: "I'm sorry Auntie... I'll go see if I can find a bed someplace else. Maybe one of the girls will come and keep me company."

Maximillian: "Iris? Do you think you could get used to this life of Riley on Mommy and Daddy's bed? A nice soft warm blanket and a little bit of nip?"

Iris: "I might be persuaded if they would clean up this horrendous mess! Just look at the sloppy pile of clothes. What is Mommy up to?"

Auntie Stinkie: "Hah! I sure fooled those boys! Let the rest of the household run amuck, but I am going to stay right here and wait for Mommy to bring me my eggs.

Mommy? Hurry up!! And NO scrambled. Soupy if you please! And could you try hustling just a LITTLE????"

Celly-bratin life in Orry-gone