Sunday, October 11, 2009

Fall iz fur da birdz

Maximillian: "Holy Guacamole! What have Mommy and Daddy done now?!"

Iris: "I am not going to get on THAT contraption... where is the couch?"

Maximillian: "Auntie Stinkie is going to have a conniption! This is going beyond fall cleanup."

Delilah: "I have no problems with this at all. What's wrong with you guys anyhoo... a little senioritis?"

Dr Tweety: "I am not gettin' on dat ting until I haz a nip!"

Maximillian: "Don't even mention the fact that it's 'made in China!'

Even if you have 25 nips Doc, it's not gonna change a thing.

What's really miserable is that the good old reliable couch is gone forever!"

Dr Tweety: "Yeah, buts a 'few' nips (mebbe 65?) will givez me da nervey to climbz uppee dere wit da poppet."

Delilah: "I'm telling you guys, there's nothing to it. It just sways in the breeze."

Dr Tweety: "Firstee I yam justee gonna (HIC!) haz a sip of dis bird baff. Espeshully when da momee here iz not (HIC!) watchin'."

Dr Tweety: "(HACK! Ptooey!!) Mebbe dat waz a miss-take afterz all. (HIC!) Evfun wit da nips I can still tastee da birdy feetsez."

Maximillian: "Brother oh brother. Does any cat ever listen to me?"

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Chapturr Two (in what's we didz dis summer... beesides mess up my blog temp-plate!)

Okeedokee... here iz anudder look at what happened dis summer.
See moi above?
I yam dreemin' abouts everyting we did.
& we did a lot!

Az you ree-view, you can alwayz biggeefly da pix by clickin' on 'em.

Dis iz fun whenz you wanna see tingz like da
messee in our house! Dusty bunz evfurry where you look!

Az many of you know, Delilah iz our gardun cat.
She iz da one who plants evfurry ting (Don't lets da momee fool you on dat score!) After all, dat iz her greenhouse dats da dadee builts her.

Dis shot waz frum May, when da seezon waz justee sta

Delilah waz sure dats da Climb-at-us waz gonna eats da entire gardun, but she gotted da momee to tiez it up.

In June, da gar-lick waz lookin' good.
(Do you remeburr lastee year when da dadee & Delilah built dat big kitty box? Well dis iz what Missy D grew instead of poops.)

In June, Delilah also sat guard oevfur her cukesez.

She waz growin' 'em on doze itty bitty ladderz so dats dey would not gets da dredded powdered mill-doo.

She & da dadee planted tomatoez in June too.

By July da housee needud to be burnt down.

Da momee said she couldz not cleen it 'cuz she hadz all dat work to do in da gardun.

But I don't see what w
ork she couldda done when Delilah & us catsez didz it all!

Delilah hadz to cleen da housee up herself since we couldn't findz any matchez to start a fire.

She also pozed fur a tummy shot when she waz done.
(Angus? cloze your eyez dude! I don'ts wan
t you keelin' oevfur.)

Den in August, I made pick-kullz frum da cuksez dats Delilah planted. I waz furry carefull to process dem in da steem bath.

By dis time, Delilah waz egg-sauced from readin' her gardenin' books & pullin' weedz.

Dis iz not a furry good pic but Delilah hadz to digz up da taterz too.

Den in mid-August, da beenz took a break!

Da momee had hurted her
hip reel bad,
so she & da dadee went fur a restee at da beech.

It waz da dadeez birfday, so dey sat around da beech & ate some dinnerz & den came back home.

In da meentime, da gardun waz HUGE.

Da sunflowerz were az tall az da sky.

Evefurry ting waz goin' nutso.

By Septembrr, all da catsez here were sick of dis non-stop work, so we started hidin' out in da gardun.

& Moi? I justee took a nap & dreemed of Mini.

After all, dat iz da onlee sane ting to do!

Celly-bratin life in Orry-gone