Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Furry sad newz

Dr Tweety: "I thoughts I would breaks da bad newz to my frendz my own self. Dis iz da brave ting to do & I yam a furry brave cat.

Da dadee tooksez me to da vet cuz I waz gettin' too skinny. I lovez to eats & I waz eatin' plenty buts my fats dissapeared.

Da vet said I haz a tumor. It iz a bad tumor. It iz near my belly & mebbe my spleenz.

You can livez witout a spleen, but you cannots live wit a tumor dat iz too big & too bad wit cancer.

Soez I yam gonna takes each day & livez it wit gusto. I yam gonna eats da whippy creamz & da goosy liver patttez. I yamz gonna drinks fizzy beer & milk shakesez.

Da resty of da Fab Five also haz planz to helps me az I become unable to do tingz fur myself & if I gets scared."

Maximillian: "I will be a good brother to Tweet. I will not pick fights, pee, or bop him. I will make sure he receives a fresh shipment of medical catnip every week from Burma."

Ella and Iris: "We will be good to Uncle Tweety. We will give him baths like we give each other baths. He will be squeaky clean and smell very very good. We will not let him get dread locks."

Delilah: "I will love and purr in my garden for my Uncle Dr. Tweety. He has taught me so much about life and unconditional love. I look up to him and will never leave him alone if he is feeling scared."

"See? I am not going to leave him alone. Ever! We are family for eternity, even if and when he decides it is time to go to the Rainbow Bridge."

Dr Tweety: "I yam so blessed. I haz had the bestest cat fambly any cat could evfur want. My dadee & da momee lovez me.

I won't blog any more abouts my illness, cuz I wants you to remember me az a big floof. Full of vinneygar & sass. I wants you to remember all da good timez we hadz, oevfur da CB: da parteez, da Itty Bitty Cafe, & all da rest.

Da momee will post evfurry once in awhile & only say how I yam. When I yam called home to da Rainbow Bridge, she will lets you know.

I lovez you. Each & evfurry one of you. It breaksez our hearts to tink we has to leave dis warm circle of frendship, but all creaturez are subject to da Spirit of God.

I will be too tired, but da momee & Ella, & Iris, & Delilah, & da Maxie will come to readz your blogz from time to time."

Dr Tweety

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Da Holly-day update

'Huh? Why do I gets da tail of disrespect?!"
Um... it haz been soez long dats I yam not sure da momee here knowz how to typesez anymore... but we are gonna givez it da old coll-age try. We iz not reely comin' back to bloggin' but has to say dats we missez da community of catsez on da CB.

Weeze had trubblez here, wit cat health. We also knowz dat some of our besty frendz haz passed on or been diagnosed wit grave problemz. Dis makes us furry sad indeed.

I haz a weight problem! I haz losted three point five poundsez evfun though I yam floofy & eatin.' I yam goin' to da vetsez tomorrow wit da dadee & getted poked at.
Teenage Ella takes care of Missy D.

Da Delilah waz diagnosed wit Grand Mal seesurez (epilepsy) & gotted so bad she waz hospittylized fur a bit about a month ago until we couldz get dem under control. So now she iz on meddycull catnip: phenobarbitol. She & da Ella are now besty frendsez & da Ella takesez good care of her. Plus, Ella justy had her feeemaile surgeree a couple weeksez ago.

Iris gotted da fleez & all kindsez of allergeez frum da fleez. Maxie iz still da grumpy grinch he alwayz waz but I guess I gotta lovez my brudder.

Az always, we lovez you! We hopes your turkeyz were juicy & dat Santa Clawz will bring you da mousiez of your dreamz.

Celly-bratin life in Orry-gone