Saturday, July 31, 2010

Delilah says Tank You!!!!!

Hello every cat!!!

I want to thank each and every one who stopped by to give me advice about my upcoming surgery.

I am doing very well and have lost a whole pound!

But as you can see, Uncle Maxi is waiting for me to come out and play, and Mommy is being very cautious about my outside activities, since my knee is very unstable.

I feel less afraid after reading all of your comments... and I am sure things will go well. It looks as if I will go to surgery at the end of the month.

In the meantime, Mommy has done something reprehensible!

She purchased something off of the Internet and she says it is a "special house," just for me.

Does she think I am that naive?

I got a hold of Mommy's Photoshop to show you what I will be "housed" in following my surgery!!!

(I'm not very good with PS, but it will give you the general idea.)

What I want to know is, is this legal?

I overheard her say to Daddy that when a surgery costs $1600.00, she doesn't want me to wreck my knee because they didn't do everything to protect me afterwords.

Huh! Is money the issue here?!
What about my right to roam... my free spirit?

What do you cats think?

PS: I also heard Mommy say that we will try and get to every cat that sent us purrs, but it may take her awhile.
She and Daddy are working hard to pay for my surgery.
Some excuse Mommy!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Delilah iz needin' purrz

Delilah: "The big city doctor says I have torn my cranial cruciate ligament. This hurts my knee, making it unstable and I am unable to make my regular walks around the property.

Mommy says that the big city doc is coming down in August to perform a surgery!

She says we need help from other cats who have had this same injury... especially about how to stop me from jumping and going up and down stairs afterwords... for eight whole weeks.

I am trying to be brave but I am very afraid.
Mommy is afraid too.
But if I don't get the operation I won't walk right ever again.

I also am on a strict reducing diet.
I have already lost 10 ounces!!!
I am eating Royal Canin from my regular doc and you know what... it's not too bad.

Any purrs you can send my way will be much appreciated.
I don't know what I would do without the CB and my family at home.

I'm pretty lucky to have Dr Tweety for an uncle!"

(Don't tell Angus, but I weighed 20.6 pounds at the vets before I went on my new diet!!!!)

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Da weed poleece

Dr Tweety: "Az evfurry cat knowz, Delilah & da Maximilian are da worker catsez around here.

I yam retired so I don'ts party-picipate in da gardun nonsense, but da weed patrollin' iz sumpin' dats da other catsez wants to tellz you about... so I yam lettin' dem takes dis bloggie frum here."

Delilah: "Thanks Uncle Tweety!

I have been feeling a bit blue. Why you ask? Well all I can think about is these darn weeds in MY garden.

Mommy just can't seem to get behind the eight ball, so I have to supervise her every move. At least Daddy has an excuse!"

"There are weeds in the lamb's ears."

"There are weeds in the crocosmia and in the pathway."

There are weeds down the veggie garden border..."

"And weeds up the veggie border."

"I even see weeds in the Joe Pye Weed!
Maybe I better enlist Uncle Maxi's help!"

Maximillian: "What's up Poppet? Yikes! It's pretty bad isn't it... I don't know how we'll ever get them all."

Delilah: "If you think the back garden is bad, wait until you see the front Maxi. I think I better go find Daddy."

"Daddy? Bring that bucket over here quick! Mommy is shirking her duties and you've got to help Uncle Maxi and me fix things up."

"This weed invasion is worse than I first thought... they're taking over the entire place!"

Maximillian: "It's true Daddy... just look around you. I'm beginning to think that weeds are alien creatures from another planet!"

"Just look at 'em all! They're even creeping into the herb garden. Ack!"

"I think I'm just gonna sit this one out Missy D. Too many freakin' weeds!"

Delilah: "Uncle Maxi! If the other cats biggify this picture, they're going to see your shaved buns!"

"Sorry Poppet... I'll have to take that chance. I need to get away from these evil invaders."

Daddy: "That's okay Missy D, I'll help you."

Delilah: "Well it's a good thing Daddy because Mommy is running away too!"

Daddy: "I have a great idea Delilah... I'll cut them to itty bitty pieces. That should do the trick."

Delilah: "At last... I can invite you into my garden. Come on in!"

"Although there a few weeds still left, this is the upper bed where Dr Tweety likes to take a poop."

"And here are the nutritious lettuces that Mommy makes into fabulous salads... although personally I favor BBQ."

"And Mommy got her act together after all... the veggie path looks much better Mommy!"

"Since we're back here, you can see that the perennials are just starting to bloom."

"I think Mommy watered the veggies too. It just takes a little encouragement from us cats."

"And if the sun stays out, the blueberries might even ripen."

"I am so happy that MY garden is in order.
Now try and find me in this last picture.
You can biggify it if you need to."

Celly-bratin life in Orry-gone