Saturday, August 30, 2008

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Bed-In & Hair-a-thon

I thought dat all you senior catsez wouldz like to see how da Auntie Stinkie gets uppee onto da bed. After da Auntie started to go totally blind, da momee boughts her some stairzez. Da Auntie Stinkie iz so smart dats she taught herself to feel her way up da stairzez & gets onto da bed.

You can see how proud she iz of her accompleesh-mint. & we iz proud of her! Auntie sayz dats if you Senior Catzez wants to join her in a “bed-in” dis weekend, to stops oevfur. Miss Peach? Mr Bounce? Skeeter? Prinnie?

Da momee iz bizzy wit her itty bitty greenz, & den her boy-bean & hiz gurlfrend Kellie, plus da momeez sissie Mignon, & her cuzzin’ Jim iz all commin’ frum out of town dis weekend, so we cannot comez & commint.

But get dis: Da momee sez we cats iz not supposed to gets a hair on anyting! Hahahahahahahaha!!! {{{Rolls onto back, slapping his side with a paw, gasping for breath}}} Hahahahahahhahahahah!!!

I say dis callz for a complete hair sheddin’ contest. Any one wants to join in?

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Itz a blazin' in-fur-no!

"I don'ts knowz abouts da restee of you, but in Ory-gun it waz a hundred dugreez fur three whole dayz.

So da Fab Five hadz to find a way to keeps our cool while da momee waz bizzy wit her itty bitty greenz."

"Auntie Stinkie & Delilah gots on dere couch & tooks it eazee while dere waz still some shade."
(I haz a feelin' Angus iz gonna wants to swoon frum delights when he seez dis shot of 'Lilah.)

"Now wit da momee here so bizzy, I tinks dat Auntie Stinkie & I are runnin' da entire houseehold... & dis iz furry tough work.

We hadz a minor meetin' abouts how we iz gonna gets some attenshun around here."

Auntie Stinkie: "Tweet, I think before we go any further, you should get that bug you inhaled out of your throat. That's not very dignified. What would Mini say?"

Dr Tweety: "Yuuurpp.... snorf... murfff..."

Auntie Stinkie: "Really? That's what she would say?"

Dr Tweety: "If you biggify, you will see dats I didz not haz a bug in my throat.. it waz stuckee to my (haurrf! hic!) tongue!"

Dr Tweety: "Okeedokee (mourff... hic!) now dat da bug haz gone its merree way, I can continue wit da progress report.

Maximillian thought he wouldz look all handsum fur Kellie, & hang cool likes a cuke-slumber in da treezez."

"Uh.. Max? I hates to tell ya bud, you dont's look too dig-knee-fried on yer back like dat.
Get up dude! Act like a man cat!"

"Of coursee, I yam alwayz da pic of dee-korum."

"My ad-vice fur dis kind of heat?
Stay outs of da kitsch-hen.

Who needz to try & run a cafe' when da momee will openz up a can of tuna?"

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Da angelz in da Heavenz surround thee

May the angels surround you Violette,
May they hold you in their arms and keep you from all harm.
May your family find comfort and healing.
May the supportive spirits of the Bloggosphere gather in your name.

May the candles we light create such brilliance in the sky
that all around the world
the heart of the fire is witnessed.

Dearest Monty Q,
rest assured that we will hold you in our prayers for many, many, many months to come.

In deepest sympathy for your loss,
Dr Tweety, Auntie Stinkie, Delilah, Iris, and Maximillian

Monday, August 11, 2008

Update on da greenz sit-you-nation

Dear frendzez.. I haz an update, although it iz an itty bitty update. (Da momee here will helps me to vizit & commint this comin’ weekend!!! Hooray!!!)

Here iz some pix of what da momee waz doin fur Chef Matt. (If you biggify, you mights see some pin holzez frum da beetlez. But dis waz in da beginnin’ stagez when she missed dem.)

On Saturday mornin’ she gotted up reel early & started pickin’ frum what waz leftee in da trayz. It tooks her about thee squillion hourz, but she picked & washed almostee a pound of greenz.

What saved her waz da fact dat she had planted a week apart for da past three weeks. So even though da old greenz waz toast frum da bugzez—da newer onez had not been attacked yet. She waz able to sell Chef Matt what he needed fur dis week.

Next week will be a different storee. But becuz of your good purrin’ & suggestionz (Miss Peachy sent a furry good commint abouts makin’ a screen ting), da momee iz not gonna givez up! She gotted oevfur bein’ em-barr-assed. Dis iz a furry good ting to do momee!

Da moral of dis storee? “You cannots makes your dreamz come true wit out good frendz (you!) & da abillty to get past yer own fur-less-ness.”

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Letter on da bugzez from da Momee to all da kitteez

Graphic by the Talented ML & KC

Hello every cat and their beans,

This Dr Tweety’s mommy. First of all, I want to thank all of you kitties and your typists. Your support means so much to me and to Tweet, and I’m not sure how we can repay you all except to say from-the-heart “Many Blessings.”

Some of you know that the doc’s blog has been on a summer hiatus while I try to make a go of what Tweet would call “ a itty bitty dream.” I’ve been studying the market for micro and baby greens for the last three years, work in the agricultural field, and had faith in my ability to market this niche’ organic product.

However, I also made some major mistakes. I forgot that in our hot NW Augusts, flea beetles love brassica plants. These include kale, kohlrabi, etc. And right smack dab in the middle of my mesclun seed mix, I had some lovely kale. I also neglected to put row covers (a kind of oversized fabric softener dryer sheet without the softener) over the flats. Once the beetles are there, laying their eggs, it’s too late.

I also don’t have a greenhouse, which is really what is called for to do this sort of small-scale production during buggier months. I’ve grown micros in the open for the past couple of years with no bug problems whatsoever, but usually in the spring, and well before flea beetle season. And of course, not for a demanding chef with a deadline.

A few of the experienced gardening cats that have stopped by suggested spraying soap oils and such. As an organic gardener, I have used approved insecticides and herbicides on more mature vegetables, but micros are so small and difficult to wash, that getting any residue of hot pepper or soap spray off of them would be just about impossible.

I think the worst thing in all of this is calling Chef Matt up and telling him that his micro green delivery is pretty much in the toilet. He took a big chance on me, since I went to him as a complete stranger; a 54-year old woman with her little typed-up-piece-of-a-veggie-menu. He asked me quite pointedly, “Can you do this?” I assured him that I could. Then I was faced with crummy weather and delayed sprouting, and four days before delivery (this coming Saturday) the evil “bugsez.)

It really wasn’t about the green papers. It was about my ability to make a dream really, REALLY happen. And maybe I did. Just not in the way I thought I would.

Thank you all. As time permits, I’ll try and help Tweet to make the rounds to thank all of you personally. Just know how much this support, from FRIENDS that we’ve never met, means.

Love to you all,
Maddie (Dr Tweety’s momee)

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

DISASTER!!!! Da momee iz cryin' buckets.

Well catsez, I had to comez home from da Mini’s & comfort da momee here. When she gots home last night from her day job, she headed out to da gardun to see how da Big Kahuna Chefsez micro greenz waz doin’ since dey iz due on Saturday.

To her horror she saw dese tingz timezez a squillion (Biggify & you will scream justee likes da momee did!):


Haz you evfur heard of deze demon bugzez?

Well dey movez in reel quick & den eatsez da leavez to skelly-tonz in abouts 20 minutsez flat. Here iz a pic of dem doin’ dere munchy ting:

Well da momee started cryin’ like she losted one of us… & da dadee justee shook hiz head & said, “Now you know how reel farmerz feel.” Of coursee da momee didz not receeve dis advice reel well. She cried & cried & cried & den told da dadee dats he should call da Big Kahuna Chef & tellz him da same ting. (Uh-oh. I tink dey waz soundin’ a itty bitty likes me & my brudder when we don’t gets along reel well.)

I tink dis callzez fur a emergencee purr ting. Couldz you all passee da wurd? Mebbe it will help & mebbe it wonts, but mebbe it will give da momee da courage to goez on in da face of deze evful bugzez.

Da moral of dis storee? Don’t count your green paperzez before da itty bitty greenzez are deliverd!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

I haz some apolly-geez to makes

We iz so sorry dats we haz not comminted on our frendzez bloggiez… da momee here iz abouts to makes her furst delivery of itty bitty salad greenzez to da Big Kahuna Chef dis comin’ Sat-turday!

We wonz some awardees from Jan’z Funny Farm & Mr Luxor… & we hazn’t hadz da time to go & tank dem. Den I tink da momee here spaced it out purrty badlee ‘cuz she used to keep track of dis kind of stuffee & puts it our sidebar… ‘cuz we gotted another award & plumb fur-got who gavez it to us. Jan, didz you still want da job az our typist????

Since we all Q-U-I-T da gardun jobbee, da momeee iz gonna has to lights a cracker under da dadeez bunz & put da shovfull into hiz pawz. Dat oughtta teach ‘em to put us cats to work. I spits plenty o’ hairbalzzez into coffee cups just to make sure I gots da point across. “Sugar wit dat hairball espresso momee?”

I yam cuttin’ out to da Mini’s fur tuna puffs & Angus iz gonna come oevfur & reskew Delilah. Auntie Stinkie iz nappin’ on top ‘o da laundree pilez in front of da itty bitty air consdishunner (keepin’ cool wit Mr Bounce & Miss Peach) & Max went back to work in Burma & Iris iz out on a secret date.

Cool cat award: Lux gave us dis one! We iz passin dis on to Angus, ‘cuz Delilah iz havfun fits behindz me, meowerin’ & stuffee abouts what a cool cat Angus iz.

The Arte-y-pico award: We gots dis one frum Jan. She sez da folloewin: This award was created to be given to bloggers who inspire others with their creativity and their talents, also for contributing to the blogging world in whatever medium.

When you receive this award it is considered a "special honor".
The rules for passing this honor on are as follows:
1. Pick 5 blogs that you would like to award this honor to.
2. Each award has to have the name of the author and also a link to his or her blog to be visited by everyone.
3. Each award winner has to show the award and put the name and link to the blog that has given her or him the award itself.
4. Award-winner and the one who has given the prize have to show the link of Arte y Pico blog, so everyone will know the origin of this award.

Well, Jan, pleeze furgivez me ifs I don’t’s gets all da rulezez right. (Momee iz hopeless!) We wouldz like to give all da kitteez dat haz stuck wit us dis awardee… so pleeze, if you stops by, consider yourself awarded!!!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

We quit!!!! Da gardun dat iz...

Dr Tweety: "Dis iz a sad state of affairzez. Da momee here haz put us cats to work! It's Tweety dis & Tweety dat, & 'Lilah dis & Maximillian dat! What haz dis world come to?!!!"

Maximillian: "No kidding Tweet. I cannot visit the lovely Kellie, or even work for my security job. No, it's water this and water that, and don't forget to weed the flower beds."

Delilah: "Well I am not going to be caught furless hauling around that stupid hose! Angus has probably given up on me for good. And what if I break a nail doing hard labor??? What then??"

Maximillian: "Okay, the only real remedy to this situation is to act stupid and lazy. Iris? Delilah? Sniff around the weeds and pretend like you don't see them in the basil patch."

Dr Tweety: "Well I haz a better plan den dat. I Q-U-I-T!!! Wit a cappultull K!!!!"

Maximillian: " Okay doc. I am with you... outta here! and back to Burma. Over and out."

Iris: "If mommy thinks I am going to any more sweat labor around here, she has another think coming. I am through!"

Dr Tweety: "Yup.. dat iz all foks! No more cat labor. No more sweatin' fur ballzez so dat momee canz ignore our blog & play like she iz a farmer. I yam toadally dis-gusted."

Delilah: "But Uncle Tweety, if we all quit, then mommy's new business might fail, and then we'll never be able to blog again!"

Dr Tweety: "Well Missy D, if dat iz da casee, den I'll justee goez back to da Itty Bitty Cafe' in da fall. Evfurry ting will be bax to normal. I yam soooo lookin' forward to dat. & den mebbe my frendzez will not tink I haz dezerted dem furvefur."

Celly-bratin life in Orry-gone