Friday, May 29, 2009

Foodz ree-view - Addictions Cat Food!

Daddy: "Look Fab Five! Isabel at Addiction Pet Foods sent you a package!"

Delilah: "Food??? For us??? Is it diet food?"

Daddy: "Actually Missy D, it's good protein foods from New Zealand with holistic ingredients! Just look at the crunchies. They're called "Viva La Venison."

Delilah: "Obviously Daddy is hoodwinking us here. See me posing with this can? There is something called a brush tail in there, and it supposedly swam all the way across the ocean and crawled into this can."

Daddy: "Missy D! The brush tail is a somewhat invasive species (like a big mousy!) in New Zealand that is full of rich Omega 3 and 4 fatty acids."

Delilah: "Maybe they should have MY picture on the label... not that white cat. Fatty acids are good for me."

Daddy: "Well kitties, it's coming up. See what you think of this stuff."

Iris: Yum! It sure smells good. Hurry up with that food Daddy!"

Daddy: Now Iris, patience is a virtue. I have to scoop five servings out of this can. I don't want any cat to get one single whisker more than the other."

Daddy: "So Missy D. What do you think?

Delilah: (((gobble... snorf... nom... smorf... gobble... HIC!))) "Not too shabby!"

Iris: "I would have liked a tiny bit more gravy... but this tastes pretty good."

Maximillian: "At least I didn't have to go all the way to Burma to get some decent grub."

Dr Tweety: "Iz dat fur moi????"

Dr Tweety: "WHAT??? You say that there is a vishus vegan deer inside dere? How didz dey shrink it down? Where iz its hornz & it's hoofsez?"

Daddy: "Tweet! That is venison and apples. Shoot, I can't even get meals like this at the local cafe'. Don't go turning your nose up my boy."

Dr Tweety: "Sheesh! Doez it looks likes I gots my nozey in a werinkle? It nevfur ceesez to amaze me at da invenshunz of beanz. Deerz in a can... what's next? Deerz in a bottle?"

Delilah: "Yum! If the fish in the can they sent us is as good as this venison, I think I'll have another helping!"

Delilah: "On the other paw, perhaps I'll wait on that. (((Burrrrrrap!))) OOoopsie daisy!"

Narrator: "And so it came to pass that the Fab Five went to sleep with full and healthy stomachs... and Delilah dreamed of furry brushtails chasing (as Tweet is fond of saying) vishus vegan deer through the tulips!"

Thank you Addiction, for the opportunity to try your holistic pet foods.

Our ratings
New Zealand Brush Tail and vegetable entree': 7.5
Unagi and seaweed entree': 9.0
Viva La Venison grain free kibbles: 8.5

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Time for ack-shun!

Dr Tweety: "Okeedokee. Dis hi-eightus iz becomin' quite annoyin' don't you tink Auntie Stinkie? I mean, what iz da momee here up to dats she cannot evfun takes one minuet to say how we are doin'. It iz comp-legally wrong!"

Auntie Stinkie: "Honestly, nothing surprises me anymore. At 17, I can't be moved to distraction, even by Mommy's desertion to the garden. Maybe we should let Maxi figure out a solution. Maxi? Can you help us out dear?"

Maximimillian: "You know what ... I am giving this some true thought Auntie Stinkie. If Tweet says he is retired, I am going to figure something out. The more nip flavored coffee I sip, the more clear my thoughts become."

Maximillian: (((Mutter mutter))) "Now what the devil did I do with that number to the Cat Bloggosphere? Ah! Here it is: 1-800-C-A-T-B-L-O-G! Wahoo! We're in business guys!"

Maximillian: "Um yes... is the CB operator? I would like to lodge a formal complaint about the lack of help from our typist (also known as Mommy!)."

Auntie Stinkie: "Make sure you tell them about how she is almost never cooks any good food. Just vegetarian things from the garden! I want my EGGS! I want my chicken! I want my steak!"

Maximillian: "You bet your yolks I'm gonna tell them. At least the folks on the CB care about us even if Mommy doesn't."

Maximillian: "I am getting depressed thinking about all of the awards we got, and Mommy has lost track of. Cats just think we're a bunch of slackers."

Dr Tweety: "See? Whaddid I tellz you??? It's all fallin' apart faster den you can sayz Holy (HIC) Yarnballz!"

Maximillian: "Well I am going to go see the head honcho at the CB in person. If Mommy thinks we can get by without her fingers... she has another thought coming. I wonder what she'll say when 20,000 cats show up on our porch!"

Auntie Stinkie: "It's about time some cat around here took action! I'm just glad Maxi is recovered enough to make the long journey to the CB headquarters. (Is that in Indiana???) Can you bring back some corn fed beef on your way back home dear?"

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Why da momee haz dee-zertud us

Mommy: "Delilah! Are you sleeping on the job again?"

Delilah: "Mommy. You ought to know by now that I am the garden cat, and when I need to take a break from this non-stop work, I will.

Maybe you should go see what Uncle Maxi is up to. I hear he is back in the woods rolling in his latest shipment of 'nip."

Mommy: "Maxi!! MaximiLLIAN! You come in and take your medicine right now."

Maximillian: (((Huh??))) Oh for nips sake. Ever since I got sick Mommy has been over protective. I can't even cough without her going ballistic.

Mommy, maybe you should go stop Daddy from making those big bunkers in the veggie garden. Has he flipped?"

Delilah: "Uncle Maxi, those are not bunkers. (At least I don't think they are!) Daddy, have you been following my instructions to the tee? Have you checked for slugs BEFORE you planted the lettuce?"

"Oh... and have you pulled all those weeds yet? I can't even roll my little cart up to MY greenhouse because of all those darned weeds!"

"As you can see, I have been very busy instructing Mommy on how to plant seeds in MY greenhouse... those starts below are almost ready to go into the beds."

"And those trays below are all freshly sown with spinach and mesclun salad mix for the chef."

"Here is MY first crop of salad greens... I think Chef Matt will be pleased when he sees what a wonderful job I have done."

"And of course let's not forget the 120 bulbs of garlic that I instructed Daddy and Mommy on how to plant. I snoopervised each and every hole."

"The "Toy Choi" is almost ready to harvest. Somehow, I think I will be having tuna pie when Mommy steams these."

"Gardening is very hard work Mommy. You should know that by now from watching ME!

On that note, it's time to take a much needed nap and dream about my sweet Angus Mhor."

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Awk-shun results!

Update: We haz winnerz of da awkshun!!!

Da ML & KC haz da pot reddy to collect da green paperz, & we now haz dere button here. But pleeze remeberr to chex wit us beefore payin.' You may haz post-age.

You canz review da itemz bee-low... & pleeze remem-burr dats all da proceedz goez to da kitty bloggo-spear to help cats in need to pay dere V-E-T billz.

Item #1
won by cwcwccw
CWCWCCW: pleeze email us wit your address. Your link in da comminty sexshun will nots leadz us to your blog!
Final bid amount 15 green paperz

Item # 2
Won by The Hotties!
Hotties, pleeze go to chex-out wit ML & we needz yer address.
Final bid amount iz 10 green paperz

Item # 3
Won by Karen Jo!
Karen Jo, pleeze go to chex out & email us yer addressee!
Final bid amount iz 10 green paperz

Item # 4
Won by The Creek Cats!
Creek Cats, pleeze go to chex out & email us yer address.
Final bid amount iz 15 green paperz

Item # 5
Won by Black Cat!
Black Cat, emailz us yer adressee soez we canz figger da postage.
Final bid amount iz 15 green paperz

Dis meanz dat Maxi’s awkshun haz raized a total of 65 green paperz fur da kitteez in need of V-E-T care on da cat bloggo-spear. We will work wit ML &KC to decides where da moneez should go.

Tank you evfurry one fur da encoragemint & fur bidding!!!

For you winnerz, remeburr to email us at mmacgregodastateorus
frum da addresse & replace wit da @ sign & da ackshual dots…..

Friday, May 1, 2009

Auntie Stinkie's speshul day

Auntie Stinkie!!! Auntie Stinkie!!!

Oevfur herez dear heart!!! I yam gonna tellz evfurry cat what's happenin', so comez in frum your stroll!

Auntie Stinkie is 17!!!!
Da glo-reeous day haz arrived!

We iz so proudz of her dats I almosteed busted moi butt-onz!

Today she gotted a toe muss-age frum da momee… (She justee lovez to haz her toezez rubbed by da momee while sittin' on her favorite sweater)

&, she iz gonna haz a nice nappy in da sunshine & give re-membrance to her beloved departed Mr Bounce who wented to da rainbow bridge lastee year.

& den she iz gonna stretch while she gets her butted scritchied.

& den she will showz off her funny stripee tail. Didz you evfur see a stripee tail on a dilooted cally-co before???

Auntie Stinkie says, "Excuse me, but could we finish the talk about my habits and get back to the foods???"

We iz gonna haz a speshul din-din of toona juice & toona noodlez.
Auntie lovez da noodlezez. (& da toona iz not so bad ether!)

We lovez our dear blind Auntie. Evfun if she still givez us a good whap now & then. (We probabully deezerved it!)

Happee birfday Auntie Stinkie!
Have sweet dreamz after your partee!

Dr Tweety, Iris, Delilah, Maxi, da Momee & da Dadee

Celly-bratin life in Orry-gone