Saturday, December 24, 2011

We send Chriss-mouse greetingz!

Dr Tweety: "So I thoughts we better gets a big wish fur our frendz out da door fur Chrissy-Mouse & here it iz. Dis iz da troopsez & how we are spendin' our Chrissy-Mouse Eve:

Ella: "I LOVE this basket Mommy bought for someone. It should be MINE!"

Iris: "I think instead of oranges in my stocking I would like tuna please!"

Maximillian: "I wish for roasted beef and a freighter of nip to share with my friends far and wide."

Delilah: "I wish for a short winter and a sunny spring in the garden."

Dr Tweety: "I wishez fur many long napsez on dis comfee couch & LOTSEZ of kibblezez."

"All of us at da Fab Five fambly & da Catsez of da World wish youz & yourz A blessed hollyday & a peazfull New Year!"

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Tank you all

Tank you Zoolatry fur my beootyfull badge!
Tank you to all da catsez of da CB fur da increddybull outpourin' of love & purrsez. Da Zoolatry momee Ann madez dis badge fur moi, since da Jan & da Funny Farmz puts out da word abouts my pre-dickymint. 

Den my sweet grrl-friend da Mini camez by & haz been stuffin' me fullz of toona puffsez.

Even tho' I yam eatin' az much az I can, I yam still a furry skinny boy. But da momee brushez my furz & I yam nots in any pain.

After I madez my announce-mint, I heardz bad bad newz abouts our frend Opus goin' to da Bridge. It made me cry. & den our old frend da be-ooty-full Miss Daisy Mae Maus needz our purrzez too.

So I yam gonna fights dis cancer. I yam not gonna feel sorree fur moi-self or hide. I haz been made strenghtened by da immense love of da CB dat haz re-furburated around da world.

You kittehz & your beanz are a mirrycull of LOVE & I send its back to you a Gazillion timez.

Celly-bratin life in Orry-gone