Monday, March 30, 2009

Update on Auntie Stinkie - 5:20 p.m.

Your purrzez haz worked!!!

Da momee justed gotted home wit our Auntie Stinkie... & she doez nots haz da congestive heart fay-lure.

Da nice docktor gavez her some fluidz & tooks her lung & heart soundz & evfun didz her blood presshure. Auntie passed wit flyin' colorz.

Lastee night, da momeee thought dat mebbe Auntie waz goin' to da rainbow bridge.

She waz coughin' & sneezin' & her didz not want to drink or eats.

She gotted too cold in da gardun. Az some of her old frendz know Auntie lovez to be in her gardun... but it iz still furry cold & wit a senior kitty on medz fur her kidneez, it waz mebbe too cold fur her to be outside.

Da momee wrapped her in a big hand knit swetter, & she slepted wit da dadee & da momee & dey kept wakin' up to monitor her coughin' spellz.

Da nice cat docktor tinks mebbe she gotted a grass or a peece of dirt or a bug evfun, trapped in sinusez. So she wore herself out tryin' to get its out.

Da good newz iz dat she seemz like she iz outta da woodz.

& it iz all becuz of your purrin~!

We are gonna come & say hi dis weekend to each & evfurry one of you. Your kindness meant so much to da hiss-tyrical momee. & of course, to da restee of us worried catsez.

Dr Tweety

Auntie Stinkie needz your purrz

Pleeze purr fur da Auntie Stinkie. She iz furry sick. Da momee & da dadee waz up half da night & da momee waz cryin.’

Auntie iz goin’ to da vets dis afternoon. We will try to postee an update tonight.

We justee despurrately needz your purrz fur our brave old girl who will be cellybratin’ her 17th birfday in May.

Tanks you. We lovez you all.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Back but breeflee

Dr Tweety: "I yam gettin' skarreded. It haz now beenz three whole weeksez & we haz not blogged or vizyted. Da momee gotted reel sick wit a bad bug fur 10 dayzez & denz her momee gotted sick & in da hosp-spilltel. So az you can see, we haz been all on our own, & still no regular blog in site. Dis is an utter dis-grace! Whats about our frendz???"

Maximillian: "I am right behind you Tweet. Mommy has her excuses, but now she and Daddy have to go to California to see our Grandma Beans. Both of the Grandma Beans have been under the weather. I sure hope Kellie the Orange Cat has not forgotten me."

Auntie Stinkie: "I am going to take a stroll around the winter garden with my friends Princess and Miss Peach, and with the two wonderful sisters of Bounce. I have been invited to tend to Miss Peach at her wedding in the spring. I sure hope Mommy pulls it all back together before then."

Iris: "Yes, Mommy really has to make more of an effort. This mousie hunting in the freezing cold is getting a little old, don't you think?"

Mystery man cat: "Yup. I think your Mommy is really leaving you all in the lurch. I sure wouldn't put up with it!"

Delilah: "What!??? Who is THAT cat???? Oh I just can't believe it's come to this... strange cats showing up in the yard and Mommy ignoring us completely!

Angus??? Are you there my love???
I got to FINALLY unwrap my Valentines Day present from you.

I adore it! And yes, Venice it is! In fact, is Texas far from here?

Mommy says she will post pictures, but I wouldn't count on it if I were you. She is out of control."

Dr Tweety: "As you can see, tingz are not what dey shouldz be.
I yam hopin' fur a big change in two more weeks.. but I haz been promised so much dat it iz beginnin' to soundz sus-fishily likes da boy who cried da woofie.

Pleeze don'ts dezert us... we willz be back, if I has to gets false fingerz on my pawz!

Oh & Mini honey, I yam comin' oevfur wits abouts 987 poundz of chix-hen thighz in my suit-case. I hopes dat iz enuff!"

Celly-bratin life in Orry-gone