Friday, April 15, 2011

I iz 11 tooday & momee iz not doin' nuttin'

Dr Tweety: "Well frendzez, dis iz a fine pickle.
It iz my 11th birfday & we haz not been abull to blog since Januerry!

Not onlee are we reetired frum da bloggy but we missez our frendz so terrybull.

& where iz my partee?
Da momee here haz furgotten me.
On top of dat, Delilah haz a birfday dis weekend too!

Where iz our cake???
Where iz da nip?
Where iz da roasty beefs???

I tried gettin' up here ats da micro-wavez
but nuttin' waz wavin back."

"Den I tried lookin' in da cookie book to seez if dere waz
a reccy-pee dats I could uze & mebbe try bakin' breadz frum dats old nanner you see in da pic."

Delilah: "Uncle Tweet, this is a disgrace!
I'm looking under the couch right now to see if there is a cake hiding there, or perhaps a nice gift of nip...
but all I see are fur balls the size of Texas!"

"I'm searching in the sink too, just in case Mommy left any dirty bowls with icing... or some other hint of making a special birthday dinner for us, and I hate to tell you this, I see NADA!"

Dr Tweety: "Don't givez up yet poppet! I tinks I smellz sumpin' in da kitsh-hen.
Mebbe da momee tooks pity on us after all."

Dr Tweety: "Mommee???? Iz dat roasty beefs I seez???
Iz dats fur me & da poppet???
Doez we has to eats da salud too?"

Da momee: "No Tweet... you can leave the salad for us beans.
I just hope you have a terrific birthday!"

Dr Tweety: "Now momee, doez dis meenz we canz blog again too?
Roasty beefs iz one ting, but our frendz iz anudder!

I wouldz rather haz frendz den a beefs."

Da momee: "Perhaps Tweet, perhaps. I can't promise you that we can come back to blogging, but I can say that all of us here at the Fab Five love and miss your friends!"

Celly-bratin life in Orry-gone