Thursday, September 18, 2008

A mind iz a terry-bull ting to waste

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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Auntie Stinkie iz sad

I am feeling very lonely for one of my senior cat frends. Daisy the Curly Cat's sister Pixie, went to the Rainbow Bridge on September 14th.

I did not know that Pixie had left us. Mommy has not even looked at the bloggosphere for days on end until yesterday.

I wish that I had known... I would have helped to hold my friend Pixie's paw as she moved from this world towards her other friends at the bridge. But I know that she had her mommy with her, and that gives me comfort. But oh how I am going to miss tea and nip nanners with Pixie.

Maybe one reason I felt such an affinity for Pixie is that we looked a little bit alike. She had bigger ears than me, but we were both dainty, light gray and marbled, and we both knew how to keep our households in order.

Pixie, you are still my special friend. Maybe I can't see you in heaven, but I can hear you. You are swatting fuzzy mice, drinking lots of nip tea, gobbling chicken livers and ham, and of course, I know that you are healthy once more.

I will see you at the bridge one day my dear friend, and I know that you will make it easier for me when my time comes.

A note from Dr Tweety:
In da last few weekzez, many of our frendz haz been by & lefted awardz fur us. Da momee iz tryin' to keeps a listee, & we hopes to catchez up wit deze at some point.

Da momeez greenz biz haz been steady wit Chef Matt.
He iz evfun takin' dem to da Jamez Bearded Housee in NY, where Chef Matt haz been invited to cooks!!!! WOWZA!!!

Da momee here has to deelifur all da itty bitty greenz through Octoburr, so we still mights not makes it back to regular bloggin' until den.

If you all canz put up wit us onlee postin' evfurry once in a whilez, & mebbe not comminted, but justee know weez lovez you... we'll try & gets back to regular bloggin after Octoburr.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Awful sad newz

In memorium
We iz so sorry.
We lovez you Angel Roscoe.

Celly-bratin life in Orry-gone