Thursday, August 30, 2007

Thursday thirteen

We iz goin' to partricipitate in Daisy da Curly Cats Thursday thirteen. I yam goin' to dilly-gate Iris the ring tail calico to name da 13 tingz she likez about livin' here wit da Fab five. Dat iz, if I can et her attention fur a moment... she iz out huntin' again. Iris? come here kittie kittie! Oh forgeddabout it! I'll let momee call her.

Hello all. As you can see, Dr Tweety interrupted a good hunt out in the garden. I was hot on the trail of those pesky voles. from here. But since momee called, I will tell you the thirteen reasons I like being here with the Fab five:

1) Momee calls me "noodle," because I wrap around her neck and purr.
2) Dadee calls me "Lady Iris," and he loves me verrry much.
3) Delilah calls me "sissy," because we came to live here as a pair.
4) I got to raise Delilah from when she was an itty-bitty girl, and I taught her to respect her elders.
5) I get to eat my dinner side by side with Maximillian, that handsome boy.
6) I sleep on momee's head, and play the piano in her hair.
7) I visit with the neighbor's cats, and we hang out on the cool green green grass.
8) Dadee gives me my own water glass on the bedside table, because I used to drink out of momee's, and she thought maybe I needed my own.
9) I have a new nip toy almost every other week that dadee brings me home from the store.
10) Momee sings me my very own song that she composed, and I am "the only noodle cat... there is one once every hundred years and I am it."
11) I sit on the front porch with Auntie Stinkie, and Delilah—and we just watch the world go by. Sometimes we see the deer puppies walk through and eat the dandelions. They are vegan deer puppies.
12) Momee kisses me all over, and snuggles her nose into my very short fur. I had no fur on my derierre when I first came to live here, but now it is glossy and pretty.
13) My hind legs no longer crumple. I was in the shelter for four months until momee and dadee came to take me home. Now I can hop onto the roof, get myself down from trees, and race up and down and up and down the stairs, chasing sissy, and all of the voles, dragonflys, grasshoppers, and snakes that I can find. Of course momee always shrieks when she sees a snake on the bathroom floor... but that is how I know how much she appreciates my gift!

Tanks very much Iris. Well, dis is da Dr signing off fur now. Tanks to Daisy and Henry Hilton and da Crew fur reachin' out. We hope we can alwayz be frendz.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Henry's meme challenge

Henry haz asked uz to play da meme. I'm not reel sure what da meme iz, but I yam going to let my frend Delilah, da grey rat-cat, answer da qwest-tions. Delilah—would you pleaze stop here for a sec, & answer da game qwestionz?

Hi Henry- I am going to answer dese qustions fur Dr Tweety- he's really my uncle, and I want to do him proud:

What is your name? Delilah
4 letter word: dork
Vehicle: da cute Honda Fit
TV Show: ? I only watch da chase scene in Bullet.
City: We live in the country!
Boy Name: Darren
Girl Name: Delilah of course!
Alcoholic Drink: Dewars
Occupation: Debutante
Something you wear: Dress
Celebrity: Debby Boone
Food: Dinner! I hear momee opening up da can!
Something found in a bathroom: drips from da faucet
Reason for being late: dawdling
Cartoon Character: Dilbert
Something You Shout: Dinner!!!!! And it better be chicken!

OK- so Delilah did purty good I tink. We tink da next visitor should do dis game. Visit Henry's Website at:
Tell him da Fab Five sent you!

Friday, August 24, 2007

Goin' to da artzy side of life

Today, I decide to honor my Auntie Stinkie. She iz fif-teen & she iz da boss of da kittiez here (but don't be writin' to dat handsome Maxi & tellin' on me dat I said dis!). Auntie iz a little gurl wit da bitty pawz & she could be Daisy da Curly Catz size if she didn't eat too much of momeez roastie chix-en.

I took dis pic wit momee, and we call it: "Still-life wit da Stinkie." We didn't name her you see. She just moved in wit uz when she figgured out we ate like gourmandz & got to sleep in da bedz wit da beans.

Auntie Stinkie took care of Trixie, dadeez old calico girl when she waz sick and goin' to da big cat box in da sky. She never left her side & when Trixie left uz fur ever, Stinkie cried. Momee said she never heard a cat cry before. So ever since, we have honored da boss- & she slaps us around if we get to arguin or fussin too much. She iz our second momee.

We have to thank all our new bloggin' frendz. Itz a BIG world out dere, & you all have to be furry careful—especially you house catz. don't go out witout da beanz! (Like you Henry!)

Stay tuned, I'll be writin' some more of my poemz & maybe even some cat music soon. We just gotta get dis blog ting down better furst.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Runnin' fur da hillz

Well, I guess I can't hold off fur ever. Dis iz my brudder Maximillian, da mad Burr-man. Yes, he iz hand-sum, but he iz xtreme temper-mental.

He haz never felt I do da work he does gardin' da beans house, and patrollin' da neigh-bore hood fur coyotes & racoonz. He iz fearless, but I have a bit of a dezire to just let da nature be what it iz. I am zen, & da Burr-man iz obsessed wit patrollin' nite & moon & day-lite.

Dadee iz thinkin bout running him fur prezident in 2008, but only if he stops da peein in da house! & momee tinks he out to stop da howlin' at me, when I yam layin' on my back, gazin at da gardun or maybe my frend Delilah. Maxi likez da curly-tail gurl Iris, cuz she is so chic in her multi-colored coat.

So my poem fur today iz:

Runnin fur da hillz

As da long summer of politicz & war
ravishes da good thoughts and tingz of life,
run to da hillz & forget your pain & strife.

As da next year creepeth closer
& hardenz frost into words of debate,
run to da hillz & forget your inborn traits.

As da August moon clozes in
& illum-i-natez da plum speckled breast of da hillz,
run—yes I say run—and do not, do not kill!

Friday, August 17, 2007

We iz on vaca-shun till next week!

Well, da Auntie Mignon iz gonna be here, so momee iz not gonna help me wit da blog fur a bit. We waz wurkin' until midnite on cleanin' da furry fur house & it waz NOT fun!

But I am gonna leave a new little ditty fur you to ponder while we are off. Here goes:

Imagez of wunder

Oh—dere are white cloudz
and dere are yellow sun-flowerz
and dere under da leafy sky
da birdz forget their namez.

Da breeze iz warm
and da fragrant vibrant world
spinz on da axis of love.

Oh—dere are white catz
and dere are orange catz
and dere under da brilliant sky
we all forget our namez.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Tribute to Tiger

Dis is da Dr speakin. We tink itz time to tell every-body 'bout our grampa Tiger. He wuz an in-spur-atshun to uz all. Tiger was dadeez cat before we came to be in da wurld. Tiger waz 18! We had a burth-day partee and momee made him a hat! Then we all wentt to da poll boot and voted fur peas, cuz Tiger waz all about peas. We began to dis-tribute bumper stickies wit da Tiger for Prez on 'em. Beleeve me, every-body wuz ready to vote fur him. He waz so wize momee & dadee called him a Buddha cat. We sure do mizz him... he went up to da big cat box in da sky in 2005.

Anyway, dis year, we are talkin' bout running the Burr-man for prez. But I just don't know if he will be ready for 2008. I will post a pic of him pretty soon. Let me know if you would vote fur a cat in the white-house. He will be the peas candy-date.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Momee at da office

Diz iz da momee in pysho-delic War-hol style. She iz at her office and iz very uncomforable wit da camera.
I have to train her to not feel dis way. She iz good to me and to da rest of da Fab five, so no worriez.
Da momee uzed to be a wild gurl, but she iz over a age where dat iz da focus. Now itz us and dadee.
But, she helpz me to write da poetry and I azpire to be a Whitman kinda cat. Dis is a good occupation for a Dr of phil-so-phee.

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Fixin' up da house fer Auntie

Boy o boy. Da momee & dadee been goin' nutz. There iz no rest fur me & da udder catz. Maw iz scoopin' up dust full o' fur & dad iz scoopin' up liddle ballz of stuff frum da box. Maxi, da bad Burr-man, iz peein' on da fly. Y'know, not on da bugz but on da coffee table & udder stuff. He iz mad at da beans 'cuxz dey turned da furniture around & put da dust & got new tingz for da guest room fur when Auntie Mignon arrivez.
We iz waitin' fur Auntie Mignon, cuz she likez us & she iz leavin' our cuzzinz wit da sitter. Poor cuzzin Zsa Zsa tho'. I like her cuz' she iz pretty like my Delilah... altho' I don't know if she likez gardening since she livez in da woodz.
In have a new pre-scripshun poem for ever-y-buddy:

In da garden
peas are humming
while birds sing a minstrel aire.
And life is a-happening
Sit you down
and looks well around
and don't be thinkin'
bout nuthing but peas.
Peas in the morning &
Peas at night,
Peas is in da flowers
& in da winds
of streaming light.

Friday, August 3, 2007


Iris the ring-tail calico, as she looked on her adoption day photo. She'z booty-full!

Dis is da Dr, speakin' from da Fab Five's gardun. We is committed to peas. Mom & dad r alweeze talkin' abot peas. We eatz peas, we breathe peas, we plant peas, and we pray fur peas.
Delilah & Iris & Auntie Stinkie & even Maxi the Burman (reely he iz a mob boss) all work for peas. We wud like to qwalifye fur dose nice stickies dat da Kimo & Sabi got in da mail. I hear they like peas too.
My Cousin Zsa Zsa tinks I talk funnee. She iz more re-fined. She talkz beddur and spellz stuff right. My momme told hur that I wuz a street cat & had a ruff life, so I have an ax-cent.
Dadee boxes wit me to keep up my ruff side. Otherwize the Burman might sneek up on me and bop me when I yam lounging in da gardun.
I will post sum pics of da rest of da Fab Five soon, and da gardun of peas.

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Hot enuff fore u?

Welcome. I bin readin' Kimo & Sabi's posts fur awhile now, but I yam nu to dis blog stuff. Soundz like a hair ball frum me- "BLAWGHHH!"
Itz hot in Albanee tuday. My beanz let me out and I yam sitting oppozite Maxi the Burman wit da bad tude. He iz terrybull! Any advize fur me?
It wuz 97 dugreez yesturday & da girlz & Auntie Stinkie wuz sittin in frunt of the beanz air condishun just sleepyn.
I git called Dr cuz my dad gave me an ornerarry dugree (iz that like when itz hot?) in philo-losophee.
I like to take it easzee. Me & Delilah like to hang out in the gardun. Itz cool, and momeez flowerz & dadeez veggeez are tall & shadee.
Write to me if u have a qwestuhn bout life, or love, or zen.

Celly-bratin life in Orry-gone