Thursday, October 30, 2008

It's almostee here!

Da BIG partee iz almostee comin’. I yam gonna celly-brate da Dias de la Muertos (Da Day of Da Dead… ‘cuz da momee iz honorin’ all her losted frendz & relly-tivezez), my bee-lated Firstee Blogg-versarry (Dat waz supposed to be August 2nd!!!)… which gotted dee-layed ‘cuz of da momeez itty-bitty greenzez bizzy-ness, &, da firstee Big, HUGE, chix-hen roastie of da year.

I wants evfurry cat, frendz old & new, to stops oevfur on Sun-day Novembrr 2, fromz 10:00 a.m. (PST) until 2:00 p.m. (PST) Remem-burr, it iz da firstee day of Day Light Savinz time, so all you sleepy cats should haz no egg-scusez. (I iz tryin’ to see if we can uze da Chatzy, but I’ll haz to keeps you posted on dat.)

Okeedokee. Here iz da menu:

Braized sqwabzez in a minced mousee gravee wit itty bitty greeniez garnish

Ham cross-ants wit a tastee bite of nip leevez on a skewer

987 poundzez of roastied chix-hen legzez

A 567 pound ham wit all da juicez & a cheeze soo-flay

Da Auntie Stinkie will be hostin’ a senior catsez par-lore, where nice china cupsez of tea will be served by da loverly Delilah.

I yam encouragin’ you to bring your flavor-rite dish, but justee know I iz not talkin’ abouts por-sillin, or chy-na. FOOOD!!! Dat iz what I meanz, Glory-us FOOOOOD!

See you all here… I haz so missed evfurry one. Tanks to all of you fur hangin’ in oevfur da lastee four months. So grab da badge & postie it to your site if you wants. It’s fur you.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

A BIG Announce-mint

We iz gonna haz a partee! I missed my firstee bloggo-versary... can you beleevz it????

'Cuz da momee here waz all tied uppee wit her itty bitty greenz all summer, August 7th came & wents witout so muchee az a burp!!
Well all dat iz abouts to change.

Pleeze keeps Novembrrr 2, open on your cally-lenderz. Da Fab Five will haz an open housee at dis blog frum 10 a.m. PST until 2 p.m. PST. (Dis iz Orry-gone time) We iz not only cellybratin' da first bloggo-versarry, but also da Dia de los Muertos. Az evy-danced by da nice smilin' skull belowz.

While da momee haz been on hi-ate-lettuce, I haz been workin' on my self-published book of poemz, entitulled "When da Seazonz Change, Doez You Looks Likes You Haz da Mange?"

I yam sure it will be a bestee seller & earn me some well dezerved green paperz.

Az a pree-view of my master-peece, I yam includin' a poem here fur your enjoymint. &, what iz evfun more egg-citin' newz, I gets to go back to regular bloggin at da beginnin' of Novembrrr!!! & vizits all my long time frendz.

Hooray!!! Mini honey???? Gets ready to snarfle down som chix-hen legz. I yam gonna cook up abouts 987 poundz fur da partee. Yippeee!!!

by Dr Tweety

When da fall comez, doez you look likes you haz da mange?
Doez your belly want more den kibblez—
likes mebbe chick-henz from da free range?
Doez your weight goez up & down?
Doez your belly gets big & round?
Do you naps reel late & den snore some more,
do your chin whiskerz dragz on da floor?

In da fall, da sun ack-shoelly gets darker in da sky—would I lie?
Da flowerz all hang der headz
& even squirrelzez takes auntie-deep-press-ant medz.
I feel so egg-sauceded dat I could cry.
Evfurry day & evfurry cloud
bringz new rain showerz on my head—
Why should I gets outta bed? (Huh? Iz dat toona juice Momee?)

When da fall comez, do your furz looks likes dread knots?
Doez your tum-tum turnz to hungry thoughts?
Iz da mornin’ dark & da evenin’ black,
iz we all gonna “fall”z through da wintery cracks?
I haz a thought, or more den one:
It’s time fur a partee, fur evfurry one!
Bring your snax & bring your furz,
We iz gonna chomp on ham & shouts our purrz!

See you on Novembrr 2nd!!!

Celly-bratin life in Orry-gone