Monday, December 31, 2007

Partee Time!!!!

Big announcement!!! We haz moved da partee to chatzee... dis iz eazier fur evfurry cat. Come join us!!!
11:49 PST. The doctor iz in!!!
I yam here! Justee look:

I yam gonna heave da firstee hairball! Ptooey!
Delilah! Go answer da door! It's Sammy & Milez wit da ham!
I yam doin' some lastee minuit quality control. Are da flowerz fresh?
& Now dat da ducks are out of da oevfun, I justee had to taste test. Bellisimo!!
Dis iz it gang!!!! Wahoo!!! come on in!! Haaaaaaaaaaapy New Yearz!!!!!

Sunday, December 30, 2007

It's comin' soon- All you can eats, burp & barf!!!

Well it's almostee time!!! I haz been workin' myself into a frazzle in da kitsc-hen & justee look at some of da delights:

'Nip & Mouseez included!!!

Peekin' Ducks. 592 of 'em!!!!

(Az you can see from da pic above, dere iz a reezon I selected duck fur da main part of da menu. Dey iz akin to vishuz deerz!)

Den fur all my meezer frendz, I haz a deelishus Black Forest HAM!!! It weighz 95 poundz!

& den fur evfurry one, we will haz a prime rib roastie, wit a nice rare finish to it.

Okeedokee. I guess dat iz it. I will see you all tomorrow, so gets your party hats on & da teleporterz ready. Oh & dis piece of info justee came in: da cats of Hot(m)BC sez dat we can also uze da Cat Blogosphere Chat Room to partee, so justee connect oevfur dere if you iz runnin' into a slow down oevfur here. I'll gets da momee to run back & forth & back & forth!!!
We iz ready to rock & roll!!!

Saturday, December 29, 2007

It's almost party time!!!!!!

Hi everyone!!! It's me Delilah, standing in for Dr Tweety!! He is frantically getting everything ready for the big party. And as you can see, I am sitting in one of the many, many, MANY duck boxes that he has unpacked already.

You will not believe your eyes when you see what he has prepared for you all. Why, there are at leat 592 Peking ducks, and they are soaking in a lovely brine of tamari, ginger, honey, lime, cilantro, and a dash of curry and apple glaze. I am just beside myself thinking about how delicious these will taste!
Not only did my Uncle Tweety get all of the ducks ready, he unpacked a very LARGE Gigantuous HAM!!!

It came all the way from the Black Forest, and has been cured with hickory smoke. It looks quite delectable, and my tongue is hanging out. I know that's not very ladylike, but I just can't help it!

Uncle Tweety also had all us other cats in the house decorate the New Year's Eve tree. We hung lots of glittery snowflakes and little baby disco balls and some grape vine lights. I think my uncle has a band lined up, and we're all going to dance under the twinkly lights. It's going to be ever so much fun!!!
Well, gotta run....Dr Tweety is calling me to come help him prepare something special for his sweetie Mini. See you all soon!!!! Bye!

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Thurzday conversationz wit da momee

Okilodokee! Iz it justee me, or iz it HOT in here?

Personabully, I yam gettin' ready fur da BIG NY EVE Party, & I yam hearin' from some new frendz dat dey will be comin' by & bringin' dere frendz & I could not be happier!!!

Howevfur, da momee iz still sufferin' from bad back-itis & she haz not been helpin' me to vizit frendz, old OR we iz gonna has to have a itty-bitty talk.

Me: "Momee? Come here'z a minuit will ya?"

Momee: "Uh- oh, hi everyone! Hi Tweet. What did you need me for sweetie?"

Me: "Momee! Dis iz furry nice dat you soundz so grashus & all, but I gots lots of frendz out dere in da bloggo-spear & dey iz all waitin' fur me to vizit dem. Do you tink you could justee suck it up a bit, & helps me out?"

Momee: "OK Doctor T, I don't want to disappoint your friends, and even though it's hard for me to sit for very long right now, I promise I will help you out later today, and we'll go visit all of your friends, allright?"

Me: "Okeedokee momee. I yam gonna hold you to it. & ifs you triez to weezil out on dis promise, I yam gonna reports you to da cat police squad, da ones dat made dere appearence in dadeez cat calendar (more on dis story later) & you will be excomyounee-catered from da bloggo-spear!"

Momee: "Well Tweet, we don't want that to happen. I don't want all of your friends barfing and throwing hairballs at once. In fact (shudders visibly), I can't even imagine such a scene!"

Me: "hahahahhha! Why momee, what evfur made you tink of such a ting!

(I yam gonna whisper now to my palz: Would we evfur DREAM of doing dis? Obveeusly, she iz not listening to my invitashunz fur such activitieez on da NY Eve partee. Well, let da momee tink what she will, cats WILL have der day!)

Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Christ-mouse evfurry-buddy!!!!

Here iz my silly Christ-mouse story:

Firstee der waz Holly & Molly (2 catz in da housee) & dey waz wonderin' where dey would gets some mousiez fur dere pie dey waz goin' to cook,

& den dere waz da catz dat lived on da nice warm island wit da palm treez swayin' in da breezez, & dey thought & thought & thought & thought & you guessed it! Dey contacted:

all our cats who came before & who watch oevfur all us cats now, & dey said, "Oh pleaze angel kittiez, pleaze send us our Christ-mousiez fur dinner on dis speshul day!"

& of course, da angel cats made a speshul blessing orny-mint which dey hung carefully in da tree,
& doze orny-mint cats contacted da 12 cats of Christmas, & den deze speshull catz got ol' Frosty down on hiz kneez (beggin' fur Greeniez) & made such a nice pretty pleaze fur mousiez dat finally,
da mousiez were carefully delivered by Santa Clawz & der waz not a dry bowl in da housee!
The End!!!!

Merry Christ-mouse to all our frendz!
Dr Tweety, Iris, Delilah, Maxi, & Auntie Stinkie!!

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Silly Sunday

Ohkeedokee. I gots dis newz flashee: I yam layin' low wit da momee & she iz not takin' too many pix or commentin' on our frendz bloggiez. Why? Cuz she got her back bad on Thurzday & had to go to da ER. Da big bean doc injected her wit some poizonous mish-mash wit she waz allergical to & she haz been recoverin.' She can't sit at da comphooter fur verry long at a time, so my blogg iz a messie. Did you see all da different font sizez in da postee below? Fur heavenz sake, you would tink it waz her brain dat went out, not her back!
Dis iz why da pic above iz blurry. Apparently she cannot hold da metal flashy box still. Fur heavenz sake, I tink she iz fallin' completely to piecez & right before Santa Clawz iZ supposed to come! Luckily, da big New Yearz Eve Partee iz a wayz off.... so I tink she will be much better by den. But, I yam justee gonna hide in my favo-rite spot & dream of my palz & Mini. z-z-z-z-z-z. (Well, & mebbe a dream or two about roastied duckling.)

Saturday, December 22, 2007

I gots an awardee!

Lookee what my bestee pal Henry Helton gave to me! I iz furry honored by dis, & da fact dat I sharez it wit Henry & Scout & my other palz iz evfun better.

The Extraordinary Gold Star Award was created by - Storm, The Furry Fighter - and is for Bloggers who have achieved or done something special. The award celebrates beyond what is ordinary or usual.

1) Post the explanation and rules of the award and link back to the blogger who presented you with the award and repeat the reason why you received it.

2) Pass the Award on to two other Bloggers who you fink deserve it and explain why.

Henry said abouts me: "This hep cat is my best friend in the whole wide world and I just love going to visit his blog. He also throws a mean party!!!"

I certainly agreez wit Henry abouts my "hepness" (Doez dat meanz I yam gettin wider hips Henry?) & I yam certainly in agreement about hiz bein' bestee frendz. I don't know what I would doz witout Henry's dry wit...& besidez, he gots togedder wit my frend Scout. Oh & I yam gonna throw a mean party on New Yearz Eve. Its gonna be bad a--.... Uh, can I say dat on da bloggie? Probbly not.

Okeedokee, now here comez da fun part, I yam gonna pass dis award on to:

1) Fat Eddy & hiz little brudder Phinney.
Dey are partee ANIMALZ!!! Dey can burps & spits & eats until dey pop! & der momee writes like medieval talez of cats in a beautifull enchanted world. Dey iz from Alberta, Canada. You gots to go check 'em out.

2) Eric & Flynn
'Cuz dey are alwayz up to sumpin' outside in da barnz or da yardz & dey haz a dadee dat understandz dem like my dadee doez & also 'cuz dey lovez to eats all da good gormayd stuff too. I tink dey iz bringin' some mincee meats all da way from da UK fur New Yearz Eve.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Thurz-day 13 (& an extra one!)

Okeedokee. I yam turnin’ da T13 oefvur to Auntie Stinkie. She iz gonna talk non-stopee fur a bit until she gets to da lastee ting on da listee:1) I am going to the V-E-T tomorrow with the kind man who became my dad. He was my “mail-box friend” for many years before he became my dad. When I was a young cat, I would walk with him down the road to the mailboxes and talk with him while he gathered up his letters. He was very kind to me, but did not understand what I was trying to tell him. He thought I was just saying “Waah! Waah!”

2) When the woman who became my mommy first visited the neighborhood, I became very excited. I was 11 years old by then, and she was sitting with the kind man in the dark, watching stars in the clear January sky. I walked over from my house to see them and have a chat. At first, my-soon-to-be-mommy thought I was a sick alley cat. I had hair missing, there were itchy scabs all over my body, and I was as skinny as a rail. Because I had such a loud voice, and yelled “Waah! Waah!” she thought I was a boy. (Oh mommy really, a boy!)

3) When my-soon-to-be-mommy moved in to the kind man’s house, I decided to pay her daily visits. I sat on the porch rail outside and shouted, “Waah! Waah!”

4) I barfed all over her car every day, just in case she didn’t get the translation right.

5) After a couple of weeks of barfing undigested food on her car and on the front porch, and yelling non-stop “Waah! Waahs!” the light dawned in the woman’s head. (I was beginning to think she wasn’t as smart as I first thought)

6) My soon-to-be-mommy revealed all to the kind man. “Oh, she’s allergic to the food they’re feeding her over there,” said the woman. “She’s barfing it up here, so that we can see. And she’s talking non-stop about her flea allergies. That’s why her hair is missing and she has scabs. She also HATES the yappy dog that they have, and she is so lonely. She just wants somebody to pay attention to her.”

7) But still, they would not let me become their cat. The couple already had four cats, and two of them were very old. My mail-box friend had old cats and the woman had two boy cats. They were like the Brady Bunch—when they moved in together, their cat family got bigger than either of them had ever counted on. However, they talked to each other a lot about me:

8) “She really wants to move in here, can’t you tell?” The kind man looked at the lady and said “We can’t have five cats Maddie, and besides, she has a home.” “But she’s begging us to take her in, and it’s freezing out there, and she’s old.” I decided to be a little more persuasive in my argument for moving in. “Waah! Waah! Waah! Waah! I said.

9) “Allright,” the kind man said. “Since it’s freezing and might end up snowing, we’ll put the electric blanket in a basket on the front porch, and she can sleep there.” “That’s a good solution,” said the woman, and she filled up a kibble bowl with good nutritious food and set it next to the blanket. I sank into the lovely warmth without an argument.

10) When Spring arrived, I had my paw in the door. The lady became mommy and my mailbox friend became my daddy. I nursed his old cats when they got sick, and I took on mommy’s “bull cats,” those hooligan boys that she brought with her, and I slapped them around every chance I got.

11) When mommy and daddy decided to bring two young cats home from the shelter a couple of years ago, I became Alpha cat. Well somebody needed to, and two young girls and two unruly boys need an Alpha cat. Since I became blind however, things have shifted a little in my ability to control those boys, and I am going to tattle on Tweety:

12) He has been slapping me lately, and I think it is pay-back for the last four years. Mommy gets very upset with him, but I just take it in stride. I’ve seen it all at my age, and I really am a “Buddha cat” now. Sometimes boys like Tweety who were abused early in life, have trouble adapting to change.

13) The new pills have helped me very much. I was yelling at mommy this morning, “Waah! Waah! Waah! Waah!” She just was not moving fast enough fixing my eggs. When I visit the V-E-T tomorrow, I am going to have my heart checked to make sure I don’t have to take a different pill. But the pills are easy to swallow now, since mommy ordered the pill pockets.

14) As a T13 bonus: I am very happy that all of you are coming to Tweety’s New Year’s Eve party, and I hope to contribute to your good time by singing one of my favorite songs: “Waah! Waah! (Happy Holly-days to you!)”

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Wordy-less More-or-less Wednes-day

I yam tryin’ my bestee to be word-less…but it iz not workin’! I yam FULL of wordz..& mostee of dem iz full of disgust fur momeez bizzy-ness dat prevents me from bloggin’. I has to makes a promise to my frendz to vizit dem & how can I do dis when da momee won’t help???

Here iz one ting I do know: I AM gonna have a NEWY YEARZ EVE PARTY!!! & I yam invitin’ all my frendz from da bloggo spear to come. We iz gonna haz so much gour-mayd food dat you will be plum amazed & Mini my sweet, I lovez dat you haz a good appy-tite. I do not like skinny gurlz dat pick at der food & den say dey iz full. You iz my kind of gurl cat.

Ok. Dat iz all da wordz I yam gonna uze to-day. After all, dis iz wordy-less medy-tation day.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Sad Sat-turd-day!

Ink of Sad Kitty by Jared Hindman

Da momee & dadee iz goin' away up to see da momeez boy bean & celly-brate dere TWO birfdayz. Da boy bean iz turnin' a bizillion yearz old on da 22nd, so dey iz gonna haz some parteein' in Olympia Washington. Dat iz a squillion milez from here & I won'ts be abull to bloggie until Monday. Ptooey!!!

Mini? If you iz out dere honeypie, I will picks you up at da teleporter & we shall have our duck pie. I do know how to run da oevfun when da beanz iz gone & any of my other frendz dat wantz to drop on in, I tinks we can haz a little fun while da beanz iz out.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Happy Burf-day Momee!!!

I yAm WiShiN' Da mOmeE

But don't tell anyonez I said so.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Thurz-day 13

Okeedokee. I yam furry pleased to have my December issue of Saveur arrive in time fur da BIG holly-day. Here are some of da tingz I yam plannin’ on doin’:

1) Since Auntie Stinkie cannot readz da new issue of Saveur (rememburr how she used to read my issuez first?), I yam gonna take some time & readz her da bestee chapterz. I tink she will like hearin’ about da fish stew from Bahia Brazil. Mmmmmm, when I gets done describin’ dis fur her, she will be a-bull to smell it!!

2) I tink I yam gonna roastee a duck!!! I will take da roze-mary from da momeez gardun, chops it furry finely (I tink dey callz dat “mint-sin’), chops da momeez gar-lick (do dey gets dat from lickin’ garz??), rub some olive oilz on dat nice plump duck, & den sticks it in da fridge-box fur two whole dayz. Dis will makes a nice crispee crustee on da duck when I roastee it.

3) I needz to looks on da internet fur sweaterz fur Auntie Stinkie & Iris. Deze two gurlz gets furry cold & do not have good enough furz to make dem warm. I better order deze fed-ex or dey will not arrivez in time.

4) I has to wrap da dadeez prezziez. Da momee gots him a surprize from da CafeExpress. I cannot tell you what it iz ‘cuz he readz my bloggie…but you can guessee!

5) I wants to organize a party fur my frendz in da bloggo-spear, but wit da momee bein’ so bizzy, I don’t know if I can pull it off. I waz tinkin’ mebbe oevfur da New Yearz. Since I will be practicin’ my duck roastin’ skillz, I could gets another 592 ducks & we can haz ourselvz a REAL good time. What do you tink?

6) If we iz gonna gobble ducks, what other foodz doez we need? I tink da Saveur talks about mebbe hazzin’ beef? Would my bloggin’ palz appreshee-ates a BIG whopping prime rib? I can dry rub dis & den pokee some holez in it & sticks da whole clovez of gar-lick in (unless I can gets da garz to swim by & justee lick da roastee). Doez you all likes rare, medium-rare, or well done? Pleaze tell me your pre-fur-rentsez.

7) I yam considerin’ orderin’ a bale o’ ‘nip. Considerin’ da amounts of cats, mebbe I should order 2? But I don’t wants to be responsy-bull if someone drivez under da influenza, so mebbe I better hire a dizzy-negated driver.

8) I heard dat da beooty-full Faz & my housee-mate Delilah haz been flirtin wit Rocky. Mebbe I should plan to hostee a parlor game of spin’ da tuna stix? Rocky may have gotten more propozalz fur gurlfrendz den he can handle, so any of you other batch-hellerz out dere might want to be listenin’ up!

9) If Sammy & Chey wants to haul oevfur any left-oevfur ham (iz dere any?), I can gets some Omega 3 pillz to counter-acts da high call-restyroll, & we should all be in good health fur da New Yearz.

10) Fur dezzert I yam stumped. Now da Saveur talks about makin’ crème brulee’ & I yam pretty sure mostee of da cats would like dis yummy cream, but doez we want to uze sugar? I yam tryin’ to be more health-conshus ‘cuz of Auntie Stinkie & also my frendz whose pancreas’ may not be funk-shunning real well.

11) Haz anyone evfur made a shrimp tartlet? Dat would be a good alternative I tink.

12) Tomorrow, iz da momee’z burf-day. I yam not gonna bakes her a cake ‘cuz da dadee iz takin her out to da local gastro-atomic café where dey are gonna have scrumpshus tingz. What can I do instead?

13) You guessed it!!! I will leavez her some hairballz on da sofa & den I will bitey her hand & den I will look real inno-cent & purrz my bestee. She should really appre-she-ate my generosity.

& dat my frendz of da bloggo-spear, iz my Thurz-day 13.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Wordy-more-or-less Wed-nezday

(Pssssttt...I yam whisperin' here 'cuz I iz cheatin' on da word-less part of dis postee. I yam in fact, gonna say a couple o' tingz:
1) Da momee iz still not helpin' me wit da bloggie
2) Iris haz nice cute toezez on her calico leggie
3) Auntie Stinkie iz startin' to crab about not gettin' her eggz on time in da mornin', so she iz feelin' much better
4) I yam still grumpy wit da momee
5) Oh....I guess I yam sayin' more den a couple o' tingz...oops.)

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

I yam Back!!! & I yam MAD!!!! (times a "squillion!!!))

I yam furry angry wit da momee. She wents away on Sun-day night (evfun though dere waz no sun) & did not comes back until this afternoon. I did not evfun gets a chancee to warn my frendz dat I would not be abull to bloggie!!!

Da momee had a BIG work project dat she had to travel to & she had to pre-pare fur it on Fry-day & I nevfur evfun gots to share wit my frendz what waz goin' on around here. I did not evfun know dat I waz da speshul guestee star on Chey's & Gemini's bloggie on Sun-day! Fur heavenz sake.

& da worstee iz, she iz gonna be terry-bull bizee da rest of da week. But, she promises (Ptooey on da promises) dat she will help me to at least vizit my frendz.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Thurz-day 13 divi-dud by 2 (sorta)

I yam gonna let my frend Delilah, my grey & white tuxie rat-cat, tellz ya what kindz of 13 tingz iz goin’ on at our housee: “Delilah… here kitty kitty!”

“Oh hi everybody!!! My Uncle (Dr Tweety) iz going to let me do the blog today. I am so excited. I have lots of news and pictures to share. Okay, let me take a deep breath so I can get all of this out for you!”

1) This my new fashion model close up. While I don’t wear high fashion outfits like that cute little girl cat Daisy, I have nice glossy fur, and eyes that convey many things. Boys like my eyes and my glossy furs.

2) Here is my Uncle. I think he has gone over the edge trying to keep our mommy and daddy sane while Auntie Stinkie has been sick. Mommy was getting out his favorite carrot to play with, but all he really wanted was some alone time. She does have a very bad habit of bothering him. I really should speak to her about that. It’s very rude.

3) Here is a new fashion close-up of Auntie Stinkie. I think even though she is a squillion (oh, I just LOVE that word!!!!) years old, she is still model material. I like her left ear. It is her “earmark” of courage!!! (Oh, I think I just made a pun!) You can kind of notice that she cannot see the flashy box, but she is being so good about her new pills and I am just sure she is going to be with us for a very long time!

4) Here is a picture of me smelling my Uncle’s ----! Oops, I better tell you that we are not really related. We do not play dueling banjos out here in Oregon!!!

5) This is me investigating the new TUNNEL that Iris and I got! Mommy put a ‘nip carrot into it, and I just cannot resist catnip. Mmmmmmm. It makes me feel so very, very dreamy and happy. I wish I had a boyfriend to play in my new tunnel with.

6) I like the catnip so much that I am going to try and squeeze the rest of the way into the tunnel. As you can see, my ----is not petite. I must tell Daisy and Mini that the fashion world is now embracing “plus size” models. Oh goodie! That means mommy can pose too! (Uh-oh. I think I just said something wrong, because mommy is sputtering coffee out of her mouth!)

7) Finally, I want to thank my friend Uncle Doctor Tweety. Isn’t he a handsome boy? I love him so much because he not only lets me do Thursday 13s, but he is kind to me, and helped to raise me from when I was just a little tiny girl, weighing only 3 pounds! He only whapped me half a squillion (Oh!!! I just HAD to use it one more time!) times when I was growing up. And look how good a girl I turned out to be!

Okeedokee. I yam furry glad dat you got to da a Thurzday-13-kind-of Delilah! I hopes dat evfurry one enjoyed it. I especially tink it waz funny when you gots stuck in da tunnel. Myself, I won’t go near dat wacko ting!

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Word-less Wed-nezday: Monkey biz-ness

Lookee!!! It's da day fur Miss Peache'z Tea Party!!!!!
I yam gonna have to go oevfur dere tonight when da momee can take me to da teleporter. Dat iz unless Zippy can pick me up earlier.

Okeedokee. I know I waz supposed to be word-less, but I yam just goin’ to say dis one ting: Da momee took dis terrybull pic of da gurlz Iris & Delilah. I had nuttin’ to do with dis. & she iz supposed to be a photo-girrafer?

Okeedokee, & justee one more ting: Da Auntie Stinkie haz started on her new medy-vacation & I tink she iz gonna do OK. But da beanz are gonna need some tranquil-eyzerz to soothe dere nervz from havin’ to pill da Auntie TWO timez a day. Mebbe I should make dem some ‘niptiniz?

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Tuez-day, overload Tuez-day

3:49 p.m.
Da momee iz writin' dis:
The vet just called. A nice young man. He was very soothing, but you know when they are so sweet, it’s not good news. Auntie Stinkie not only has high blood pressure, she has some renal involvement. There is protein in her urine indicating that there is most likely partial loss of kidney function. He is going to prescribe Analapro (sp?) which will both treat the kidney damage and her high blood pressure. He does not have a positive stance on her blindness. She also has some heart problems. There is apparently an extra “blip” in heart rhythm, which occurs when there is extra pressure in the chambers of the heart. She may have to be placed on Lodapine in the near future. The nice young vet wants to first see how she responds to the Analapro before he retests her functions in a couple of months. I want to believe that we will have our dear little Auntie Stinkie awhile more, and I am sure that Dr Tweety would agree with me that the quality of her life is what is most important. Dr Tweety is very thankful for all the support we have received, and I am too. I’m being careful, not to let my “leaking eyes” show too much while I am at work.

I yam givin’ my update on da Auntie Stinkie sit-you-nation. Da VET called da momee & da dadee & he iz pre-scrbin some pillz fur her to takes. Da dadee will be pickin’ deze up ton-night after work & so dey will start her on deze tingz soon! Dey will also find out if Auntie haz any other underlyin’ sources of bad stuff, like mebbe renal problemz. I fur one, am keepin’ my toezez crossed. But da momee’z eyeballz are crossin’ along wit her her bloggin’ fingerz, cuz da VET haz not called her back yet. Da momee wants da answerz to her qwest-chinz about da medz answered. Leave it to da momee to qwest-chin da VET!

Monday, December 3, 2007

My Man-cat Mon-day

Okeedokee. I yam havin’ a Man-cat moment to-day. First of all, here iz what iz goin’ on at my house:

Auntie Stinkie iz still havin’ some trou-bullz, & we are waitin’ fur da resultz of her lab work to come back from da VET. Da VET wants to wait to pre-scribe pillz fur her high blood pressure until he iz sure dat she haz not got sumpin’ else goin’ on wrong dat would contra-indy-cate doze pillz.

Dis makes da momee furry nervous. Waitin’ around all weekend to find out. & worryin’ dat da blindness will be perma-gnat if we don’t gets her started on sumpin’ right away.

I yam also kinda worn out from da big party over at Marilyn MonReow's Gotcha Day Partee. Dis waz a mostee wild event when many cats played & romped & used some furry potent ‘nip. We also ate & ate & ate & ate & well, you guessed it, we barfed a little too. I tink Chairman Mao barfed all da way to Mars. Dat iz what he sez.

But here iz what I wanna know: Iz dis da SAME Mar dat poor Henry & Clyde & Charlotte are gonna have to deal wit? Henry!!! I haz found your solution to da Mar problem: Justee barf all da way to hiz housee!!!

Den da Mini came ovefur on Saturday night & we decided to make some good nip ravioleez & transport dem by teleporter to da Meezerz. I tink Sammy & Miles will feel real good when dey eats dem all down. Dat iz if dey don’t barf all da way to Mar’s house!

Okeedoke. Da last ting iz: I yam feelin’ a little blue. Mebbe I will be better when I finds out what is completely wrong wit da Auntie. I justee can’t help it. Sometimez a Man-cat iz blue. & today iz dat day fur me. I can’t evfen manage to cough up one hairballz to-day & I yam furry full of furz.

But I yam furry thankful fur all my frendz who have stopped by to purr fur da Auntie. Dis meanz furry much to me & da other cats. We sometimez haz leaky eyez just tinkin’ about it.

Celly-bratin life in Orry-gone