Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A itty bitty up-dates

Dear frendz, I haz been sadz 'cuz we haz kinda shuttered da blog.
Da Auntie bein' sickie on tops of da momee workin' two jobbiez waz too much fur da momee.

We nevfur evfur gots around to vizytin' or thankin' you fur all da wunderful purrz & well wishez fur da Auntie Stinkie.
So evfun though da dadee & da momee will be gone fur da turkey day
(dey iz dezertin' us to goez to see bean fambly) & stickin' us wit a cat-sitter, I willz givez da update:

I tooks care of da Auntie Stinkie... she iz kinda frail now & she started poopin' in places where she nevfur poopeded before!

But da momee sez she iz still da purrtee-est gurl she knowz & I yam sure dat iz true.

Da Delilah waz gettin' boreded so she decided to hangz uppy-side down.

Den da Maxi & da gurlzez tooks a nappy on da dadeez messy-age tabull.

Den cuz I waz so egg-sauced from takin' care of evfurryting when da momee waz too bizzy to tink abouts our frendz & evfun us... I tooks a nap & deecided to dream abouts what I WANTED fur turkey day:

See dat guy above? Da momee tooks hiz pic on her new second job!

She wanted to tellz you all dat purrty soon she will only haz one job again & den we can comez back to bloggin' & vizytin. Justy nots fur awhile longer. (I yam keepin my pawz crossed fur January!!!)

In da meentime, dear frendz,
HaPPy ThAnKsGivInG!!!!!!

We lovez each & evfurryone of you to itty bitty peecez.
Eats somez turkey fur moi OK?

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Auntie Stinkie iz stickin' to her gunz

Dis is da Dr speakin.'
See da Auntie above?
(Its a pic of her snoozin' before she gots sicky.)

Da antie-biotics iz worked!

She iz barely coughin' and snortin.
Now we tink da vets (az sweet az dey iz) missed dats she hadz an infeckshun.

Da momee sez dats next time, she will demandz dey starts da meddysin furst, insted of waitin.'

She iz still too skinny... but da momee iz feedin' her eggstraw tingz likes toona & eggz & sausagez.

&, she still gots losted in da bafroom & criez.
But da momee & da dadee picks her up & carriez her to da couch or to da bedroom where dey comforts her.

We wanted you to all know how much dis purrin' dats you all did 24/7 haz meants to our fambly.

Da momee has to works today (Sun-day) buts she iz hopin' to gets around da CB & tanks you all next week.

None of us cats could lets go of our Auntie just yet.
& da dadee sez she iz a sur-fiver!

I tinks dis iz true blue... don't you?

Friday, November 5, 2010

Auntie Stinkie's purr motor is back!!!

Oh dear friends!!!

Maybe the power of the purr is more miraculous than I had hoped! When I got home from work last night, Auntie Stinkie was sitting up and alert to the world around her. And, when I scritched her in her favorite places, she started to purr! Even with her snotty nosie!

She is just about finished with the antibiotics, but I am going to see if the vet wants her to have another round, since she still has a long recovery ahead. Quite a bit of hacking and sneezing, but there is something about her which says, "I haven't used up all of my nine lives yet Mommy!!!"

I am guarded about jumping up and down just yet, so we are all keeping our paws crossed and even our hind legs!

Thank you thank you thank you!!!!!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Auntie Stinkie holding on

Note from Auntie Stinkie’s Momee:

Dear friends,

Thank you once more for the outpouring of love and purrs, from kitties and woofies that we have never met to loyal and loved old friends from the CB. We have felt the power of your love and our dear old girl is hanging in.

I am unable to return all the wishes right now, because life has been a bit out of hand this year, but I am reading each one and thinking about the good suggestions such as steaming and nasal drops.

Our girl is still not purring and she seems to be retreating a bit more… looking for that place where she can be comfortable and undisturbed by the other kitties. One thing is that even with both of us beans having to be away at work, Iris, our beautiful calico, has become her old Auntie’s nursemaid. Iris kisses her ears and sleeps near her. And we can see what a comfort she is to our blind girl.

She is still eating and drinking, but the cough and the snorting continues despite the antibiotics. We may take her back in on Saturday to see if we should run another test on her thyroid, since despite eating she is losing weight.

The vets seemed to think that this weight loss may be caused by a tumor. It’s so hard not to want her to be with us always yet keeping in mind the limitations on a little bitty kitty’s frail body. We have to remember that she is 93 in “people” years… a wonderful life span indeed.

In the meantime, I promise to update as I can (hard to do from work and I am working two jobs now). Bless you all for your generous love, from our kitty and human family to yours.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


An open letter to all of our friends from "Da Momee:"

We are so thankful for the outpouring of love for our sweetest girl. We so want to believe that she can pull out of this... but we also know the reality. The biggest struggle is knowing the right time: not before, in case she can recover—and not too late, in case she is suffering silently.

I have to believe that our vets and Auntie Stinkie herself will help guide us through this.

Last night we were encouraged by the fact that she ate all of her food, did not seem so hot to touch, drank water, and slept on my lap.

But what hurts and scares me is that she does not purr and has lost her famous "Stinkie Smile."

Please continue to purr, because I am lost without hope and courage.

And thank you so much, for your generosity of spirit.

We love you all.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Auntie Stinkie is extremely ill

Da dadee iz doin’ better, but we haz some terrybull newz to report. Our wonderful Auntie Stinkie (she iz 18 & a big half yearz old) iz seriously ill.

Da momee & da dadee tooks her to da vet a week ago & dey ran all kindsez of testez, but nothing showed why she iz unabull to breeth through her nozie. No cold, no flu, no virus, but awful plugged coghin’ & hackin’ & cannots smellz.

Az you know, a blind cat mustee smellz to eats & find da way around da housy. She haz losted almost 2 poundsez evfun though she eats. Da vets checked her thyroid but it wazzn’t hyper.

Da momee & da dadee watched oevfur her, but she gotted worsy, so dey tooks her back to da vet yesterday. Da two vets (both furry nice men) spents abouts an hour checkin’ her. Dey couldz runall kindsez of more tests (like MRI & some other tubez down her nozie) but dey wouldz has to give her anesthesia… & dis would not be good.

Da nice vets tink it iz a bad cancer dat old kitties sometimez get. A tumor in her nasal passagez near her brain. But dey are not sure. Da momee & da dadee couldz not lets her go to da Rainbow Bridge without tryin’ one more ting: atibioticsez, in case it iz a infecshun.

If da antibioticsez don’t works, den da good, kind vet will comez to da house & helps our dearest Auntie Stinkie.

Da momee cannots gets to da bloggie fur awhile… but if she can & she iz not so much cryin’, she will lets me let you know what iz goin’ to takes place.

We iz so sorree to givez out such bad newz. All our frendz haz been so loyal to us & to our Auntie. But we promise dats da momee & da dadee willz not lets her suffer.

Celly-bratin life in Orry-gone