Wednesday, September 30, 2009

OMG!!! It's us! We gotsez an update!!!

Boy o' boyz, doez we haz alotta katch-up to doez.

To start tingz off, we iz gonna blogz fur once evfurry cupple o'weeksez until da bad wether startzez...

& den we iz gonna bite da momee until she gets dis ting on da evfun keel!

So dis iz da firstee in-stall-mint of how we five spents our summer.

Chapturr One

I yam egg-sauced, az can be seen abovez & beelow.

Auntie Stinkie & I finully co-la
psed on da tabull & den Iris & I co-lapsed on da couchee.
hich iz now gone! anudder chapter altogedder!).

Maximillian: "Tweet! Auntie Stinkie! Sound the alarm bells! Every cat to the deck! And just forget about this summer rain gang, 'cuz I'm telling you it's not gonna mean a thing when you see what's in the back forty!"

Delilah: "Yikes! How can that be? Iris, isn't there any quality control around this place?"

Iris: "Oh sweetie. You must still be a kitten if you think Mommy or Daddy are going to do anything about that. Just look at Mommy out there with a camera. Unbelievab

Dr Tweety: "See?!!! Justee looks at da outta control stuffee goin' on! & dis iz only what's happened in May!

I don'ts know how to egg-splain deze intooderz, exceptee dats da beanz thoughts it waz funnee."

(Biggeefye beelow if you cant's seez it properlee)

Maximillian: "Help!!! Help!!! (Where is good help when you really need it????) Where is animal control anyway??? Are we cats expected to control these things ourselves????"

Dr Tweety: "If dere waz justee one of deze tingz, we mights haz egg-scuzed da beanz.

But az it turnz out, dere waz tree of dem PLUS a masked Momee! & she leftee dem here to throw nutsez down on tops our headzez!"

Maximillian: "Holy Masked Bandits! !@$%#&*^! Run for the hills of Burma!!!"

Dr Tweety: "Scatter! Duck!!! Wit orangey sauce!!! (Hmmm... did some cat say roastied duck???)

"I tink I gotsez sumpin' weerd on my pawzez. Could its be rack-dune doo?"

Auntie Stinkie: "I sure hope not. We have enough poo to clean up around here, considering Mommy's summer strike. I think it's time for a bath."

Stay tooned fur Chapterr two:
"I helps da momee makes pick-cullzez."

Celly-bratin life in Orry-gone