Sunday, June 17, 2012

Sad days

Dear frendz, 

Dis haz beenz a furry sad week fur us. We haz not been bloggin' since my cancer diagnosis, but I yam hangin' in despites my 8 pound weight.

Our frend Jan at da Funny Farmerz & da lovely Anne at da Zoolatry passed along messagez dat some of our frendz has passed to da Rainbow Bridge. Da momee justee felt like cryin' & me too. 'Cuz no matter how long its been since you've seen or heard from good frendz, you still love 'em, cuz dey iz true frendz.

Dat iz how da CB iz to us at da Fab Five. No matter how long, each of da lossez makesez our hearts furry full & we want to send out love & hope to all doze who haz losted dere furry frendz.

Some of doze namez recently came to us: Da beotyfull & wunderful Momo; da smart & sensible & long time frend Parker; da gorgous & tortie-tuded Cotton

We know dere are so many more dat continue to visit faithfully & leevez us brilliant messagezez. We lovez you right back! If we didn't name you in dis posty, it doezn't mean we don't know who you are... cuz we do!

I miss my lovely Mini, but she nevfur failsez to bring me my favorite toona puffsez. & da Meowmeowmans remeberz evfurry birfday, evfun da onez who haz come before us, like da Auntie Stinkie.

I yam gonna doez anudder itty bitty update soon, to showz you how da resty of da Fab Five iz doin. Da kitten Ella iz all grownz up at one yearz old & da Delilah iz gotted herz weight down to 16.8 poundz! (Fur doze dat remembur, she waz up to 21 poundz!) 

If I can hangz in, I will. I yam fightin' dis cancer & I will continue to do so. Now I just gotta gets da momee here to helps me type da updatesez. I can also bite her butt if she sez she doezn't haz da time.

Celly-bratin life in Orry-gone