Monday, February 25, 2008

Doin' whatz I can

Okeedokee. I yam tryin' furry hard to understand da momee & how she haz been lately. She comez home from workee & sez, "Hey Tweet, shall we vizit your frendz tonight?" But den she goez away & criez into her pillow. I know she wants to helps me wit da bloggie, but I yam bein' az pashunt az I can. Az evvy-danced by da pix below, one can see dat I yam suck-ceeedin.'

Here I yam showin' her dat I iz findin' it diffy-cult to not vizit my frendz.
Here I yam showin' her dat I yam sick of D-I-E-T kibbullz. Dis iz what da momee & dadee has to feedz Delilah 'cuz SHE gots too fat!

Speakin' of Delilah, da V-E-T tinks she haz eppa-leprosy, but dey still iz not sure. She gots tested & mebbe it waz some poisinon' from a azalea flowerz dat da momee had puts on da kitsh-hen tabull... not knowin' any better. But no one knowz.

Now Delilah iz gonna has to take some meddy-sin fur see-surez if she haz anudder one likes she did dis lastee Sat-turd-day. Dis iz why da momee iz cryin'. She lostee her frend Elly & on top of all of dis stuffy wit Delilah.

Here I yam lookin up in da sky fur angelz to come & reskew me. I yam purrin' fur some real foodz like da momee used to make. Mebbe some roastie chix-hen? She iz evfun starvin' da poor dadee 'cuz she iz feelin' so deep-pressed.
Here I yam showin' how peeved I yam. I evfun gots an awardee from Henry Helton & I hazn't been abull to go gets it. Justee wait Henry, I will be dere soon.
Actushually, I yam really kinda sad. Mebbe da momee will not evfur lets me bloggie again. & I haz had dis wonder-full outpourin' from frendz old & new & no way to thank dem.

Let me justee say dat we will come by your placez to see what iz happenin' & mebbe in a week or so, da momee will start to dry her eyez & be abull to helps me.

Okeedokee. I will be better to her den. I will nots peez on da blanket or her purse. I will not bites her hand when she fillz da bowl wit D-I-E-T foodz. At leastee I will try.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Update fur da Fab Five

Hello evfurry cat. I yam so thank-full fur your furry nice messagez to da momee. She iz goin’ to try & lets me vizit you & tank you fur stoppin’ by. I waz missin’ all my furrendz sumpin’ fiercee.

I thought I would give da followin’ update on all da catz in da housee:

Da Delilah iz still under da wether, so da dadee iz takin’ her fur anudder V-E-T vizit on Fry-day. Angus Mohr sent Delilah a wunderfull e-card & Delilah LOVED it. Dis made her feel better. She iz justee not feelin’ like da wunderfull cat she iz & we haz got to gets to da bottom of dis problem & soon.

Auntie Stinkie iz doin’ great. She haz been sniffin’ nip mousiez & runnin’ around wit Bounce when he teleports oevfur fur lunch & tea. Dey iz discussin’ long term care & da senior cats rights & responsee-billy-teez. Deze are furry wize cats!

Kellie da Orange Cat haz been oevfur to vizit da mad Bad-Burrman Maximillian, & he iz takin’ a itty-bitty vacashun from da Burmeze Security Counsel. He iz still patrollin’ da local neighbore-hood at night… & scairin’ racoonz, possumz, vishus vegan deerz & itty bitty kittenz. (Ooopsie…did I say kittenz???? I din’t mean dat. Dat would makes da Maximillian sound like a big bully. Hmmmmm.)

Iris haz been leapin’ & landin’ on da momeez shoulder & snurfin’ at her eyez in da middle of da night. She wakes da momee up wit her whiskerz ticklin’ da momeez snout.
Okeedokee, I know dat da momee doez not haz a snout. She iz not a piggy. But I yam mad at da momee ‘cuz she haz ignored me lately. I yam tryin’ to not loze patience wit her.

My sweetie da Mini iz havin’ a treat contest! You gots to go oevfur to her bloggie & vote so dat she gets lots & lots & lots & lots &…well, you guessed it, LOTS of treats! Da Mini mustee eats deze treats before dey dissa-peerz into mebbe anudder food bowl. Dis iz why she feelz a sense of urgencee. Comin’ from a multy-pull cat household myself, I understandz da need to eats before someone else comez along & eats it first!

I hopes I gets to come by & see evfurry one soon. I justee adorez all of you. Da momee haz been lettin’ me take sneak-peex at your bloggiez, but no com-mints. Mebbe dis weekend?? Momee????

Monday, February 18, 2008

In Memorium

My precious friend Elly went to the Rainbow Bridge on Saturday morning at 6:15 a.m., February 16, 2008.

On Thursday, I sat by her side as she was surrounded by her friends, and adoring husband of two and a half years.

She was conscious and disturbed by the severity of her condition, but never fearful. She smiled and through her oxygen mask, asked me in her usual way, "Are we having fun now?"

We remained strong in her view, and then as she slipped into a permanent dream state on Friday, we would leave her room and cry with one another. We told all of our collective "Elly stories," and we marveled at her strength of living with cancer for 10 years, in radiant grace.

Her husband prayed for a miracle until the last.

Friday afternoon, we brought her home where she could die in her own home, facing the water of Henderson Inlet and Mount Rainier. Her altar in homage to Mother Mary was lit with candles and photographs of her wedding day.

After she had passed from this world into the Divine Spirit's arms, we held her body, surrounded her with our prayers and blessings and let her beautiful soul travel forth.

Elly was only 58 years old. She had so much life, love and spirit that it seems unbelievable that she is not here.

Breast cancer is at epidemic levels. Please keep the women in your family safe. Get regular checkups and talk about your health-care with a doctor you really trust and who understands you.

Dr Tweety sends you his love, and we will return to regular blogging as soon as I am up to it. Much love to you all.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Love encompassez more than Valentinez

Mommy'z bestee frend Elly

My dear bloggin' kitty frendz.
Sometimez love is havin' to be at your frend'z bedside when dey are ready to go to da rainbow bridge.

Da momeez bestee frend besidez Miss Marianne, iz Elly.

Elly haz been fightin' breast cancer fur 10 yearz. Da momee haz takin' many healin' journeyz with Elly over this last decade and beyond. It haz alwayz been a journey of self discovery & love.

Momee waz wit Elly when she had her first biopsy & she waz dere when Elly had her mastectomy & haz been wit her through thick & thin, evfun across divorcez & joyful second marriagez.

Elly waz a nurse fur 22 yearz, givin' her speshul light to premature babiez in da prenatal CCU, & she evfun made da most lovin' video about infant massage. Elly haz been a certified healing touch practioner, & she & da momee taught classez togedder in a wonderful clinic in Washington State.

About a year & a half ago, Elly's cancer returned wit a vengence. This last six months haz been da worse. Elly haz been receivin' chemotherapy but da cancer found its way to da bone marrow and da pancreas.

Today, da momee got da call at work dat Elly will most likely leave us, furry soon. Momee needz to go to Olympia, to take her turn sittin' at Elly's bedside. She needz to say good-bye.

Dis iz what true love iz about.

Momee apollygizez to all da cats who were lookin furward to da cruize & da live chat wit us tomorrow night.

Howefur, da wonderful Momo iz still gonna partee wit you on her bloggie & she will postee da detailz on her Website. Also, da Hottiez will be hostin' a live chat on Chatzy at da timez stated in our postee below. Pleaze check da Hottiez Website fur da password and url to Chatzy, or on da Cat Bloggospear.

Tank you fur your understandin' & I will be dere wit you on da cruize, evfun though da momee will be keepin' da love vigil by Elly's side.

Justee rememburr, dat we love ALL of you.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Da L-O-V-E Cruize iz comin!!!!

It's almostee here!!! Da L-O-V-E cruize iz comin your way.

Grab da boat pic below & you can postee it to your bloggie & bringz your sweetie pie. & if you iz a singull cat, you are bound to have a good time, fur us cats know how to be frendz witout a bunch of romance.

Dis cruize is fur evfurry cat!

Da Momo iz gonna hostee some L-O-V-E cruize festiviteez on da 13th in da evenin' & also on da 14th fur whilez. Check Momo's bloggie fur exact timez. Some of da party will be on her bloggie & some on Chatzy fur live meowin.'

Den, da kitteez oevfur at Hot (M) BC will takes a shift on da 14th at Chatzy, from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. (PST), and den from 5:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. (PST)

I tink Miles & Sammy Meezer may be helpin' too & mebbe some other cats will host, so keep checkin' da Cat Bloggospear fur announcemints.

Da momee here will hostee at Chatzy on Valentine's Day from 6:30 p.m. till 8:30 p.m. (PST)

We will givez out da url & password closer to da day...'cuz we don'ts want any bad amymalz to gets a hold of it!

Come cruize wit your sweetie or your bestee frend.
'Nip martiniz & choco-flavored mousiez on ice.

Dr Tweety lovez Mini

Auntie Stinkie iz dreamin' abouts Bounce

Delilah iz gettin' better evfurry day & made dis Valentine fur Angus before she gots sick. But she iz excited abouts da cruize.

Now da momee wishes all of da beootyfull catz & dere momeez & dadeez dat came by while Delilah waz so ill, da bestee of health & life & love. If she hazn't made it by your bloggie to say thanks, she apollygizez. She iz so gratefull. To have her grey & white tuxedo rat back & on track, iz a mirrycull of da highest order. & she knowz dat purrin' & purrayin' iz part of it.

A pack-age fur Maximillian

Monday a.m. Delilah update: She iz perkin' up!!! She waz nozey bitin' da momee & dadee & slurpin' up her foodz! Da momee found her & Iris slappin at a YELLOW JACKEt in da bedroom. Da momee puts 2 + 2 togedder & tinks dat Delilah mebbe hadz an allergic reacshun to a bee sting. Haz any other catz heard of dis happenin? We iz so grateful fur all your purrin' & prayerz dat we iz doin' handspringz! Da LOVE CRUIZE iz on!!! We will keeps you posted. Also check da Cat Bloggospear later dis week, before da V-Day of coursee.

I yam besidez myself. Dis iz my bloggie, but justee LOOK at what da mad Bad-Burrman gots in da mail from dat nice gurl Kellie da Orange Cat.

"Look Maximillian! You got mail!"

Oh wow, I can't believe it! I got a beautiful card and some 'nip mousies and a fish. I've never had a package in my life!

Hmmmm. Sniff, sniff. Is that delightful fragrance a small bit of Kellie? Or maybe the nip is driving me crazy. I think I LOVE that striped fishy daddy.

But what I really like to do is whap a couple of mice at the same time. Whap! Whap! See how manly my big paws are Kellie? I just love to use my extra toes to whap things. (Yup, I iz sure he doez Kellie, espeshully me!)

I am stunned. No one has ever done such a nice thing for me before. I am going to stare into the ethers and think of Kellie receiving my Valentine that I sent to her.

Oh SURE, da Burr-man sent Kellie a pack-age too. But, 'cuz da Burmeze Security Forcez made him works oevfur time, da pack-age izn't gonna gets to Canada until AFTER Valentinez Day. Personabully, I tink he iz uzin' dis az an ex-cuse. Kellie, I hopes you iz a patient kitty.

Sun-day iz fur my frend Delilah

Here iz da Delilah. She iz restin' in da sunshine. She iz eatin' on her own now & drinkin' water too. Da momee & da dadee haz not noticed any new seizure activity, if dat iz what iz cauzin' her to be sick. She iz sleepin' whole bunchez of hourz at a time...I tink dat iz so she canz get oevfur da fevfur & feel bettur soon.

If she had been a old kitty, den evfurry one would understanz, but she iz only a young gurl cat. I haz been terrybull worried & da momee waz ready fur da basket case. (what IZ a basket in a case??) Da bloggospear meanz furry much to da momee & she iz ovefurwhelmed by your supports & thoughts about what could be da problem.

I gots to tank ALL of da purrin' & prayin' from both our old frendz & new. The purrin' & prayin' iz workin! I send all of your blessinz right backs & in multiplyin' dimensionz. Tank you, tank you, tank you all!!

Saturday, February 9, 2008


We have come back from Delilah's second visit to the vet. She is improving. Her temperature was down another point, she ate a teaspoon of tuna, and we gave her more water with the syringe.

The vet believes that she is in the "after stages" of the seizure, where her muscles may be sore, and she is exhausted. The long term effects and prognosis is still unknown. Was it really a seizure? Why was the fever present with no apparent infection source? The vet said that if it is idiopathic seizure disorder, she may never have another one, but then again, she may be required to take medication if she does.

I guess we just have to take one step at a time, and not panic.

Great thanks goes out to all of Dr Tweety's friends who have come to purr. This is of great comfort to the Doctor, and to the entire family.

Very bad news, please purr for Delilah

This is our lovely girl Delilah, Dr Tweety's friend and housemate. Last night as I arrived home from work, I found her listless and difficult to arouse. She was blazingly hot to the touch. Her adopted sister Iris was protecting her with a paw and leg wrapped around her.

I called the vet and rushed her down to his office. By the time we took her out of the carrier, she had woken up but was so freaked by the vet's office that she began to hyperventilate.

The vet thinks she had a seizure. Her temp was 105.8, but everything else he ran last night, besides that, was normal. Her blood glucose, fine. Her white cell count, fine. Her heart, fine. She doesn't have an abscess. Her liver was not enlarged, although at almost 16 pounds, she is way too b-i-g.

She remained listless and wobbly through last night. We had to give her water to stay hydrated through a syringe. We moved her to our bed and she slept between her daddy and I most of the night. As I write this, she is sleeping next to her daddy. I heard her purring for the first time since this all started. I am trying to remain hopeful.

We will be in touch with the vet again today.

I am afraid that my eyes look like swollen frogs eyes from crying so much. And Dr Tweety is very depressed, silently retreating to his favorite chair.

Please forgive us for not visiting. I will update this post as we get more news and her condition changes.

Dearest Angus, I am so sorry. We're not sure she will be able to go to Venice next week...but we certainly are doing everything in our power to make her well again.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Fry-day! (& I yam sizzlin'!)

I yam gonna go through a roll call, 'cuz dere haz been some cornfuzion lately abouts who livez here, who iz singull, & who needz a mancat! So, listen up, here we goez:

Dis iz moi, of course....& I yam a doctor (honorarry sez da dadee) & my LOVE iz Mini of da Hottiez.

Den dere iz my brudder, da mad bad Burr-man, & he LOVEZ da Kellie da Orange Cat.

Den dere iz Auntie Stinkie... & she iz a senior da dadee sez she iz beyond a man-cat, but I don'ts know dat I agreez wit dat. I say dat LOVE can happen at any age. No matterz what. (& she iz singull.)

Den dere iz da preshus Lady Iris. She iz singull too. All da boyz admire her greatly. She iz da Dyanah of hunteressez. She evfun caughts a woodpecker lastee year. Da momee & da dadee let it free & it waz unharmed, but da Lady Iris iz furry determined. If you likes her, you better be ready for a kitty wit atty-tude!

Den dere iz da beootyfull & delightful furry closest frend. & she haz givfun ovefur her heart to Angus Mohr. See how she iz dreamin' of him????

UPDATE: We IZ gonna haz da L-O-V-E boat cruize on Valentinez Day. Da kitteez Momo, & HOT (MB)C, iz gonna help us host. Pleaze watch da Cat Bloggodpear fur announce-mints!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Terryfic Tuez-day!

The L-O-V-E Cuize iz comin' soon!

A beautiful pic courtesy of Tigger the FBI Cat

We gots two awardeez!!!! Da firstee iz da award of Excellence. My pal Henry Helton gave dis to us. I tink dis iz wonderful ‘cuz Henry iz most excellent himself. & I haz missed hiz bloggie & company terry-bully. Henry’s momee gots married to Senor & dey now haz like 4 cats. Hmmm, one more & dey would catch up wit us!

Den, Henry’s gurl-frend, da beootyfull Ms Scout, gave us da Warm & Carin’ award, wit all deze beootyfull hearts! Scout sez dat da award goez to kitteez who go da extra stretch to be a warm & carin’ kitty to der momee & dadee & to otherz.

So I yam gonna givez da award of excellence on to Tigger da FBI cat, cuz of da beootyfull rendishunz of me dat haz been created & den to Angus, ‘cuz he haz been so faithful to Delilah.

& den I yam gonna tell Gret
chen & Princess & Jan’s Funny Farm & Kellie& Mini dat dey iz getting’ da Carin’ & Warm award. All of my frendz haz been warm & carin’, so in a way, you ALL gets it! Pleaze accept it from off da bloggie & postee it.

I yam workin’ on da L-O-V-E boat planz wit da momee. But we needz some help. Dis weekend she iz gonna gets da boat lined up, & I promise it iz not a rubber raft. I also promise to trim my sharpeez before I gets in & not to put da bitey on da floorboardz. Oh, & not to drink too much of my own wine!

So, I waz wonderin’ if mebbe we could gets Chatzee to host da cruize & den da momee & I can be dere for da evenin’ of da 13th &14th. Da momee has to work all day, so we can be dere da night before for da Australian & overseas catz & den dere on da 14th fur all da US cats. Iz dere any other cats dat wants to help us host dis event? You can email me & momee at: mmacgreg(AT)oda(DOT)state(DOT)or(DOT)us if you haz some ideaz.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Sun-day & some planz

Okeedokee evfurry one. Da momee haz been gone az you know, & witout da momee I haz NO typist! Az seen in da pic below, I yam tryin' my bestee to be goodnatured 'bout dis UNacceptybull situashun. I yam evfun listenin' to da weather channel 'cuz I yam tryin' to plan a L-O-V-E boat cruize fur da cats in da bloggospear. But if da momee can't help, who will?

Now in da next pic, I yam tinkin' about what I yam goin' to cooks up fur V-Day. I thought about some speshul nip wine, & az a start, I yam goin' to empty da momeez bottles dat you see here & make my own labullz.
At da same time, it iz important when expery-mintin' wit new recipeez, to triez dem out yourself. I tried abouts three bottlez & (HIC!) it sheemz to be blurry good (HIC!)!
I justee haz one other itty-bitty ting to say. You see doze nice rosez dere? If da momee doezn't cooperate, I yam goin' to put da bitey on her justee likes deze flowerz. & mebbe, I will justee pass 'em outs to all da nice gurl cats on da cruize. Mini???? I hopes you are gonna be my cuddle bunny on da cruise!

Oh...and one more ting:
Our frend Willow gavez da kitteez here an award!!! It iz da "tinkin' kitteez" award. We haz had dis one before too, but da more wine I drink, da less tinkin' I seemz to be doin! Tank you Willow!
We iz gonna ask Andree' to accept dis award from us, cuz she alwayz makes us tink wit her technoratty tingz & her beootyfull pix.
Oh- & Skeeter, LC & Ayla! dere are 5 catz here: Auntie Stinkie, a tortoishell (15 & blind); Iris, a patchwork calico wit a ringtail (5); Maximillian, my brudder da mad polydactull bad Burr-man (8); Delilah, a grey & white tuxedo cat (2 1/2); & me (7)!

Celly-bratin life in Orry-gone