Saturday, May 29, 2010

A small episode for our frendzez

Dr Tweety: "Hi dear frendzez... dis iz da Doc, reportin' from da dadeez messahge tabull.

I haz been in a fix fur oevfur three monthesez... wit no one to helps me blog. But someone finally hadz da good sensee to gets a new comp-hooter & da dadee iz feelin' so muchee better dats da momee tooks pity on me & herez we iz.

Can you beleevz it Jan????!

Delilah: "I find it extremely difficult to swallow Uncle Tweety. Just consider the fact that you seem to be reporting from our toy basket!"

Dr Tweety: "Dat iz not da issue Missy D. Da point I iz tryin' to make is dat da momee iz lettin' us gets on da internetted.
I callz dat a blasted mirry-cull!"

Delilah: ((snort!)) "A miracle?! Maybe I would agree if she could find the time to visit our friends. Now that would be a miracle. Don't rush into giving her too much credit."

Dr Tweety: "Missy D, wouldz you keeps your nozie outta my reportin? I can'ts hearz myselfee tink!"

Delilah: "Well don't get your tail in a twist! And besides, aren't you the least bit worried that silly basket might fall off the table with you in it? Then where will you and your miracle be?"

Dr Tweety: "Listen poppet, I yam not gonna be hound-dogged abouts dis any morez. Dis iz my basket & I yam gonna stix in it or not!"

Delilah: "And the reason you're leaving would be...?"

Narrator's note: And so dearest and most loyal friends of the Fab Five, we love you and adore you. You brightened up some of our darkest days when the daddy was so sick and the mommy thought she was losing him.

And you, every one of you, are precious to us. The Fab Five hope to humor you occasionally and visit when they have a typist. And don't worry about Delilah and the doctor—they really are the best of friends.

Celly-bratin life in Orry-gone