Friday, October 8, 2010

Da Dadee iz recovfurrin'

Da momee sez dat da dadee iz now recovfurrin.'
(Hmmmm... I wonder if dis meenz he haz new furz?)

Dey gots all da badz thyroid outs & now dey hopes dats da cancer iz all out too. Dey has to keeps him oevfur night to see if dere iz enuff parathyroid to givez him da calcium he needz to be healthy.

We are so glad dats da dadee will comez home tomorrow & den we can see what kind of new furz da doctorz gave him!

In da meentime, we iz furry grateful to you all deze past weeksez when da momee haz nots blogged much or helped us vizit.
You iz true frendz.

& Jan? Da momee sez dats Engleesh izn't what it used to be, beefore da advent of bloggin'!
Mebbe dere shouldz be a "cat to kitty" opshun!

Today we waits fur da dadee

We lovez you all.

Da blogger iz not lettin' us load imeegez & da momee iz waitin' at da hospeetal fur da dadee who iz in da surgeree.

She tinks mebbe it iz da hospeetal
why-fly dat iz da problumb...
so she sed fur moi (Dr Tweety)
to types dis message inda boxy:

We lovez you all & we sure iz happee dats you are sendin' your good wishez.

Da dadee will be in da surgeree fur almostee three hourzez.

Da momee will call us catsez at home after it iz oevfur & den lets us know how it went.
Den we will posty an update.
Mebbe by den da pix will be up.

We love you all dear frendz!
Doc Tweety, Iris, Delilah, Maximillian,
& Auntie Stinkie

Celly-bratin life in Orry-gone