Thursday, September 27, 2007

Thurzday thirteen

I yam going to delegate dis one to my frend Delilah. Dat pic of her iz frum when she first came to live here & she waz just dat itty-bitty girl dat I would growl at. But now she iz my best frend. Delilah? Come take dis here blog & do da 13 tingz you like about dis place.

Ok Dr Tweeety, I will do my furry bestest: "13 tingz about me growin' up"

1) I waz only seven weeks old when I moved here, & I like to sit in da middle of da kitchen floor so dat da beanz would have to alwayz be on guard to not sqwash me. Dey waz always reminded each other to watch fur me & pesterin' each other, "Watch out fur da kittie!".

2) I get to eat Greenies fur catz. Dis is my special treat. Only Auntie Stinkie, Maxi & I will eat dem. Dr Tweety does not like Greenies. Dis gets me extra portions, which may be why my belly is bigger den his.

3) When I was five months old, I dis-appeared for one whole night! Momee & dadee were desperate to find me. Dey search-lighted da entire neighborhood wit lightz & went door-to-door. No one had seen me. Dey looked in ditches up & down da country roads, & called & called my name. Dey stayed up until 3 a.m. & den went to bed wit nightmarez. In da morning, dey sat on da couch satrin' inot emptee space, & dadee had wet eyez & momee had wet eyez & dey were sick. Just before dey had to go to work I came back!! To dis day, dey do not know where I waz. But I never did dat again!

4) When I was six months old, I got da "fe-male" surgery at da Dr. But I got furry sick & momee waz cryin.' She thought maybe dey had killed me instead of makin' me fixed! But I got better.

5) When I got my next set of shots, momee figurred out dat it waz da shotz makin' me so sick. She will not let da vet give me any more shots. I tink I am allergic.

6) When I waz itty-bitty, I started to play da rat game wit momee. I would crawl under da throw on da big wing chair & den look out at momee from a tiny flap. She would scream dat she saw a rat & den I would bite her! If she said my name, I would growl, because it waz not me, it waz a rat!!! I still do dis, & sometimez I gets under da coverz in da bed.

7) Da first night I waz wit momee & dadee, I jumped up & down & up & down 5 million timez on dere bed. Den dey locked me out of da bedroom!!!!

8) Momee uzed to put da cover over da garbage disposal, so I would not fall in!

9) After I spent da night missin', momee & dadee would search everyting in da house if I wasn't right dere when dey wanted me. Dey would search da clothes dryer, da oven & even da closet. Why would I be in da oven? Silly momee & dadee!

10) I like to play in da closet wit my sissie Iris. We hide & pull down momeez clothes. She does not tink dis iz a funny ting fur us to do. But we like it!

11) I am furry respectful of my elderz. Auntie Stinkie taught me dis. She used to box my earz & hissie at me if I tried to jump on her tail. Now she kisses my earz instead. I love my Auntie Stinkie furry much.

12) I do like to hide & jump on da Auntie though, ezpecially when she iz usin' da litter box! Dat iz when she makes a BIG stinkie!

13) Dr Tweety taught me to help momee get ready fur work in da morning. I sit on da counter & help her comb her fur & put dee eye-shadow on. Den she puts da eyeshadow on me & sez I yam most beautiful. She puts da eye shadow on my fore-head. Is dis really where it is supposed to go, or are her eyez not workin' too well?

Ok, tanks Delilah, fur helpin' out on da Thurzday 13.


Daisy said...

Delilah, you done a great Thursday 13 list! I liked learning all about you. Except I was a little bit nerbus reading about when you disappeared. I never done that before!

I like to play in the closet and help my Mommie with the make-ups, too!

The Crew said...

Delilah, you look at lot like my sister Tipper.

I was very young when I came to live in this family too. Now I'm a good daughter and help my Mom with everything.

Your friend

Unknown said...

That is a great thursday thirteen. I have never had greenies before. I think that I would like to.

Celly-bratin life in Orry-gone