Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Wordly-more Wed-nez-day

I gots lots to say here, 'cuz da momee braxe ALL her promisez to me.

Now...lets get sumpin' straights. I lovez my frendz. Da cats dat livez in dis house lovez dere boy frendz & gurl frendz... & it iz not fair fur da momee to work so hard dat we cannot complete our bloggie & vizit our frendz. Dis iz DIS-grace-full!!!

"Momee??? Do you hearz me???? You are lettin' evfurry cat down."

So here iz da plan. I yam gonna has to bite her butt. & mebbe peez on her pillow. Yes, I yam really a bad cat. 'Say lah vee,' az da beanz are so fond of sayin.'

Here are some pix dat da momee toox oevfur da weekend...at leastee she had da presince of mind to do dat!"

Uh-oh. Iz dis a fresh tay-bull clothee? Dat iz not a good sign of tingz to come.
Da momee haz been cleanin housee instead of lettin' me bloggie! I hope she doezn't expect me to clean. I yam not gonna hu-more her on dis score.
"Delilah! You better listen up! Da momee iz on da war path wit da housee! I suggest dat you hide, & mebbe get in your rat cave."
"Tell you whats. You go dat way & I will go dis way & dat way, we canz avoydz her all-together. And-alay! And-alay!"
Da moral of da Wed-nez-day storee? Get in yer spot & dont's move or else gets da heck outta Dodge! If momeez are H-bent on cleanin' housee, do what da dadee doez & leavez!!!!

"Dadee!!! Waits fur me. I yam right bee-hind you."


Gemini and Ichiro said...

Cleaning instead of blogging--that so does not happen in my house. It should but it doesn't...

Angel MoMo and Charlotte said...

Good to see those adorable pictures of you. Perhaps I'll get to look like that in a couple of months with winter upon us soon.

Your mommee is a very conscientious homemaker. Not like my SS who keeps putting off doing things until 'after the submission' of her thesis. It has literally been going on for months. The rate it is going I will have to go away for a loooooong trip when she does submit her thesis.

Jimmy Joe said...

I like lying the the table and snoopervising, too, Dr. T! My momma went away this weekend, so I neither got to blog nor did the 'partment get clean. I tagged you for the book meme!
Your buddy, Jimmy Joe

The Furry Kids said...

Your mom chooses cleaning over blogging? Wow! ::watching a dawg hair tumbleweed roll by:: Maybe Momma should try that. hee hee


Sunny's Mommy said...

First, hair up the fresh tablecloth real good. That way she'll think about you when you're gone. She might get sad and realize how bad she was to run you off.

Boy said...

How can they! Beans sometimes forgets that they're here to serve us!

Daisy said...

Oh, I hate it when moms go on the warpath! Especially about cleaning stuff.

Unknown said...

HAHAHA! What a great shot! I can tell who is the boss over there!
Happy WW!

Tybalt said...

Dr. Tweety, you are one smart mancat!

(Luckily my mommy rarely cleans.)

The Crew said...

Ahhhh, I see you are suffering the same problem as the rest of us -- inferior performance by our staff. We are very far behind, through no fault of OURS, I might add.

If my secretary would devote as much time to our needs as we devote to napping, we could catch up easily. I think 18 hours a day would do it!

Anonymous said...

Dr. Tweety you are so cute and floofy laying on the tablecloth! Our Mom cleans alla time even tho she has house cleaners! Then she hunts too hard during the day and is too tired to blog at night! We feel your pain brother.

Anonymous said...

Dearest Auntie Stinkie, I just read your note and my heart soared! I'm so honored that you accepted my invitation. I will certainly take you to smell the roses my dear. Maybe we can even take a short snooze afterward; I adore cuddling with you.

Hugs and nose kisses to my love.

Unknown said...

Dr. Tweety, I know what you mean when you say your Mum is on a cleaning binge. My Mum was on one this weekend - I just stayed at my spot by the front window and tried to look invisible! The only thing I like about cleaning is the Roomba, I like to follow that around and snoopervise.

My dearest Maximillian,

I have missed you greatly. Don't work too hard at the Burmese Security Council or you will wear yourself out and won't have any energy for our San Francisco trip or our dinner at Dr. Tweety's "itty-bitty restaurant".

The dinner at Dr. Tweety's sounds wonderful, I hope he has received his latest Savoir Faire Magazine.

I have asked my Mummy to take me shopping to get some jewels to wear to our dinner.

I can hardly wait to see you again!

Don't worry about my Mummy, I am taking good care of her. When she is not feeling well I make sure to stay close and cuddle and purr and purr and purr - that seems to make her so happy.

I can't wait until our dinner. Until then, please take care my sweet.
Love Kellie

Oh yah, I saw a picture on your bloggie of Auntie Stinkie - I hadn't realized what a little itty bitty thing she is, she is just so adorable. I hope she is doing well.

Leslie said...

Woo hoo!

We LOVE the award and we love your blog. It is one of our favorites.

Hey, we filled an entire rubbish bin with Trixie's floof, and Pyewacket gets zoomed, but only with it back to front, and Tigger.... well, Tigger BIT the mom last time she got zoomed. She gets mats on her back!

catsynth said...

We need to do some cleaning at CatSynth HQ, so that's good advice. Of course, there's not question about who's in charge ;)

Memories of Eric and Flynn said...

We keep getting all behind too, but it's not cuz mum is cleaning. She spends too much time wiv the horsies when she should be helping us blog.

Hot(M)BC said...

Dr Tweety, you can always come over here when your Mommee is on the warpath with the house. We can snuggle on the sofa and watch mouse movies and eat yummy treats. Delilah and the other can come too. Mom will never notice another 5 cats around the house.
da Mini

Jan Price said...

Now that sounds like good advice, Dr. T. Maybe we should leave until Jan gets her act - uh, her house together too. We're tired of being chased from room to room and jumping up and down and .... Come to think of it, we're just plain tired. Time for a nap.

Chrissie said...

My mom does that sometimes, too, Doc and Delilah..I just try to stay the heck out of the way..usually under her bed. Especially when the rug-sucker comes out!

I've posted some really great pictures of myself for your enjoyment, one in particular! Stop by if you can, my Delilahkins ( just love that name!)

Mickey's Musings said...

Be careful Tweet!! If your Mom is cleaning, she might clean you too!!!! I think it is smart to go with your Dad ;)
Purrs Mickey

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